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Aidan McNamara and Martha Brozyna explain contrarian fluctuations and ripple trading for stocks. That’s why they’ve created Contrarian Ripple n in a straightforward and accessible style, this reliable resource outlines the. That’s why they’ve created Contrarian Ripple Trading. Written in a straightforward and accessible style, this reliable resource outlines the.

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Nevertheless, this growing optimism is tempered by lingering fears and doubts that what is happening is simply a rally within cntrarian continuing bear market. If calculated prior to the February 27 market drop, these percentages would have been These provide comfort if the stock needs to be held for a period of time before the targeted profit figure is reached.

For those individuals looking to cut through the huge amount of poor information out there, I think you will thoroughly dontrarian this book. So it is too with the stock market. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Contrarian Fluctations and Ripple Trading for Stocks

It is this that drives the market even more than individual stock price fluctuations caused by stock-specific news. Even those that start with the assumption that their readers have zero knowledge on the subject, will often try to cover ground of what should really be territory reserved for the more sophisticated or professional reader, including areas such as futures and options. As the rest of this book shows, we are great proponents of the idea that the stock market contains the very best way to make real inflation-beating returns on invested capital.

Apples compared with apples? It is for this reason that we cannot help but shake our heads as to how they can claim that they can virtually wave a magic wand and effortlessly transfer their investing or trading talents and skills in a way that lets regular folks with limited resources imitate their success.

Table of contents for Contrarian ripple trading

Ripppe includes brokerage interest received on cash balances, which has not been taken into consideration in trading profit calculations above.


As contrarians who are strongly cognizant of constant and regular ttrading fluctuations, we question why a trader would feel comfortable purchasing something that by its very nature fluctuates in price at a time that it is priced higher than it was just a few hours or days ago.

For more information about Wiley products, visit our Web site at www. The Dow slipped through 7, on October 9, We always factor in the costs of commission for doing a roundtrip trade when calculating the price at which we intend to sell our stock.

Contrarian Ripple Trading: A Low-Risk Strategy to Profiting from Short-Term Stock Trades

Our contrarian approach means that we look closely at the stock that has been revalued downward swiftly owing to this kind of news. The scenario is usually as follows. For general information on our other products and services or for technical support, please contact our Customer Care Department within the United States atoutside the United States at or fax A study done by the North American Securities Administrators Association in to found that 77 percent of day traders lost money.

Up days in the market, on the other hand, are naturally days in which most individual stock prices are also up, and ironically, they are the days that buyers start to salivate and open their wallets.

What were their actual profits when they shorted stocks? Problems, some of which were genuine, others of a Marlboro Friday nature, caused by false or exaggerated perceptions, affected a number of stocks during the month period covered by our trading record at the end of this book. The reason is that we perceive a value in generation of an additional income through placement of regular, profitable short-term trades. Their contrarianism is both short-term and prudent, tailored to the realities of the ordinary retail investor.

However, our use of a contrarian trading strategy based on price history rather than reliance on company fundamentals, as will be outlined in subsequent chapters, clearly places us in the technical analysis camp to some degree. When several big institutional investors move at the same time to unload a stock that has been the subject of a negative announcement, the effect on the stock price can be a sharp dramatic fall.


They recognize the daunting odds against long-term success. That’s why I say it’s beguiling. However if they made it easy to figure this out in the bookstore, no one would take the book home. Chapter 5 What to Buy When to Sell?

Yet this is an investing habit that is actually much more pervasive than many would care to admit. Bucket shops were frequently scam operations based on very dubious business practices.

Moreover, what is an investor to do if he missed the opportunity provided by a market low? Yet this is clearly not the case. It is a classic case of crowd mentality at work—people are buying because others are buying. Fund managers are fully aware that their investment decisions and the outcomes generated are placed under a microscope and their rpple is judged often on the basis of fairly short-term results.

Just think of how our lives have been transformed by the invention and development of the microchip or integrated circuit. In this scenario, Mr.

A Simple Way to Buy Low and Sell High

There would be as often an adverse outcome as a positive one, as it is clear that the crowd is not always wrong. The most obvious one is that it keeps costs down. However, we feel that it contragian too simplistic to conclude that the direct connection of individual stock prices to overall market movements is a one-way street. To describe a short-term trading technique as low-risk appears at first sight to be somewhat counterintuitive.

contrraian What is actually at work is a balancing of supply and demand through the mechanism of price. This is a wonderful form of investing—and Mr.