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Assessment System (SINAES), which established a global and BRASIL. Lei n . , de 14 de abril de Institui o Sistema Nacional de Avaliação da. SINAES is the ENC, about which is says that. “although . Law Nº (Brasil, a) instituting the .. da Educação Superior (SINAES), instituído na Lei n. 16 nov. Lei do SINAES / Sistema Nacional de Avaliação da Educação Superior – SINAES, com o objetivo de assegurar processo nacional.

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As the National Curricular Guidelines indicate, health education assumes a generalist condition; therefore, the exercise of professional practice pervades many areas of expertise. There are multiple possibilities if we assume comprehensive care as the common project of the area, not of independent professions. Although each one presents particularities in this process, the base and the results are the same, the legitimization of inequality.

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Desired by informed societies or by politicized societies, the institutional sniaes of teaching provides the population with subsidies to choose programs and schools and favors public regulation to the advantage and in the interest of society, as well as models and strategies in international education scenarios.

Making ontology relationships explicit in a ontology network. Organization of Higher Education Institutions: It takes into account the economic, social and globalization transformations in the transfer and translation of knowledge in general and of the technological knowledge of labor.

Furthermore, a culture has emerged, in many programs, of admission into postgraduate programs right after the completion of the undergraduate program — a situation that creates a paradox.

Ontology Engineering in a Networked World. In the legislation, it was prescribed that these three levels would be interdependent to obtain more complete information. Advances in Consumer Research, Minnesota, v. Obviously, when we talk and are willing to perceive and feel the invisible, we are uncomfortable with what is instituted and we are available to the generation of original states.

The text is confounded with its authors, but it had, as its “backdrop”, or “at the back”, an experimentation: However, as we have already mentioned, all these data produced and published through individual actions are not necessarily adequate for general consumption at the macro level of Web resources. A formative evaluation with community participation through the institutional auto-evaluation executed by the CPAs was fomented.

No one invests in proposals that are open to the original; rather, readjustment, reorientation, and the inclusion of specific learning objects are desired. The domain of Brazilian higher education, especially regarding to SINAES, through individual actors, institutions and systems, produces, uses and reuses an increasing amount of data.


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The Web-based micro-actions, developed by individual actors, organizations and systems, would produce a growing set of Web resources micro-resources according to their own needs and available technologies. Towards Very Large Knowledge Bases: In general terms, ontologies are modeled to organize knowledge about a domain, facilitating its sharing and reuse. It was only in that Lula and the Workers Party, arrived to the presidency x Lawart.

The academic community, making use of media and of traditional means of scientific knowledge dissemination, denounced that evaluating institutions of higher education by a test performed by their students would be insufficient to evaluate both, teaching and other activities of higher education institutions.

In most cases, this need is not connected with the education of professionals; rather, it is connected with the education of researchers and locates scientific production niches, even though they lag behind what we do on a daily basis in undergraduate teaching.

The NeOn framework provides a glossary of processes and activities that are usually involved with the development of ontologies – e. The establishment of links between relationships.

Colombia, 61 per cent; Brazil, 60 per cent; Nicaragua, 41 per cent; Peru, 31 per cent; Chile, 28 per cent; Guatemala, 19 per cent; Mexico, 17 per cent; and Argentina, 16 per cent Patrinos, …Expansion of the sinaez education industry in Latin America continues at a breakneck pace.

It should also be noted that the incremental iterative model provides greater flexibility for the inclusion or modification of requirements. We are talking about an education that can be recognized in the invisible, which understands and assumes the regulating orientations as a reference that presupposes autonomy, but does not impoverish the creative and inventive capacity.

Similarly to software engineering, ontology engineering involves the use of a set of processes, activities, languages, tools and life cycles, usually articulated using a methodology. Thus, taking into account the Web Science dynamics and its implications in the domain of SINAES, the OntoSINAES project has been formally 01861 as a network of interconnected ontologies, implying that each ontology incorporated in the network share the various knowledge elements of the others ontologies.

According to the author, the way these tests are being used make the negatives aspects outweigh the possible gains, the tests have become “masters” and not instruments of education improvement. Journal of Marketing, Chicago, v. This theme started to be intensely approached in the redemocratization period, after the military dictatorship, when issues about the quality of teaching faced a multiverse system of education management: Thus, it can be said that a private higher education state policy was created.


In addition to the typical iteration planning activities, during the initialization phase of the different iterations the global development plan and the general requirements should be reviewed and updated. Comparing alternative instruments to measure service quality in higher education.

Freitas corroborates MadausStecher and Hilland affirmations and emphasizes that the exclusion happens according to the cultural background of the student; the exclusion started to occur more subtly in the interior of the school or university.

Each day, knowledge defines new frontiers for global villages that sometimes overlap to traditional geographical, political, social or economic landmarks. In the review of the literature, we have identified several papers Allocca et al. However, this privatization takes various forms in different countries, in some, peripheral services such as the cleaning of educational institutions and the nourishment of students have already been completely privatized, it is the example of the UK, which beyond these sectors has also privatized the school inspection.

The INEP continued to be an autarchic organ, focusing on the publication of educational information and statistics and emphasis on the evaluationxviii, and after the SINAES law, the INEP reasserted its identity as an agency in charge of executing evaluations, concentrating all the evaluating procedures institutions, courses and students and the finalities entry or permanence in the system.

In our opinion, the emergent and unexpected results together with the impossibility for identifying users in a clear way, which occurs at the Web macro level, imposes new reflections and eventually the adoption of new paradigms for the development of ontologies on the context of this work. On the contrary, it intends to make its own content and everything that will come in the future into suitable information for regular consumption, both by persons and by automated processing mechanisms.

To what extent do the pedagogical proposals formally described in a program project highlight the effective pedagogical act in itself? The work carried out by Allocca et al. These developments have been accompanied by increases in levels of report writing, testing, accountability, monitoring and surveillance both by in-house local management and by government external agencies.

Sickness, his reactions towards sickness and the frailties imposed by the world of life and labor inform singular mottoes to the construction of unique life potencies.