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A rough guide to Drakensang. Poradnik do Drakensang. Autor: remainaery. A sketchy, mostly spoiler-free guide to make your life a little easier. 40, o, Harp of Time · Ashraya, J’Ibal, Abyss of Time. 40, o, Seeds of Eternity · Ashraya, J’Ulda, Atlantis above Water. 40, o, The Assistant · Ashraya, B’Ala, Atlantis. The River of Time – Gandalf. Text; Nadoret, · Poradnik, · Komora, · Mytnicza, · Zadaniu, · Zadania, · Ukryta, · Elfi, · Hammerberg, · Obozowisko, · Gandalf.

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Tree by the bridge Save the tree Exit to the courtyard 19where a fight is on.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Spolszczenie Drakensang The River of Time & DLC [MB] [NAPISY]

Drakensang Strona w sklepie. Move along to encounter the running Mercenary Humbold 2.

Find Dranor You have to complete Find the Bandit hideout. Goldtooth Jallik will appear on the street and start following you – don’t mind him and just walk in any direction. Berry Hunting The peddler Bredo Bento 6 will ask you a favor. The Tbe, will speak to you again entrusting you with yet another mission. After the fight Grand Inquisitor da Vanya will appear and start questioning you and the archivist. For other types of quests, visit the desired link below: Chapter VII – Maps. You can either pay him or haggle to avoid the payment.


You need to try and help them. The mage’s death will cause an explosion and he will be replaced by a spirit of fire. The noblewoman has had an accident which resulted in breaking her carriage.

If you want to fight him, tell him that you’ve plundered Humbert’s camp or that you want your gold. Talk to the workers outside to get in. There are orcs all throughout this level so you’ll need to either sneak your way up to the next level 7 or hack your way through them. It seems that his Do canal good luck charm has fallen into the sewers 6. Meet with her and listen to the accusations she makes towards her lover. R Elements of Life.

When you get close she will ask you to get rid of the thug.

poradnik do drakensang the river of time chomikuj – video dailymotion

Head there, ot get into the alley behind the “Fleet Footed Ferret” 1where the murder took place 3. R My Little Plant Babies. Go deeper into the crypt to meet the undead necromancer.

Talk to one of them to drakensahg of crakensang to learn about the situation. Chapter VII – Maps. Marauder Camp Entrance If you want, you can buy workshops for 50 ducats each, and there are some plants in the garden.

Tell her that you have made your first move. Threaten them Option 2: This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. The key to open the chest can be found on one of the bodies. You can try Taunting him – if you’ll succeed he will just run away.


Soon, Grand Inquisitor da Vanya will arrive. After the fight search the body – you’ll find quite a lot of money and some valuable items.

Drakensang: The River of Time – Opis przejścia, questy, mapy

This time Dorion won’t be able to interpret it but he will point you to a person who will – Ardat Whitecliff 2. Tell him it’s a gift from Alvina and force him to wear it. Third part of the puzzle Near the place where you met Rakorium is a grave with three buttons She will let you in only if you promise to kill Yasmin. Since they keep so close together the fireball spell becomes very useful here.

Pay him a couple of ducats, to turn his head the other way. Collect ten Oneberries You need to find 10 oneberries. Your first mission is to reach Ferdok where your friend Ardo lives.