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On 11 January the British Empire went to war with the independent kingdom of Zululand. The British anticipated a swift and decisive victory, placing great. British Fortifications in Zululand by Ian Knight, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Author: Ian Knight, Illustrator: Adam Hook About this book: On 11 January the British Empire went to war with the independent kingdom of Zululand.

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The mission station had been built on a ridge of high ground, which fell away to both north and south.

But with most others, where a mere company or two was supposed to guard great quantities of stores dumped in the open veld, it was impossible to man a continuous perimeter thrown up around them.

From this position, a squad of well-trained riflemen eqUipped with modern weapons could have rendered the British position untenable within minutes.

A small stone outpost had been constructed near the ruins of Chief Sihayo’s homestead to protect parties working on the road, but this was in no sense a permanent structure. Historical Dictionary of the Zulu Wars.

Defense of the Rhine Steven J. Three 7-pdr guns were placed at three of the angles.

Anglo-Zulu War – Wikipedia

When it whereabouts were discovered by patrols from the camp at about noon on the 22nd, it advanced rapidly to the attack. This was made from stone, which could be collected in abundance from the Shiyane terraces, and followed broadly Chard’s old defensive lines. Usibepu, having created a fortificationa force of well-armed and trained warriors, and being left in independence on the borders fkrtifications Cetshwayo’s territory, viewed with displeasure the re-installation of his former king, and Cetshwayo was desirous of humbling his relative.

He planned to attack them on 24 January, but on learning of the disaster at Isandlwana, he decided to withdraw back to the Kraal. Only in one case in Zululand, that of Fort Crealock, was a proper bastion a fprtifications projection with its base at the angle of the main works constructed. King Cetshwayo is captured. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

British Fieldworks of the Zulu Campaign of 1879, with Special Reference to Fort Eshowe

The rear face was composed of two companies of the 94th Regiment, two companies of the 2nd Battalion of the 21st Regiment Royal Scots Fusiliers. I Column receives news of Isandlwana. The fort’s commanding position relative to the river is obvious. Attack on the 80th Regimental convoy at Ntombe River. He was finally captured on 28 August by soldiers under Wolseley’s command at a kraal in the middle of the Ngome forest. Pearson’s column had begun the war with no longrange signalling equipment, however, and although the garrisons at forts Pearson and Tenedos in fact remained ecure, they had no means to contact Pearson, nor he them.


Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life also fortificwtions the war in a comedic sketch in which men in tiger suits steal a British soldier’s leg.

Chelmsford’s decision not to set up the British camp defensively, contrary to established doctrine, and ignoring information that the Zulus were close at hand were decisions that the British were soon to regret. BPP Zuuland of C. Get to Know Us.

Smaller civilian laagers were constructed in or close to the Villages along the length of the border throughout the la t months oftheir precise size and shape dictated by the location and by the number of families they were expected to protect.

These were intended to prevent any enemy fire that passed over the outer walls from raking the interior, or striking the backs of the men defending the ramparts on the far side.

In areas where the ground was hard and stony, making digging difficult – which included much of the inland regions of Zululand – it was often sufficient to construct a stout stone wall. Dingane was assassinated and Mpande became king of the Zulu empire. It was a general feature of temporary redoubts, as opposed to the complexes of permanent works that might be erected to fortify, say, the French city of Paris, that the ditch was too close to the parapet to be commanded from it They were made up of both veterans and novices with varying degrees of confidence.

To warn the garri on the word ‘torpedo’ wa painted on a ign fortificatilns to the tak. These entanglements were not made of barbed wire, as they might have been a generation later, but were constructed by driving lines of wooden stakes in the ground, and stringing wire Zig-zag between hem.


He had already b gun a work to surround the existing mission buildings, but instead of a small garrison on the line of communication, it would now have to proVide shelter fortificqtions some 1, men indefinitely.

There were a number of casualties within the square to Zulu marksmen, but the British firing did not waver ffortifications no warrior was able to get within 30 yards of the British ranks. Laband, John; Knight, Ian The rest suffered terribly from close-range zululanv fire and from the guns, which had turned to face them, and retired back down into the shelter of the valley.

By day, the greatest enemy was boredom, and Pearson worked hard to prOVide duties to keep the men occupied. TOP RIGHT 40 which Chard could not afford to sustain, and at about 6 pm he gave the order to abandon the yard and retire to the area in front of the storehouse.

The Fortress of Rhodes Konstantin S. Wood’s Left Flank olumn established their first camp in Zululand in January overlooking the White Mfolozi River within sight of a distinctive hill known as Thinta’s Kop. With yet more reinforcements arriving, soon to total 16, British and 7, Native troops, Chelmsford reorganised his forces and again advanced into Zululand in June, this time with extreme caution building fortified camps all along the way to prevent any repeat of Isandlwana.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Although the king did not accompany the army in person, he nonetheless gave his commanders specific instructions that reveal the extent to which the army’s impotence in the face of fortifications had already entered the Zulu psyche.

I Column begins advance on Eshowe. The strength of the entire invasion force is given as a total of 16, for the five columns: Main – they built an earthwork which they called Fort Pearson, after their commanding officer. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Chelmsford was ordered by Her Majesty’s Government to ” The Battle of Gingindlovu.