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The design calculations of the new rectangular moderator of the KFUPM PGNAA setup have been verified experimentally through prompt gamma ray yield measurement as a function of the front moderator thickness. The calculation of diffusion coefficients in a lattice necessitates the knowledge of a correct method of weighting the free paths of the different constituents. The calculation models used in these scenarios tend to utilize abtiment data regarding exposure times and dose uptake as well as other assumptions as a safeguard against uncertainties.

A total of 67 unique webpages and 73 unique CVD risk calculators were identified. After giving an overview of different possible configurations of magnetic suspensions, the calculation of interactions between permanent magnets was developed.

However, during our experimental tests we found that this is not necessarily the case. An offset to the MLC leaf positions was used to correct for the rudimentary assumed primary point source.

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For criticality safety in the fabrication, storage and transportation of fuel assemblies, subcriticality analysis must be done. Further research is necessary to assess the performance and applicability of the ERSPC risk calculator when a clinical setting is considered rather than a screening setting.

Power plant reliability depends to a large extent on steam generator operation. The primary objective of this investigation is the development of an improved parameterization of the water vapor continuum absorption through the refinement and validation of our existing theoretical formalism. The global validation resulted in a maximum k eff limit of 0.

The first part describes a particular re-summation technique of perturbative series that can give a non-perturbative results in some cases. There are two reasons to use this code. Validation was carried out for three beams: As a part of the validationcore follow calculations have been carried out mainly for typical operational conditions.

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Secondly, calculations were made by each of the methods in order to determine how accurately each method reproduced the experimental values. The basic idea underlying the method is that while in algebra a given algorithm provides a single result r, this same algorithm carried out on a computer provides a mr R of numerical results that are ail representative of the exact algebraic result r.


In this model, the processes are displayed in the single apparatus and coupled to each other in the systemic context. The systematic character of the calculations allows a comparison of the reliability of different materials and a rapid control of the calculations validity ; at last, it brings out the use conditions of all the components of a set.

With just gratuif few known parameters, Quick-Jobs will automatically fill-in and calcjl the rest of the project for you.

L’auteur expose une methode cacul calcul dite ‘d’actualisation des couts’ et donne quelques exemples relatifs aux reacteurs utilisant l’uranium naturel, l’uranium enrichi et le plutonium comme combustible principal. Steel permeability is also considered to be infinite and the coils far from the pole faces.

The limited data for validation of these approaches is discussed and suggestions made as to how better validation information might be obtained.

After the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, however, all the nuclear reactors in Japan suffered from long suspension and irregular operational conditions. This systematic review of public websites from August to November used evaluation of clinical validity based on a high-risk patient profile and assessment of understandability and actionability using Patient Education Material Evaluation Tool for Print Materials.

Validation of dose calculation programmes for recycling. All these proposals are based on predicted scenarios for subsequent utilization of the released materials.

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The primary purpose of the project was to validate some of the computer codes that are used to estimate radiation doses due to the recycling of scrap metal. If you are looking for more advanced features you can upgrade to one or more of the following: In particular SHARP contains high-fidelity single-physics codes Diablo for structural mechanics and Nek for fluid mechanics calculations.

The consistency of measurements confirmed the validity of self-shielding factors. Les calculs conduisent a des integrales hyperelliptiques dont la manipulation n’est possible que par des developpements en serie. To validate the quality of this calculation formalism, we calculated uncertainties as precisely as possible.

Four series of experiments were designed to assess profit associated with actinide-only burnup credit in the criticality safety evaluation for fuel handling, pool storage, and spent-fuel cask conditions.

The problem of validating estimates of absorbed dose due to photon energy deposition is examined. Even if their aim is to correct the cross sections deviation, they introduce a non negligible error in evaluated parameters such as the flux. We present an accurate calculation of the mass spectrum of supersymmetric particles, a calculation of the relic density of supersymmetric black matter, and the constraints that we can infer from models.

This validation study demonstrates that the XSDRNPM computer code accurately calculates the infinite neutron multiplication for water-moderated systems of low enriched uranium, plutonium, and iron. Handbook for the calculation of reactor protections; Formulaire sur le calcul de la protection des reacteurs.


The calculation system uses JEF2. As a feedback of the whole validation process, improvements in terms of nuclear data mainly Hf capture cross-sections and numerical methods advanced quadrature formulas accounting validation results, validation of new self-shielding models, parallelization are suggested to improve even more the APOLLO2-CRONOS2 standard calculation route. The product of this project is a set of benchmark experiment evaluations that are published annually in the International Handbook of Evaluated Criticality Safety Benchmark Experiments.

Development and validation of a nodal code for core calculation. The ATHLET-CD validation analyses included the post-test calculations of 9 bundle tests, and was mainly focussed on the assessment of the improved and new models for core degradation, including the models for oxidation, melt formation and relocation for BWR components, as well as of the modelling of fission products and aerosol transport within the primary circuit taking into account chemical reactions within the module SOPHAEROS.

At the same time, however, it also makes itclear that further research is necessary. The adjustment of these nuclear data in order to reduce these discrepancies id demonstrated. This work has reached the point where the generalization of the procedure can been foreseen within the wider setting of the validation of geomechanical programs. The search for optimum production conditions for a fissured reservoir depends on having a good description of the fissure pattern. Cross terms up to the second order are evaluated.

Almost all safety parameters depend on the accuracy of neutron transport calculation results that, in turn depend on the accuracy of nuclear data libraries. The design of the moderator assembly was obtained using Monte Carlo calculations. Current state of the art radiotherapy planning of prostate cancer utilises magnetic resonance MR for soft tissue delineation and computed tomography CT to provide an electron density map for dose calculation.

This thesis provides a contribution to the validation of recent methods for the calculated modelling of the interaction between a district heating pipeline and the subsoil on the basis of.

The test cases include mathematical benchmark and measurements on operating VVER units. The patient dependent aspect of the MC dose calculation utilizes the multi-leaf collimator MLC leaf sequence file exported from the treatment planning system DICOM output, coupled with the source model, to derive the particle transport.

The concept of allowing reactivity credit for the depleted or burned state of pressurized water reactor fuel in the licensing of spent fuel facilities introduces a new challenge to members of the nuclear criticality community.