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There are registered tanneries in Bangladesh, and around percent are located at Hazaribagh on about 25 hectares of land. Most of these use old. An investigation was made at Hazaribagh Tannery area, comprising about industries of pollution to the soils by the heavy metals and to investigate the. Hazaribagh lies on the banks of the Buriganga (The Old Ganges). The river of the leather tanneries to a new location in Savar with modern treatment facilities.

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A centralized effluent treatment is an obvious need for the leather industry of Bangladesh. With his education, Rahman was fortunate to be able to move and look for another job. According to the Department of Environment, the tanneries discharge 22, cubic meters of untreated liquid toxic waste daily into the rivers, gutters and canals that run alongside in the roads of Hazaribagh.

On the path towards digitization. Kazi Anis Ahmed, Publisher. The chemicals end up forming coloured ponds and lakes of toxic waste in residential areas and are causing much harm to the 20, people who work and live in the tanning district.


‘Removal of Hazaribagh tannery cut Buriganga pollution by 40%’

Author Daniel Lanteigne Filmmaker. Save Life and Nature.

Tk cr projects being implemented in Rajshahi. A crisis of legitimacy. BiodiversityEcosystemsWaterPollution.

SinceBangladesh has observing the World Rivers Day. Markets in the US, EU: Life as a transgender child in Bangladesh. Network of tanneries and leather product manufacturing units forming the leather cluster Hazaribagh has developed during last decades without proper planning and control.

Uncertainty looms among the residents of Hazaribagh over talk of moving the tanneries to an area outside of Dhaka. The river has suffered extreme biodiversity loss and has now turned black. How do elections work in Bangladesh?

Pollution by export oriented tannery industries, Bangladesh | EJAtlas

There are about leather tanneries in the Hazaribagh district of Dhaka, the capital. A tribute to Taramon Bibi, Bir Protik. Wreck it as you please.

Apparel workers in Bangladesh still the lowest paid by global standards. Children lost in the loop.

You are here Home Bangladesh – Assistance with preparation for tannery relocation from Hazaribagh to Savar Quality and clean sustainable production is no longer a choise but a strategy requirement for a survival for the leather manufacturers. Why do we accept such a tragic way of life for so many people? It is hoped that also UNIDO s effort will contribute to the goal to provide working opportunities in modern leather industrial park.


The unusual case of Mainul Hosein. The tanneries evacuate 22, cubic meters of untreated liquid toxic waste daily into the Buriganga. The relocation project of Bangladesh government — relocating the tanneries around factories from Hazaribagh area to Savar — is a very poor strategy to solve the environmental issues air, water and soil pollution in densely populated Dhaka.

Daniel, The article and photo essay are excellent. Made in Bangladesh toys all over Europe and America. IGP off to China. The first thing you notice when you walk through the streets of Hazaribagh is the horrible and seemingly all-pervasive stench of tanning chemicals.

Colours of Water: Bangladesh’s Leather Tanneries

Inside the world of the Dhaka street book hawkers. Tannery factories are extremely smelly. Certainly, the experts are calling for action.