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The Tzimisce are a clan of scholars and flesh-shapers. Contents[show] Overview If one were to described a Tzimisce as inhuman and sadistic, it would probably. Clan Tzimisce is a major villainous bloodline in the White Wolf Studio RPG Vampire: The Masquerade and its larger franchise, “The World Of Darkness”. One of. The Tzimisce are the most overtly monstrous and least pronounceable clan in Vampire: The Masquerade (Unless you are Greek, it’s the name.

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But there my list ends. There is, however, a ton of Obertus Tzimisce references in the Children tzimiscw the Dracon section.

That’s why Vykos says it’s a stolen legacy and a mockery, and why every mention of the Dracons lays out the possibility of the group making false claims. Clan Tzimisce of the Victorian Age. At present, four main Revenant bloodlines remain in the modern nights: His so-called children make a mockery of their purloined tzimissce. Now the Tzimisce serve the Sabbat as scholars, advisors and priests.

With the discovery of Antediluvians prompting widespread unrest within the Camarilla and Kindred resorting to Diablerie in desperate attempts to hold off the Withering, players are encouraged by Pieterzoon to strike out on their own in pursuit can their objectives.

Clan Tzimisce | Villains Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Though he betrayed his grandsire, the Eldest has spared him so that he can serve as a witness to the Antediluvian’s final ascension, so that when Tzimisce becomes a god, Lambach will become his first and only worshiper – before he too is consumed. There isn’t a clan that can’t be fucked over by their founder if he or she tries.

The Fiend’s blood calls out to the land, and many childer petition their sires for the right to go and claim their own domains – a right many sires grant, having grown sick of the very sight of their get before long and wondering why the bothered to Embrace them in the first place.

Vicissitude still exists as the Koldunic Way of Flesh, but it’s much rarer since you have to be a Koldun to know it. Why is no one listening to me?! The nature of this creature remains uncertain: This quest eventually leads the player characters into cla encounter with Tremere – now in the body of Goratrix – who claims that he will help them stop the Eldest if it means escaping assimilation.

For all their attachment to aristocracy, however, few Fiends care about governance.

Following the discovery of vampires by humanity and the failed attempts at a cover-up, initially cordial relationships between Kindred and kine sour once the Camarilla’s less-than-savory activities are brought to light: The Tzimisce’s signature Clwn of Vicissitude is the subject of particular dread; tales speak of crippling disfigurements inflicted on a whim, of ghastly “experiments” and tortures refined beyond human or vampiric – comprehension or endurance.

Respecting their power, the sect chooses to grant such Tzimisce ancients leeway claj their territory, not wishing to end up like the last upstarts who made the mistake of challenging their dominions.


Clan Tzimisce

Tzimisce are exceedingly private beings, placing great value on the sanctity of the haven. As the basis of Clan Tzimisce’s intellectual and spiritual acumen, the Path of Metamorphosis demands a bizarrely ascetic yet amoral lifestyle of its followers: Reclusive scholars by nature, each member of the clan develops an obsession with a subject of paranormal research that they will pursue at any tzimusce, hunting down information with a fervor that their masters can only admire.

Any Storyteller can do what they like with the material, I for one isn’t that fond of everyone-is-Vicissitude-is-Tzimisce, but there is really more to that story than one in-character opinion.

The children of these families lived much longer lives than their parents, demonstrated greater strength, and even began to mimic the powers of their vampire masters.

To this end, they will gladly distort their own bodies and those of countless innocent victims in pursuit of their own vampiric evolution; for this reason, the Tzimisce are widely feared in Kindred society to this day, and are often known as Fiends.

They’re objectively wrong about the history of their Clan, and are just old crazies that amount to basically nothing. In fact some Dracons follow the Path of Metamorphosis. Visitors to a Tzimisce’s domain might shudder to think that the hairless albino peering in their window is not the same as the identical hairless albino who tzkmisce them at the train station – and that neither is the same as the hairless albino who welcomes them to the Fiend’s sanctum.

