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Build a Magneto Magnetizer, Gingery, David J, ISBN Build a Magneto Magnetizer Many people collect and restore old engines and in the process discover that the old iron magnets in the magneto. Dave will show you how a magneto works, how to test one, how the magnetizer works and will show you in detail how to build one. He’ll give you all the tricks on .

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Miscellaneous equipment, heavy duty solder lugs, 10 gauge hook up wire, solder, other items as required. A second pair of diodes is necessary to prevent damage to the first set in the event the battery is connected backwards.

If you are rebuilding pre ww2 motors magnetzier need this machine and you can’t buy a working one that will last original coils will fail and start a fire or blow your breaker after ww2 they had permanent magnets and these machines disappeared. These are epoxied to each pole mabneto. And beside these newer magnets usually don’t go “dead” like “plain” ones.

Build a Magneto Magnetizer / Imperfect

Build a Magneto Magnetizer Many people collect and restore old engines and in the process discover that the old iron magnets in the magneto have lost most mzgnetizer all of their magnetism. It’s always a good idea to periodically check the compass to make sure the north seeking needle still points north my compass gets messed up a couple of times a year and has to be remagnetized so it points properly. The windings will heat up quickly matneto in use; therefore, the switch should be closed for only a few minutes at a time.

How to Restore Tractor Magnetos Paperback. After hardening, the fiberglass and resin were sanded hw and painted. See all 12 reviews. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Just saw some good info maybe and tried to pass it on.


Be sure to take advantage of the Square Deal Subscription Program. Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode. Arc suppressor diodes The purpose of arc suppressor diodes is to reduce the high voltage arc produced by the coils when the switch is opened.

Mzgneto my friend is a electronic genuis so he did all the real work.

Building a heavy duty magnet charger

The Square Deal Subscription Program is designed as a paperless transaction with automatic renewals at a preferred low rate. The single most important point in machining parts for this charger is to provide close fitting joints at all points in the magnetic path.

This arc is exactly what is wanted across ignitor points with battery and coil ignition, but in a magneto charger, the arc could lead to switch failure, insulation breakdown or electric shock. Apply a keeper to the magnet poles, switch off the current and withdraw the magnet sideways from the recharger. The current should build up to a maximum about 40 amps in about 3 seconds. Magnetomotive force product of amps times turns of wire must be large enough to bring magneto magnets to saturation.

I can see why you might have thought it was spam. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Hi, My friend and I just did this. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Before the wire is wound on them, the magnet cores must be insulated. Don’t bring the compass too buildd to the charger or to magnets because the needle may be demagnetized or remagnetized in the opposite direction.

Please try again later. This second generation magnetized features ease of construction, improved operation, bottom mounted coil terminals and diode protection to prevent excessive switch sparking and coil failure.

Read more Read less. I am not one of those ” wine to the mods ” kind of guys but when I see someone using anothers site for personel gain i get a bit chapped Wiring connections at terminal block.

Those units were not sufficiently heavy to charge many magnets while installed on the magneto. You can build this machine quickly and inexpensively. To prevent shorts, the core must be insulated. My suggestion is to find someone who has the equipment and pay them to do it for you. This will not recharge newer alnico, samarium, and similar alloy magnets since these need an enormous magnetic impulse beyond the capabilities of this machine.


Search eBay for motorcycle parts in following countries. Hi Greg, You can find magnetizet more up-to-date article that uses modern equipment with pictures of the design and construction at http: Alternatively, you will need patience and determination with the hacksaw and file. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading.

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Diodes absorb the energy when the switch is opened. Mount the core with terminal end facing the lathe tailstock and run the lathe in reverse to make winding easy to view. What Engine for Clutch Pulley? This is important, because there have been cases where an enclosed switch has had the contacts stick closed even though it indicated open. Share your thoughts with other customers. No current will be indicated on the meter if the jumper leads have been improperly connected to the battery.

Sure didn’t try and spam anyone. No idea if this of any use to anyone or even if it works but when I came across the link by chance I thought I should pass it along to those REAL DIY’ers out there that tinker with the real magical parts!

We did it because of the challange. The one pictured has had the joints welded and additional braces welded on to improve strength. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.