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Black Spring. By Alison Croggon. A fantasy reworking of Wuthering Heights which interweaves wizard lore and vendetta with Emily Bronte’s. Inspired by the gothic classic Wuthering Heights, this stunning new fantasy from the author of the Books of Pellinor is a fiercely romantic tale of betrayal. Black Spring. author: Alison Croggon. In a savage land sustained by wizardry and ruled by vendetta, Lina is the enchanting but willful daughter of a village lord.

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It’s going to be awesome, I’m telling you right now. Only with a slight magic aspect. With the exception of Anna, and her mother, most of the characters are downright awful yet I found myself completely drawn into their world and wanting to know more about them and try to understand them.

How could he love her as much as he claimed if he did nothing when she was at her most vulnerable? It’s all the things you want in a retelling of Wuthering Heights: Heathcliff’s revenge was rarely about physical violence, it was about control.

I wanted to wring Lina’s spoiled little neck half the time, but allison story itself was quite good–and would Read more: Please try again later. So knowing this was a retelling of Wuthering Heights, I was skeptical going in, but it might be good, blak know, if the author decides to do something with it. I remember the boundless feeling of freedom: That aside; the first few chapters of this book didn’t interest me at all. A magic aspect, I might add, that added absolutely nothing.


Book Review : Black Spring by Alison Croggon. – Juniper’s Jungle

The Wizard Ezra, the main antagonist, personifies everything that’s terrifying and repressive about a state and a society predicated on exploiting women and the common folk to cement ruling-class and capitalist power. Simply rehashing what the original author did is absurd, because how are you going to measure up to Emily Bronte? What was the point of Lina being a witch, or there being wizards that wanted to kill her?

Why aren’t I doing that?

An almost, Shakespearean style crlggon, that can only wlison be tragic, emerges. I picked up Black Spring, knowing absolutely nothing about it other than it was by an Aussie author and had a vaguely interesting premise about a girl born with ‘witch eyes’. Croggon succeeded at writing a beautifully dark tale of a young couple trapped in a harsh society with no place for either them, doomed by their passionate and rebellious natures.

Black Spring

It sounds a bit complicated when I attempt to describe it here, but the author does an outstanding job of weaving these details into the plot.

While Anna spoke of her childhood and adult life a lot of questions were raised.

What killed it was that she tried to stick too closely to Bronte, and didn’t allow enough of herself to shine through. This one, of all the ones, could have cut the framing device of Lockwood or even the next generation breaking the cycle which doesn’t happen.


Still, this book sounds intriguing! The more you read, the more you have conflicting thoughts. The murderer must pay in two ways: It’s not as modernized as Sharon Cameron’s.


So supplanted between the reimagining of scenes you feel comfortable in and then it flushes in information that frankly seems like it belongs in another book.

Lina Cathy is just a violent brat because she’s a witch, Damek Heathcliff is alieon quiet and tolerant until he isn’t anymore. I made a note in the book that this vendetta was worse than anything Shirley Jackson wrote in her stories! Is Lina tormenting from the grave? Write your own review First name: While I can see that some younger readers could find it difficult or cumbersome, I thought it was beautiful and showed a real mastery of Victorian style.

Blog: The Story of my Book: Black Spring by Alison Croggon ·

I loved the way it was written especially the way the eerie atmosphere was portrayed. The Wizard Ezra, he is one powerful dude you do not want to mess with. For those who take their romance tumultuous and doomed. Email required Will not be published Blafk website.

Also, a wizard or two. I did not like the original Wuthering Heights.

But even without that statement, I can see it. Twitter Instagram Pinterest Email Flickr. A single Vendetta can go on for years and years, even a century!