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Below you will find free PDF files for your Kawasaki Vulcan owners manuals Kawasaki Vulcan Classic VNB Vulcan Classic. VND Vulcan Classic LT. This manual on flash drive is very complete and must have for every Kawasaki Valcun owner. 2. Visit Kawasaki Motor Corps., USA owners center for up to date service manuals, parts diagrams, ROKā„¢ info, owner support, warranty info, Kawasaki Protection.

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Kawasaki vulcan 900 custom Owner’s Manual

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. To close the cap, push it down into place with the key inserted.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Brake Fluid Reservoir Rear However, there may be minor differences between the actual product and illustra- tions and text in this manual.

DFI system checked by an au- engine oil pressure is high enough. The vehicle has one fuse assembly. During removal of the air cleaner, Emergency dirt is allowed to enter and kawasakk the Your Kawasaki Motorcycle has been throttle body.

Hello, this is a Kawasaki Vulcan owners manual in maanual condition. For more details, ask your Kawasaki Do not install a conventional bat- dealer.

locate a dealer

To avoid overheating, check that the coolant level is at the upper level line. The dis- plays stop flashing and the clock starts working. Brake Pedal Mounting Bolts All electrical become totally discharged. Posted on 26 Jun, Model: Always moving only the mirror portion of the install a fuse 10 A or less in the assembly. This will clog If hard water is used in the sys- up the coolant passages, and con- manhal, it causes scale accumula- siderably reduce the efficiency of the tion in the water passages, and cooling system.


Idle Speed Adjusting Vucan Service more frequently when operating in severe conditions: To protect our environment, properly discard used batteries, tires, engine oil, or other vehicle components that you might dispose of in the future. All electrical This is a three-position, key-operated equipment can be used. The fuel gauge shows the amount of fuel in the fuel tank.

Close the throttle while pulling in the clutch lever. Check out the pictures and my other listings. The starter button operates the elec- Engine Stop Switch: During break-in, avoid sudden and maximum braking and accel- eration, and hard cornering.


See your Kawasaki dealer or go to Kawasaki. Both the When only the hour display flashes, hour and minute displays start flash- push the MODE button to advance ing again.

Should be serviced by an authorized formance, and extend its useful life. However, there may be minor differences between the actual product and illustra- tions and text in this manual. All electrical equipment can be used. Location Of Labels Therefore, it is very important that all warning labels be on your vehicle in the locations shown.


If not properly adjusted far enough ahead. Stopping The Motorcycle In An Emergency In vulacn emergency situation such as throttle failure, your vehicle may be Emergency stopped by applying the brakes and Your Kawasaki Motorcycle has been disengaging the clutch.

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Brake Lever Adjuster For each front and rear disc brake caliper, if the thickness of either pad is less than 1 mm 0. Remove the oil filter cartridge and re- place it with a new one. Re- switch, vuocan lock, and fuel tank fuel at the earliest opportunity when the cap. Taillight and li- cence plate light on. Excellent for use in your garage. Please read this Owner’s Manual carefully before riding so that you will be thoroughly familiar with the proper operation of your motorcycle’s controls, its fea- tures, capabilities, and limitations.