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If you have never heard of planting in an earthbox, you are probably wondering what on earth is an earthbox? This article will help with. Making a self watering container or Earthbox™. A self watering container is a container that has a water reservoir built in. This reservoir waters the plants. My garden in May: Bell peppers in my jr earthbox. The one in the middle was planted too early and froze but since it has one leaf on it, I left it to see if it will .

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Michelle, I live in Phoenix and yes I do water the soil since it is so dang hot here.

Homemade Earth Box Planter | Home Guides | SF Gate

This is very much like how the real tops work earthbpx commercially-available self-contained gardening system. Garden hose can be used as long as it’s marked as drinking-safe.

Please come back again as I am always looking to create new and delicious recipes and playing with Photography and of course my garden. Winterwheat Recipes, photos and some notes to friends.

Our earth boxes are on the East side and jet all the morning sun and shade in the afternoon here in Goodyear Arizona. An gallon plastic storage bin with 1-inch PVC pipe and construction tools are the basic supplies needed for an earth box.

It should look like this: Thank you for visiting Winterwheat! I’d recommend copper tubing although this will a very small hmoemade to the price of your homemade self-contained gardening systemavailable widely at home supply stores.

Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up the good work! It worked just as I’d intended, earthbo here it is. Of course, you want to avoid these all throughout the self-contained gardening system, not just with the watering tube. Fill the box with soil the pond basket and the entire remaining box above the base.


The more straight-sided the eartbbox, the better. Here are the basic elements of the EarthBox: Put the base in the tote box drilled side upwedging it down as far as it will go, and positioning the pond basket directly under the big hole.

I was wondering about clear tubs. They have been great for us as well!

My husband and I live on what seems like solid bedrock. Cut a hole in it for the pipe to fit through. Home Guides SF Gate. I use the piece of plastic you cut out from the center of the roughneck homemaed. Any suggestions are desired.

Homemade Earth Box Planter

A lid drilled with evenly placed holes creates a water reservoir under the soil when it is fit into place about 3 inches from the bottom of the bin. So I buy the very sturdy, tall, heavy wooden stakes sold at my local hardware store’s gardening department, and pound them into the ground around the boxes. Subscribe to this comment feed via RSS.

However, for the me the positives of the DIY version outweigh the negatives: I love my Homemade Earth Boxes! Here’s another idea for using the parts of the second box. Many folks have trouble finding “pond baskets. A terrific idea for using the parts of the second box that eartjbox used in construction.

When you’ve cut the entire box, discard the top open half; you won’t need it. I have the freedom to modify any of the components.

DIY Earth Box! Make it yourself | Winterwheat

Should I be watering the soil as well as putting water in the PVC pipe? Construction of the growing container takes an afternoon and results in the rewarding benefit of growing your own fresh produce. We made these boxes in under 30 minutes one we laid out our supplies. One of earthbx companies that sells “self-contained gardening systems” have been gracious in putting their planting guide online: So I have two methods I utilize.


Do not use PVC pipe. There are plenty of alternatives, so there’s no good reason to use PVC and risk putting these chemicals in your homegrown fruits and vegetables. I am in Arizona and we can grow tomatoes, peppers year round in them! She now writes hobby-based articles on cooking, gardening, sewing and running. Matt Ramsey November 4, at 5: Click here to cancel reply. I have used this system for 3 years. I did it so that I could have the pipe all the way in the corner, leaving more room for erathbox.

My husband pulls a garbage bag through it, and then uses it when he rakes up grass or leaves or whatever junk he rakes in the yard! Also, a box that is somewhat wider is preferable to one that’s deeper.

If you want to get fancier, cut out the hoemade of the lid like you did to hold the plastic and drop in a piece of Plexiglas. I’ve been asked what to do in place of PVC pipe for the watering tube. I live about 50 miles from the nearest home depot and lowes so I wanted to check before I made a trip that far.

Take the pond basket and put it right-side up in the bottom of the second tote box the one that hasn’t been used yet. Are there legitimate concerns about chemicals leaching from the PVC into the water reservoir or is this much ado about nothing?