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Book of Proof. (5 reviews). Richard Hammack, Virginia Commonwealth University . Pub Date: ISBN Publisher: Independent. Book of Proof has ratings and 11 reviews. David said: Playing with Numbers22 June – Sydney Well, what do you know, a university textbook that. This free book is an introduction to the language and standard proof methods of mathematics. – free book at

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New terms are always carefully defined, and a number of useful diagrams throughout the text add to the clarity of the explanations. This is an excellent book if you want to know how to read and understand proofs or how to derive proofs yourself. Here the primary goal is to understand mathematical structures, to prove mathematical statements, and even to invent or discover new mathematical hammac and theories.

I am deviating a bit this semester from the given order, but the book makes this easily doable, and it is still well organized even with the order mixed up a bit. In fact since when did idiots actually follow any structural form in their arguments, except for attempting to shut you down through the use of some fallacy, and then proceed to employ that fallacy in their own arguments.

May 28, Ramesh marked it as to-read. This book is excellent for an introduction to mathematics proofs course.

Book of Proof by Richard Hammack – Download link

Students, who were expected to read considerable sections of the text before coming to class also reported that the text was very good and they liked pf the price was right! The definitions, theorems, and examples given, as well as the notation used, are good, standard, and well presented. One of my favorite diagrams is the one used to explain how mathematical induction works. Social likes Nothing yet Comments I really enjoy this book and love that it is free for my students.


The fundamentals of set theory, logic, and counting hanmack are covered in chapter I. I will be incorporating these sections in my future courses due to the elegant way the author has handled these techniques.

But how do we know it is true? The online interface is a plain pdf that appears just as you would expect from the hardcopy. The book in numbers Reload data. We will not need to prepare students with introductions to other proof techniques except perhaps proof by computer? Dienekes rated it it hammak amazing Sep 04, One way to improve diagrams and figures would be to label all of them, to make them easier to refer to. Boook your search keywords.

Then again, if Cantor had read his history, he would have known all about this because everything somebody attempting to break the mold and introduce something a little different, there would be a huge reaction.

The examples used are from mathematics and largely devoid of references to any particular culture or background. Open Preview See a Problem? Hammack’s website, but I bought the physical copy.

From the complete beginner as in my case, I oroof had highschool algebra with some non-rigorously, self-taught compsci to the m This is an prolf book if you want to know how to read and understand proofs or how to derive proofs yourself.

This will prepare you for advanced mathematics courses, for you will be better able to understand proofs, write your own proofs and think critically and inquisitively about mathematics. It’s a great book. The book is quite clear in explaining the various topics covered, particularly when it comes to set theory and basic proof techniques.

Feb 06, David Molnar rated it it was amazing.

Each chapter further has a number of sections typically which make it easy to follow the book’s progression and to find relevant topics. This text has been used in classes at: Amazon Amazon 2nd edition Related Book Categories: I would love for hyperlinks to be added, so that you could click on the table of contents to get to chapters for example.


The interface was fine. Hammacks’s Book of Proof is a wonderful introduction to the world of upper division mathematics. About the Book This is a book about how to prove theorems.

For more information about the cookies policy and uses click here. I see no reason not to at least add it as a supplemental text – not just in the “transitions” course, but for other courses where students will be struggling with the same issues, eg.

In the second group the proofs will be selected mainly for their charm. Comments I have taught using this textbook in an introduction-to-proofs course over four semesters, and I am in general very satisfied with it.

Book of Proof by Richard Hammack

It was a PDF version of a proof textbook. And, it’s open source, which means it is not only free the author’s website is a google away but ridhard remixable – meaning, you are free to create and distribute your tichard version of the text under a creative commons license http: Well, not so with this book, or at least the digital download editionso well played.

The Creative Commons License allows you to freely use or share the book’s PDF, in full hammaci in part, provided you acknowledge it as the Author’s work.

You have learned to solve equations, compute derivatives and integrals, multiply matrices and find determinants; and you have seen how these things can answer practical questions about the real world. This book is by far one of the best, if not, the best introduction to mathematical reasoning.