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To start with, how did your involvement with Fiendish Codex II begin? Devils have always struck me as the coolest of infernal D&D baddies. Fiendish Codex – Play Role Online. Views . show all. Fiendish Codex II – Tyrants of the Nine Hells – Dropbox ยท Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells is a supplement designed to be the resource for information about devils and the Nine Hells of the D&D world.

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Fiendish Codex II

The dogai or assassin devil serve as Hell’s hit men. We fit in four prestige classes.

I wouldn’t make that same mistake twice. Devils have been among the coolest for me since I got my hands on the 1st edition Monster Manual. You get to meet, by example, the various local rulers and functionaries an average adventuring party is likely to be handle–or fiendiah least interact with. There’s also the hellreaver, a sexy class for paladins, who channels his outrage and fury into special abilities that give him specific resistances and combat buffs for fighting evil outsiders.

A journey to Hell is great, but there’s so much you can do with devilkind on the PCs’ home turf. Maybe it’s because my mother freaked a bit hi mom. They bust down your door. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. My playtest campaign remained solidly earthbound. The short answer is yes.

Product Spotlight: Fiendish Codex II

Along with the very top guys, the sample encounters present hellish denizens of various challenge ratings. This article needs additional citations for verification. The book kicks off with an origin myth for Asmodeus. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Our thanks to everyone who took the time to submit their fiendish questions.


Can you tell us something of the nature of Hell as now presented in this book: And they keep coming. Speaking of the lords, is there any mention of Codeex former rulers: Laws and Robert J. Other than their CRs, have their stats changed from previous incarnations? It’s a perfect place to set a sweeping fienrish, thrusting the player characters into the heart of the Blood War, fighting their way through a sea of demons only to find themselves ensnared by the treacherous politicking of the baatezu.

And there are the Lords of the Nine Layers: Naturally, the Hag Countess’s layer has undergone the most significant changes. It is described as being, like any proper myth, true–whether it happened or not.

It also describes in detail each layer of the Hells, such as their physical features, social structure, rulers, and even the personalities of those who rule over each layer respectively. Expedition to the Demonweb Pits. In fact, the epic decade-long mega-campaign I ran from the start of 2nd edition through the first heady months of 3rd saw Asmodeus as one of the villainous principles. Since she’s a goddess, and having been discussed at great length in fiendieh other sourcebooks, we didn’t spend a lot of time on her.

D&x also had room for some new spells too. As warlocks begin this prestige class and advance in it, they attain greater options in the uses of hellfire.

Each layer has an archdevil that rules it.


The slightly longer answer is maybe. But remember, when it comes to the baatezu, they don’t let anything happen that they don’t want to happen in the first place. Soulguards corex openly opposed to the practices of the devils and are especially outraged by their foul bargains with mortals and their stealing of souls.

For example, Asmodeus still has the ruby rod he’s described as having in the Book of Vile Darkness. Views Read Edit View history. You find out why devils gather souls, what they do with them, and how fendish corruption of souls fuels their entire evil society. In a way, it’s more important to see examples of middle-ranking devils than more great big fiendissh who can squish all but the buffest parties.

Robin came up with the harvester devil, a fiendieh that specializes in making diabolical pacts. Fortress codxe the Yuan-Ti. And the poor old Hag Countess doesn’t get a comfortable retirement, either.

This chapter describes the economy and society of the devils in hell, their relationship with demons, their origins, and their soul harvesting of mortals.

Oh, but Fierna’s just a bit too creepy for me. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: You might think it’s cool and brave and heroic to descend into the depths of this plane and fight the good fight. Pact, Shadow, and True Name Magic.