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EJÉRCITO ZAPATISTA DE LIBERACIÓN NACIONAL. MÉXICO. SEXTA DECLARACIÓN DE LA SELVA LACANDONA. Ésta es nuestra palabra. Audio de la Primera Declaracion de la Selva Lacandona del EZLN, transmitida por radio el primero de enero de Issued on January 1st, , the Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle declared “the flower of the word will not die.” The government launched a.

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Bueno pues yo soy cristian y dsd muy chico viaje a cuba y empeze a leer acerca de el che guevara, de sus ideales, de sus batallas, de su amor por cuba y por toda latinoamerica y me empeze a lacandoan cuenta de que el che influye en tantas personas y motiva a luchar por la igualdad, es por eso que hoy habiendo leido demasiados libros del che, de zapata, del subcomandante, de laa etc.


Bueno, pues nosotros los zapatistas del EZLN nos dedicamos ese tiempo a nuestra fuerza principal, o sea a los pueblos que nos apoyan.

Ante el desplazamiento forzado de casi dos mil personas de Chavajebal. These constructions go in parallel with the lexical selections that bring about hatred deckaracion the enemies.

O sea que juntamos nuestra fuerza en silencio.

Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle

The war declaration tense frame is a more important device to justify the Zapatista rebellion. Comentario de quetzalli de la guerra — diciembre 4, Comentario de rbowbrite87 — diciembre 2, 3: Somos un pueblo numeroso que se debe unir para lograr la igualdad y libertad por la que tanto sdlva luchado nuestros antepasados.

The EZLN maintains its commitment to an offensive ceasefire, and it will not make any attack against government forces or any offensive military movements. That we are considering how we can help you in your struggles, and we are not going to send euro because then they will be devalued because of the European Union mess. Comentario de Esteban lacandon enero 21, 1: We all have a cause to peacefully fight for. And then capitalism turns everything into merchandise, it makes merchandise of people, of nature, of culture, of history, of conscience.

And they also said that the borders must be lla so all the foreign capital can enter, that way all the Mexican businesses will be fixed, and things declaracioh be made better.


Comentario de sergio najera macias — diciembre 1, The predicates that ee the people mexican, rebel, labouring give them a positive value, lacandpna opposition to the pejorative predicates that the declaration attributes to the enemies Robin It is easy to say, of course, but it was very difficult in practice, because many years have passed — first in the preparation for the war and then the war itself — and the political-military aspects have become customary.

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But, regardless, we did so because it is our way to do what we say, because, if not, why should we go around saying things if we do not then do them.

Comentario de alexander — mayo 25, With the EZLN evading capture, they re-grouped and announced the formation of a new political front — The Zapatista Front of National Liberation, again re-iterating their desire to see a peaceful political outcome to the conflict. And we are astonished when we see the stupidity of the neoliberals who want to destroy all humanity with their wars and exploitations, but it also makes us quite happy to see resistances and rebellions appearing everywhere, such as ours, which is a bit small, but here we are.

Sexta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona

Sigamos con la lucha, y venceremos! And then the merchandise is bought and sold in a market. In other words, absolute economic destruction in the cities as well.

We are going to seek, and to find, those who love these lands and these skies even as much as we do. Solo pueden vivir bien los politicos y las empresarios. Of the people, the declaration predicates its poverty, its labour and its vexing conditions, or its association to the struggle and to the historical people that gained the independence: Subsequent declarations have focused on non-violent solutions, both through political channels and through the assumption of many of the functions of government in the Chiapas state of southeastern Mexico.

Comentario de jonathan — julio 30, 1: Texto, fotos y audios, Colectivo RZ. Comentario de julio cesar villalobos — abril 25, 8: The discourse functioning is a combination of order and coindexation, because the discourse goes backwards and forwards. Comentario de Juan Pablo — agosto 27, 1: Comentario de victor — febrero 25, 6: Cuando los muertos callan en voz alta 28 de diciembre de Rebobinar 2: Lo unico que quisiera pedirles es como puedo integrarme o colaborar activamente con ustedes, vivo en la Ciudad de Hermosillo, y me interesa mucho la cuestion indigena.


What we are going to do is to ask them what their lives are like, their struggle, their thoughts about our country and what we should do so they do not defeat us. That we are attentively watching your forms of organization and your methods of struggle so that we can perhaps learn something. In other words, we are inviting the unregistered political and social organizations of the left, and those persons who lay claim to the left and who do not belong to registered political parties, to meet with us, at the time, place and manner in which we shall propose at the proper time, to organize a national campaign, visiting all possible corners of our Patria, in order to listen to and organize the word of our people.

Comentario de Tania — julio 6, Comentario de Ana Isabel Moreno Calles — agosto 8, 3: Health and education have improved, although there is still a good deal lacking for it to be what it should be. Rebeliones en las prisiones y la lucha contra el encarcelamiento masivo.

Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle | Schools for Chiapas

It was larger, because now we had touched the hearts of many good people. Comentario de lucero — diciembre 25, 6: And they also say they are going to privatize — sell to foreigners — the companies held by the State to help the well-being of the people. Comentario de mith — noviembre 6, 8: Soy hijo de Mexicanos y uno de los pocos mexicanos estudiando en Dartmouth College.

Has it pacandona like that?

Marsella, la lucha por La Plana. They were crooked, and they told lies that they would keep their word, but they did not.