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Extra-Abdominal Fibromatosis (Desmoid Tumor): A Rare Tumor of the Lower Extremity Arising from the Popliteal Fossa. Mehmet Ali Kaygin,1. Extra-abdominal desmoids are deep-seated, benign (noncancerous) tumors. They are very rare tumors. While desmoid tumors do not spread to other parts of. Extra abdominal desmoid fibromatosis is a complex condition with many recognised treatments including active observation, hormonal therapy, chemotherapy.

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Microscopic tumor margins were negative, and there was no evidence of malignant change Figure 3. They are slow growing and histologically benign, but tend to be locally invasive at various anatomic sites. A to Z of desmoid tumors. Its appearance was not typical of a vascular lesion. Intra-abdominal fibromatosis Pelvic tumor. Articles from Oncology Letters are provided here courtesy of Spandidos Publications.

The tumor originates from the muscle-fascial connective tissue and is therefore also known as deep aponeurotic fibromatosis extraabdominl.

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Eur J Cardiothorac Surg. Fascicles of fibroblastic spindle cells. Once the mass was isolated from the antero-lateral surface of the liver we proceeded with resection of the last four ribs, from the sternum to the posterior axillary line. Extra-abdominal fibromatosis occurs more often in females and has a higher incidence between puberty and the fourth decade of life. The lesion is poorly circumscribed and is centered in skeletal muscle and the adjacent fascia.

Arises outside abdomen and abdominal wall, usually in muscles of shoulder, chest wall, back and thigh, equal gender frequencies Intra-abdominal fibromatosis: These treatments include radiotherapy, chemotherapy anthracycline, vinblastine and methotrexatehormonal therapy tamoxifennon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDsinterferon and imatinib mesylate 8. Although it lacks metastatic potential, it can grow aggressively in a locally infiltrating pattern.

Desmoid tumors are not considered sarcomas; however, they have been classified as aggressive fibromatosis, and the optimal treatment plan usually requires multidisciplinary teams only found in sarcoma centers.

Fibromatosis and Desmoid Tumors

Written informed consent was obtained fibromatossi the patient for inclusion in the present study. The post-operative recovery was regular, and the patient was discharged on day 8.


Combination chemotherapy is effective and can be offered for unresectable cases that fail to respond to this therapy. Postoperatively, pathologic examination demonstrated widespread proliferation of spindle-shaped cells and collagen fibers.

However, this treatment still has a fair rate of local recurrence 5. Figromatosis this reason, tumors should be removed as soon as possible after identification cibromatosis order to achieve the most optimal resection possible.

Firm, white lobulated fusiform mass. The diagnosis of desmoid tumor, or aggressive fibromatosis, should alert members of the sarcoma team to the potential underlying diagnosis of FAP. New author database fibrmatosis installed, click here for details. We report a case of mammary fibromatosis extraabdominap an elderly female in which no associated risk factor was discernible. Clonal fibroblastic proliferation of deep soft tissue with infiltrative growth “Desmos” Greek means tendon-like Locally aggressive local recurrence, but no metastases See also: Traditionally, patients undergo standard surgery approaches with the primary goal always being complete resection with negative margins, as indicated for sarcomas.

As desmoid tumors are burdened with a high rate of local recurrence, each case should be carefully assessed to evaluate the possibility of using multimodal therapies. Histological examination showed evidence consistent with extra-abdominal fibromatosis.

Multimodality management of desmoid tumors: The goal of these sessions, as it arose from discussions of the CTOS Board of Directors led by Ian Judson, is to highlight the multidisciplinary nature of sarcoma care.

Considering their rarity, desmoid tumors are often misdiagnosed. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. Arises within abdominal wall of women during or after pregnancy May see with cesarean section scar Extra-abdominal fibromatosis: Results of surgical intervention. The possibility of an extremity desmoid tumor should be kept in mind when evaluating an extremity mass, but the diagnosis should be made only on the basis of a detailed histological examination.

An optimal resection of the tumor involving the thoracic wall, as in the present case, is required to include the excision of disease-free ribs, one above and one underneath the lesion 5. No necrotic outbreaks were identified.


The tumor originates from the connective muscle-fascial tissue. On cut section, it is hard and tan-white. Poorly circumscribed with infiltration of adjacent tissue Uniform cellularity between exuberant fibrous proliferation and low grade fibrosarcoma Cells are bipolar fibroblasts and myofibroblasts reduced amphophilic cytoplasm that merges with surrounding collagen, open chromatin, well defined nuclear membrane, one distinct nucleolus Usually more collagenous and less cellular than tibromatosis fasciitis Mucopolysaccharide matrix with thin walled, curvilinear, non-branching or ectatic vessels Stroma varies from collagenous, keloid-like to myxoid Regenerative muscle cells within lesions may resemble giant cells Perivascular lymphocytes at edge of lesion Few mitotic figures, no atypia Postradiation: Other complications include bowel perforation, fistulization, bleeding and ureteral obstruction.

The lesion itself was large, gray-white, fibrotic, and irregular. In fibroomatosis present case, the patient was suffering from endometriosis and underwent hormonal treatment as well as surgery; in addition to this, the lesion occurred soon after the birth of the patient’s first child. Fibromatosis – deep desmoid type.

Discussion Extra-abdominal fibromatosis, also known as a desmoid tumor, is a rare, non-metastatic and locally invasive lesion that is characterized by a high percentage of local recurrences.

Case Reports in Vascular Medicine

Among these factors, intrinsic biological characteristics of tumour cells and the host microenvironment could account for highly diverse outcomes. As this mass was thought to be suspicious for malignancy, enbloc dissection of the tumor was then carried out, including dissection of its attachments to the deep popliteal region, accomplished with the assistance of orthopedic and neurological surgeons. The peak incidence of desmoids in Figromatosis is between 28 and 31 years, although they may occur at any age.

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