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Center Axis Relock (CAR) is a shooting system primarily intended for close quarters battle invented by Paul Castle. The CAR system features a bladed stance. Can Center Axis Relock Make you Faster, Safer and More Accurate? The C.A.R. system of gunfighting. Having only heard of it tonight, and with no practical. Center axis relock is a versatile shooting system which provides a stable a grip on the firearm using the Center Axis Relock (CAR) system.

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The axos of shots was the most significant advantage, rather than accuracy, for me. You smoothly roll the gun up and towards the target. You can also use your elbows to get distance from your attacker. As most self-defense scenarios take place either at short ranges or in confined spaces, the methods he developed for professionals also serve rleock individuals and concealed-carriers.

You can also use your elbows to get distance from your attacker. I rest my case your Honour. Be sure to check out this article from GunsAmerica writer Wayne Lincourt that goes over the fine details of drawing into the CAR system.

Not the only one, but definitely a good one to know if you are LE or Government official. Also, stability is improved when the arms are held closer to the body. From here you can engage targets as normal, using your support hand to pull back on the gun, while using your strong hand to push it forward towards the target.

This stance offers a better chance of moving, shooting and acquiring sights quickly. From the High position of the CAR system, it is much harder for such an assailant to get their hands on the gun in a way that will allow them to take it from you. What its Not Good For? In short, tradition shooting methods which utilize the weaver or the isosceles stances, are not getting the job done.

C.A.R: A Unique Shooting System for Improved Accuracy

This article may not be reprinted or reproduced in whole or in part by mechanical means, photocopying, electronic reproduction, scanning, or any other means without prior written permission. The cant is not as extreme as some gang and gangster cants. Sabre Tactical offers an eLearning course you can take at homewhich is how I learned the technique.


This gives you very poor leverage in the event someone gets their hands on your gun. Your life may depend upon your proper use of it. I know I learned cra lot in my research.

The action in these movies are very cool to watch, the choreograph is well reloci.

Keanu Reeves used a unique shooting system in his recent John Wick movies. In 50 years, I have taken only 4 courses…. Chapter 2 as well. I also like it for contact-distance encounters with a single attacker because it provides good weapon retention and the ability to quickly place multiple shots on target. In an armed encounter, moving off the line between you and your attacker could also help you survive.

Isosceles Stance The CAR system allows for less time between drawing and getting the target in your sights, as well as providing better weapon retention. The gun is held in close inches from the eyes and very near the body. What about when the target is already at contact distance, maybe even inside where your arms would normally be in an isosceles stance?

The support non-gun-holding hand clears clothing or other obstructions while the strong hand brings the pistol up and close to the chest. For shooting and moving, or shooting at the range, a standard isosceles stance is going to be much better, but what about shooting inside a narrow hallway, or from a vehicle? Because you are holding the gun in close, both sights and the target are quicker to access.

There are drawbacks to Center Axis Relock. At this point, your weak-side foot should be at a degree angle to your target, and the barrel of your gun should acr up, level, and pointed at the target. It is used for working within confined spaces, from cover, and while moving. There are rellck many merits behind the system that can be utilized in real world scenarios. The more arrows you have in your quiver, the better.

Trying to evaluate this system from an internet video on something that took Paul Castle 20 years to create and research to perfection just blows my mind.


You cannot judge something like this without trying it out yourself from a certified instructor. The credit goes to Taran Butler, the man who trained Keanu Reeves to tactical shoot that looks impressive in the movie. The strong side of the arm would be extended and the weak hand would have the elbow bent as a support hand. I wondered if it was all Hollywood magic, but I learned he trained over an extended period with Taran Tactical Training and that he shoots 3 Gun-type scenarios often.

Some of the C. We can be found for training at http: His school is state-of-the-art with a curriculum that is constantly changing to incorporate the best tactics.

I have personally seen these IDIOTS out shooting holding their guns sideways and emptying the magazines in rapid fire and never hitting anything!

But when combined with the C. His chief instructor, Steve Hartman, mirrored that opinion saying that CAR only serves a narrow niche.

Can Center Axis Relock Save Your Life?

I strongly disagree with the smaller silhouette argument. From the High position of the CAR system, it is much harder for such an assailant to get their hands on the gun in a way that will allow them to take it from you.

Weaver grip also works kneeling and prone. Otherwise the CAR hold would throw all rdlock my meticulously ingrained body centerline indexing off; and, quite frankly, while I am completely ambidextrous with all hand tools and weapons, I prefer to shoot using the same eye and hand.

And it can be learned with little or no training, and maintained with minimal practice.

The C.A.R. system of gun fighting

The real meaning of the name will make sense after you read about its features below. This stance and with the gun cradled close to the body, bones, and tissues of the upper support arm provide protection and reduce vulnerabilities.

But it may not be for everyone.