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Beginner Posted by RGupdated: Tab for clawhammer backup with lyrics for this old song.

Note also that the chord structure of the first break is slightly different from the others: If you’re going to go cheesy you might as well go whole hog if I might mix my metaphors. A Somewhat easier version for beginners.

My band has been known to have fun with the title — “Road to Columbia,” “Pathway to Peru,” and so on. Jarosz plays it in C.

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Tom Berghan Apr 07, If that wasn’t enough, it is a delicious tablevit tune that moves through several keys. It’s simple, meant for clawhammer-style playing, and actually uses the fifth string.

Fool Posted by Shilohbanjomanupdated: You will first see it in measure 3, and it is worth studying. Beginner Posted by theredballupdated: Note that the chord structure of the B Part in the second break changes a bit, which reflects the version of TGG on the album “Eclipse” by Bill Emerson. On and On is one of Bill Monroe’s classic “true” songs, inspired by events in his own life. Some of these breaks here are based on some of his breaks, and some are my own.


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Basic version of the tune emphasising the melody with the thumb – mostly 2 finger lkng. I couldn’t find a clawhammer version of South Australia so between knowing the chords and finding the melody somewhere online in the key of C, I came up with this in D.

Cripple Creek – 2-finger thumb lead Style: Remember, Louisville is pronounced Louie-ville. Bill Emerson is one of the all-time greats on bluegrass banjo IMHO, and over the years he middi written a bunch of memorable tunes.

I hit upon playing from the chord position on strings 2, 3, and 4, with the discordant note on the fifth. Blqck arrangement of this traditional folk song, which has been recorded by pickers as diverse as Pete Seeger and Earl Scruggs.

This tab is well suited for Don Reno Style aka Single String Style picking, but will need more work to get it to Melodic or Scruggs style picking patterns. This is the Kick of from the Kentucky Thunder Version. El Cumbanchero 4 Genre: Beginner Posted by banjomikeyupdated: Down by the Old Sawmill Style: Open D f DF Ad.

Beginner Posted by samdavisupdated: Expert Posted by mmuussiiccaallupdated: He infuses his rich repertoire of tunes with a distinct bluesy sound characterized by powerful, yet smooth bowing and remarkably lng intonation. My arrangement tablediit three breaks and incorporates elements from these different players.


Long cool woman in a black dress – The Hollies

Expert Posted by J-Walkupdated: Beginner Posted by Airdogupdated: Beginner Posted by delmandoupdated: TablEdit includes no simple way to indicate retuning strings, as with Keith tuners.

Here is a fine old fiddle tune from Texas, Done Gone, in the key of Bb. I awakened with the melody fresh rress my head, and ran to grab a blac and play it before it faded. I couldn’t find a tab or lesson that sounded close enough so here’s a note by note reconstruction of the recording. For a glimpse of her art, go to www.

I “wrote” it in I hope you enjoy it. My Version of Mr.

The double stops are played by brushing down on the strings with your thumb. There is one drop thumb and a few hammer ons and pull offs. The break is difficult and tricky, but mastering it is sure worth the effort. Your love is like a Flower Genre: The banjo melody is an octave down from the fiddle, and I’ve changed the melody where it would go too low for the banjo.