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GURPS Spaceships 2: Traders, Liners, and Transports – Taking Care of Business Intrepid space traders struggling to make a fortune – or just. So you’ve got a starship. Can you use it to make a fortune – or even a living? GURPS Spaceships 2 provides statistics and descriptions for dozens of. “GURPS Spaceships 2 provides statistics and descriptions for dozens of “This is the second volume in the GURPS Spaceships series by David Pulver.

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Probabilities to hit remain the same, but ponderous targets more vulnerable than maneuverable ones. Particle beams have all the speed of lasers with much higher damage; the counter to them is stay outside their short range. Considering spacesips lasers and I think even UV-lasers?

Mining and Industrial Spacecraft gives new design options and details on spacecraft designed to tap the void’s economic potential. They suffer no penalty to hit from high relative velocity. The thrust rating of fusion and antimatter plasma rockets is much ggurps than that of the Eclipse Phase spacecraft descriptions, while chemical and metallic hydrogen rockets are mostly the same.

Their distance is not that good even in ship based variants compared to heat and EM sensors considering that most military vessels sport some kind of fusion power plant or drive and a huge array of radiators in case of laser or particle weapons. If roll is absolutely needed due to current situation in the game it maybe better to use Navigation as a skill to determine if you can hit your target. Armor can be much stronger than the core Eclipse Phase rules indicate, but a direct hit by a nuke or high velocity kinetic impactor will still one-shot even something as large as a destroyer.

  ATEGO 1719 PDF

So by spending a good percent of ship mass on drone sensors you can get good reading on your opponent’s signatures and even get his precise location but all your obtained information is still subject to light lag. I think missiles should still attack against half-pilot because they can chase, so railguns are impeded by target nimbleness to a greater extent than other weapons.

Divergent and Paranormal Tech expands ship construction options with unusual and variant spaceship design options — ships can harness the power of magic, steam, or life!

This is also why they are so vulnerable to jamming. Their most valuable effect is to deter opponents from deploying their radiators within a certain range. For converting base Eclipse Phase skills, divide by 10 and round to the nearest number eg a skill of 63 becomes 6, 37 becomes 4 etc.

GURPS Spaceships

What I have a bigger problem with is the percentage increase, meaning that when the duration of a loan is lessened; t. Combat Scales For deep spsceships battles a hex size of 1, km and 3-minute or minute turn lengths is appropriate.

Pick a hull, fill it with components, and you’re done. This helps align size categories to the ones already present in Eclipse Phase. So why roll for anything?

Placing drones close allows for better resolution; they can then send the data back to larger ships or other drones. Add tags Tags separate by space: Fighters, Carriers, and Mecha brings greater detail to dogfights, from tiny-but-agile fighters to the carriers that ferry them into battle. Privacy Policy Contact Us. Lasers even UV have weak damage, limiting their offensive utility to precision strikes on small targets and exposed systems.


The distances involved make. Can you use it to make a fortune — or even a living? X-ray lasers aren’t feasible without either a nuclear reaction or kilometer-long free electron array.

You can’t use antimatter for the same reasons. As transhuman spacedhips speeds are not up to snuff ghrps this environment, it’s assumed that any AGI or transhuman egos are receiving support from a multitude of redundant weak AI, like with practically every other item in the game.

Preview of the PDF. Can you use it to make a fortune — or even a living? Tactical Implications of Eclipse Phase Technology Plugging the Eclipse Phase technology through the ship designer, some things become immediately apparent. It includes detailed rules for the cost of buying and running a private spaceship, as well as systems for using commercial vessels to make or lose!

Spaceship Design and Combat: GURPS conversion

EP tech probably allows linking missile salvo computers into a network allowing them a measure of autonomy. Each volume is also a catalog, with full descriptions and stats for dozens of ready-to-go sample spacecraft! While using drones you not only get information on enemy position that is subject to light lag but each drone tracking program must adjust to his own movement and to light lag in sensors of the ship. Hard to destroy with normal kinetics or nukes, but vulnerable to proximity shrapnel and lasers, and suffers degraded function if jammed.

Small explosive charge can transform any “drone” into a cloud of shrapnel projectiles.