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Invisible Helpers [Charles Webster Leadbeater] on Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants And Phenomena by C.W. Leadbeater Paperback $ Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. Kessinger Publishing reprints over 1, similar titles all available through About the Author. Leadbeater is. Invisible Helpers [C. W. Leadbeater] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An Unabridged Edition to Include: The Universal Belief in Them .

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This young aspirant had not long before lost an aged relation for whom he had felt an especially warm affection; and his earliest request was to be taken by a more experienced friend to visit her in the hope that he might be of some service to her.

Not only do we need control of temper, but control of nerve, so that none of the fantastic or terrible sights that we may encounter may be able to shake our dauntless courage. We have had plenty of evidence that this power holds good in the case of materialization, although ordinarily it is an art which must be learnt innvisible like any other. He who is still capable of selfish thought, whose personality is still so strong in him that he can allow himself to be turned aside from his work by feelings of petty pride or suggestions of wounded dignity – that man is not yet ready to show the selfless devotion of the inisible.

Fortunately for him there happened to be among the band of those able to function upon the astral plane a son of an old friend of his, a young man whose father had commissioned him to search for the departed scientist and endeavour to render him some assistance.

Also, except some of their higher orders, they are generally inconsequent and thoughtless – more like happy children at play under exceedingly favourable physical conditions than like grave and responsible entities.

After expressing his great relief that he had at last found someone with whom he was able to communicate, his first remark was: The entirely undeveloped person usually floats close above his physical body, scarcely less asleep than it is, and comparatively shapeless and inchoate, and it is found that he cannot be drawn away from the immediate neighbourhood of that physical body without causing serious discomfort which would in fact awaken it.


It may be added that when a child had been awakened upon the astral plane the development of the astral body would proceed so rapidly that he would very soon be in a position upon that plane but little inferior to that of the awakened adult, and would of course be much in advance, so far as usefulness is concerned, of the wisest man who was as yet unawakened.

Sinnett speaks of it as the giving allegiance to the higher self. Teaching thus given to persons on this plane is by no means lost for though the memory of it cannot of course be directly carried over to the next incarnation, there always remains the real inner knowledge, and therefore the strong predisposition to accept it immediately when heard again in the new life.

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In any case, unless he were an exceptionally bad man, his stay within the realm whence alone any interference would be possible would be comparatively short; and although from the heaven-world he may still shed benign influence upon those whom he has loved on earth, it will invisbile be rather of the nature of a general benediction than a force capable of bringing about definite results in a specific case, such as those which we have been considering.

Yet they grind exceeding small. By the hearing or reading of definite teaching on occult philosophy.

Invisible Helpers: Charles Webster Leadbeater: : Books

Our loved ones for that matter, iinvisible of lack of knowledge and skills, can only intervene in a limited way; on the other side, they themselves are invjsible in need of much spiritual help. But if we examine the matter a little more closely we shall see that though all the classes mentioned may, and sometimes do, take a part in this work, yet their shares in it are so unequal that hlpers is practically left almost entirely to one class. Among the beautiful conceptions which Theosophy has restored to us stands pre-eminent that of the great helpful agencies of nature.

Hwlpers ideal is in truth a high one, yet none need therefore turn away disheartened, nor think that while he is still but struggling toward it he must necessarily remain entirely useless on the astral plane, for short of the responsibilities and dangers of that full awakening there is much that may safely and usefully be done. In fact, since we know that in many cases the connection between a materialized form and a physical body is sufficiently close to produce repercussion, might it not have occurred in leaadbeater case?


Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The names given are of course fictitious, but the incidents are related with scrupulous accuracy. Before we can be safely trusted with the wider powers of the astral life, we must have ourselves perfectly in hand.

What was that look?

Invisible helpers / by C.W. Leadbeater – Details – Trove

What was that look? Most people at this stage are so wrapped up in their own train of thought – usually a continuation of some line taken up in waking hours – that they are like a man invosible a brown study, so much absorbed as to be practically entirely heedless of all that is going on about them. ANOTHER instance of intervention on the physical plane which occurred a short time ago makes a very beautiful little story, though this time only one life was saved.

HELP, then, may be given by several of the many classes of inhabitants of the astral plane.

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The majority of such creatures shun the haunts of man, and retire before invisjble, disliking inviisble emanations and the perpetual bustle and unrest which he leadbester all around him. Their efforts were, however, unsuccessful, and their shouts unanswered; and they had reassembled at the farm in a somewhat despondent frame of mind, when they all saw a curious light some distance away moving slowly across some fields towards the road.

Such a feeling would be entirely untrue, for every one who can think can help. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. But though he may be fully conscious on the astral plane during sleep, and able to move about on it freely if he wishes to do so, it does not yet follow that he is ready to join the band of helpers. Again I repeat, this is no mere hypothesis or ingenious supposition.