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Learn & play tab for rhythm guitar with free online tab player, speed control and loop. Download Feste Lariane guitar pro tab Instruments: rhythm guitar. Feste Lariane by Luigi Mozzani (). Mozzani guitarist Louis was a great performer, teacher, composer and instrument maker. He was. Find composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of Feste lariane, air with variations on AllMusic.

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Bone, also toured South America and the U. In other words, we have no choice but to conclude that there is no way Luigi Mozzani could have been the original composer of the piece called by him Feste Lariane. See in this regard: If the answers will be forthcoming, then we will be grateful. Sophocles Papas, it appears, repeated the operation once again, publishing it some 60 years later, without a clear reference to the origin of the piece.

Feste Lariane

Not being able to read Japanese, I do not know if some of the material covered in the present article was or was not discussed there. Once Zani de Lariand left the United States and went back to Europe, there were no more American editions of his music.

As a matter of fact, I bought a copy of it in their shop in Buenos Aires, last year. There, for all to see, are the labels, the decorated bottles, the quaint advertisements, that proclaim time and again the Peruvian mystique.


I found out on several occasions that teachers sometimes do not tell the truth, that very often they are entirely ignorant, and that other authorities, such as some very famous concert guitarists, do not hesitate to dispense the most outrageous fibs from the pulpit of their concert stage. Here larianee the first page:. Bone, The Guitar and Mandolin, London, The correspondence, presented without the obsequious editorializing of Ms.

It is made up of two sections of eight bars each, which determines one part. Most probably, the three-finger tremolo suggestion belongs to Rizzuti, not to Sancho.

For the time being this small example serves to demonstrate one simple point: That bit of information was already published in No. It was certainly a lagiane for me to hear him play the guitar, as he has improved at least a hundred per cent, since I last heard him in New York a few years ago.

Luigi Mozzani, who is also well known through the country.

[Free Classical Guitar Sheet Music] Luigi Mozzani – Feste Lariane

There have been a few more such editions since with the false attribution still there. It seemed to me then, that because the same piece was published on both lariaane of the Atlantic in the same year, the guitarr of rightful authorship cannot be determined with any accuracy. He even knew what was the meaning of the title Peruvian Air. The cover even contains a photograph of our composer. Let me tell you a story.

Mozzani, Luigi – Feste Lariane

festr I have his Serenata Espanola. The tune itself may well be a popular Spanish melody or a Peruvian Air I wish Romero had made up his mind one way or the other! One does not wish to fish in the back-waters of guitar history for the sole purpose of stirring mud.


In the early part of the nineteenth century, authorship of tunes was rarely mentioned in publications of guitar arrangements of these tunes. It is interesting to note that the title page of the copy I have, states that this is the 33rd edition of the work. Thus, the majority of guitarists whose work was published in America, were either local born, or immigrants who established themselves on a permanent basis.

I also own two different issues of the same plates, which tends to indicate that the work was reprinted, perhaps more than once.

Having misplaced the letter lriane my files, I asked Peter if he still recalled the essence of it. The April Cadenza magazine identifies Santisteban as follows: This is what he sent me by E-Mail, reproduced here with his permission: My teacher told me that the piece was by Mozzani and teachers always tell the truth. It is the responsibility of every performer, educator and writer to ensure that the younger generation gets a true picture of the history of the instrument we wish to entrust in their hands.