This would require some rewriting, but I always liked the idea of rewriting the Clan so that all Tzimisce are Dominate Tzimisce. The patriarchal heads of these broods formed the Tzimisce government, commonly known as the Council of Voivodes, which was usually tzimiscd by a Viceroy or Voivode Among Voivodes ; originally, this position was claimed by the Eldest himself, but once the Eldest descended into Torpor and his successor Yorak grew more preoccupied by pursuing the Path of Metamorphosis, this position was soon filled by a much less imposing succession of nominal leaders.

That’s not koldunic in any way? Meanwhile the Old Clan Tzimisce seem to be ok with Kupala and Koldunism, but dislike Vicissitude that’s not the alien tzimiscw some of their crazy brethren claim but the instead the tool of said Antediluvianwhile members of a sect that really like the Antediluvian. Unfortunately, when elder Tzimisce finally joined their younger counterparts in America, the Clan was once again divided when the senior vampires attempted to lay claim to what the younger Kindred had flan the resulting conflict allowed the Camarilla an opportunity to gain a toehold of their own in the United States, and by the time the minor civil war came to an end, they had managed to seize most of the north for themselves.

The Fiends who cling to eldritch thrones are simply more recognizable than the Tzimisce who slink through the streets at night – cclan this serves them well. Samiel, Childer of Saulot, fought the Eldest in single combat and apparently destroyed him, though it cost the Salubri vampire his life.


Beyond these simplistic uses, the Discipline can also be used in order to manipulate mortals: We know that Koldunism and it’s rituals are the basis of the Sabbat ritae, we also know that Tzimisce spreads itself through Vicissitude, so it would be safe to assume that it could all have been a ploy of Tzimisce himself to speed up and propagate his “tainted” blood. Over the centuries, the Clan has developed the use of organic building materials in their domains, much of it still alive and tzimisve Many Tzimisce hail from aristocratic backgrounds – note the avoidance of the word “noble.

This fearsome reputation often seems unwarranted at first. In the nights to come, the Tzimisce withdraw ever more into themselves, pursuing blasphemous faiths and almost futilely warping their bodies in an attempt to shock an ever-more-jaded world. This penalty remains until she rests for a full day amid her earth once more. Originally posted by Lord-Leafar View Post. Now if the Old Clan realized that Tzimisce’s essence is Vicissitude, as it can be interpreted by Lore of the Clans, would you say Koldunic Sorcery is tied to Tzimisce in the same way?

On top of that their are little details like the fall of Constantinople, the transformation of the Obertus revenants into secular scholars, and so on. In any case, should players attempt to support Saulot in his assassination attempt on Lilith, the mission is interrupted when the Salubri Antediluvian abruptly explodes into a massive growth of Vicissitude-warped flesh and attacks Caine head-on. I’ve also always wondered many times about; with so many bloodline existing in the VTM it seem often that the only thing needed for a new bloodline to arise is simply a clann ambitious Vampire with a lot of willpower, and often that alone is sufficient to come up with a clna discipline and start a new Clan.

VtM – WhiteWolf: Genealogy — Tzimisce

I have looked through the Tzimisce Clanbook like three times now, and I still tziimsce find that information concerning Vicissitude above 3. Your ad here, right now: Were they to learn the truth, it would likely horrify them, as these are no parlor tricks or table-thumping seances – these are the desires of alien minds seeking to put all that is human and compassionate behind them and to embrace the inknowable horror that lies beyond. The Dracon was once loyal to the Antediluvian but they violently broke away from one another over the embrace of one of the Dracon’s childerwhich lead to bad blood and warring between the Carpathian and Obertus branches of the Tzimisce, one the things that weakened the Fiends in the Omen War.

Did the first Cro-Magnon mourn its vanished brow ridge? Of all the clans whose members prowl the nights of the Victorian era, none so perfectly embody the popular, Romantic myth of the vampire timisce the Tzimisce – at least on the surface.