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Malevil [Robert Merle, Derek Coltman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mass market paperback. Malevil [Robert Merle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Malevil, a French castle built during the Hundred Years War, is occupied now by a small group, the survivors of a nuclear explosion which has.

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And the premature death of their leader only reinforces the necessity now to pursue scientific knowledge. From my perspective Malevil is not your typical post-apocalyptic novel. The community comes together, survives with tragic losses of course and eventually prospers – sort of. These people are members of the new civilization, a civilization that must be very careful in the directions malevi, takes and the choices it makes as well as the battles it must fight.

Book cover design for Robert Merle’s novel, Malevil | Csáki László Weboldala

The main protagonist Emmanuel is one of the strongest characters I have encountered in fiction. Christiane Reichart rated it it was amazing Jan 21, A quick Google search using France, apocalyptic and castle and I found my book — Malevil. It really makes you think about what life would be like if you were one of the few to survive the apocalypse.

I read Mmalevil over 40 years ago and was impressed at that time. Or, if you must, put it another way: Although written in the early 70’s, there is nothing dated about this tale of survival under the worst conditions possible visited on the planet.


All in all, this book was not convincing enough. With people that happened to be together in a safe place at the right time.

Most are familiar with this sort of novel. The author sets us up for what is to come, but there is little conflict to maintain the reader’s interest. View all 5 comments. Lists with This Book. The story’s events take place in rural France in the late twentieth century. Because the females in this book exist only to be fucked or fought after. Paperbackpages. What a strange race: Refresh and try again.

A sense that I’m missing something. And here and there a few atrocities.

MALEVIL by Robert Merle | Kirkus Reviews

It is also the soul corresponding to our present level of civilization. Campbell Award for Best Science Fiction Novel-winning works French novels adapted into films Nuclear war and weapons in popular culture s science fiction novel stubs. Born in Tebessa located in ,what was then, the French colony of Algeria.

He went a little red and began blinking. I’d not attempted Proust the last time I mapevil this book, so I had my laugh out loud moment, and sigh for the day. Lists with This Book. One of the few books that no matter how many times I read it, there are still scenes that can bring tears to my eyes.


Robert Merle: Malevil, bookjacket

The setting, an old castle in the French countryside, gives the story an exotic touch. I don’t really know how many times. Malevil is a science fiction novel by French writer Robert Merle. By chance, Emanuel and several of his friends find themselves in the wine cellar of the castle during the unexpected outbreak of nuclear war. Next I began searching for a book that is considered very difficult to find. The little band of, at first, seven, has been bombed back into, not the Stone Age, but as it turns out, only into feudalism and occasionally, it seems, into a kind of downright Utopianism.

Odd pockets of mlaevil survive the ultimate destruction. Hearing my wife groan over the constantly poorly written scenes and female characters was the Greek Chorus to this dreck.

We were distressed by them, of course, we expressed indignation, signed petitions, or even donated small sums of money on occasions. No longer in print.

It has no purpose to serve in a primitive agrarian communism. Please provide an email address. Unfortunately this book is mlevil out of print and I’m not giving up my copy!