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This is the Instruction manual for the Argos Product Braun Series 7 cc-4 Electric Shaver (/) in PDF format. Product support is also available. Series 7. cc intensive sensitive Type Modèle Modelo Read all instructions before using this appliance. Series 7. cc-4 trimmer. Series 7. Type Modèle Modelo Read all instructions before using this appliance.

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It captures and cuts more hair in every stroke for more efficiency and comfortability.

After charging the 3. Braun PocketGo P50 Type Most people will understand an electric shaver is not just about the shaving experience.

December 28, 6 Comments. You have to press the small round button to start the shaver.

The Braun Series brxun cc electric shaver is the most popular and one of the best electric shavers in the market. It is asking you to pay a premium. How durable is this machine?

Braun cc Series 7 User Manual | pages

Their Shaver System is a popular choice for consumers. Braun PocketGo P40 Type Braun has gone all out when it comes to the silver Braun Series 7 cc Not only the areas but also that may require a couple of additional passes are right below the jawline or the neck.


Braun PocketGo P70 Type As a whole, Braun has hit a home run when it comes to the Clean and Charge station. When reviewing the Braun 7 series, it is important to understand this is a line of electric shavers rather than a standalone product.

Braun CC user manual. Does it have the quality one would want from an option such as this?

Braun SERIES 7 790CC-4 Manuals

I also have Series 7 cc. We liked the fact that it is so hard to shell case. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. With decreasing charge the segments gradually disappear. It is quick, comfortable, and amazingly close shaving shaver.

Braun 790CC Electric Shaver User Manual

It is still one of the highest rated electric shavers on the marked since Braun Silk-epil Xelle user manual. The cc manages to perform better than most other shavers by using the combo of micropulsations, specially designed middle trimmer and foil. Braun Braun Electric Shaver Braun PocketGo Type There janual no button located on the back of the shaver.


This is a modern electric shaver that fits your needs and wants to a tee. First, open the travel pouch then beaun the shiny shaver. It also included a cleaning solution cartridge in the box.

The handle is covered by full-length black rubber as you can grip the shaver more securely even if your hand is slippy. Your email address will not be published.

Braun Service United States of America User manuals series 7

Braun CruZer2 user manual. The user manual is not as in-depth as it should be. The price difference is present as well with the Braun Series 7 cc-6 as it comes in at a lesser rate.