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Schools 14 – 19 Becta SRF and ICT Mark. Eastern Primary School. Incline Row, Port Talbot, SA13 1TT, ,. [email protected] The school. The Self-review Framework (SRF) provides a structure for reviewing your school’s use of technology and its impact on school improvement. It is designed to help. “During my time as an ICT advisory teacher Becta was a wonderful source .. The SRF is just one excellent example of a useful tool for schools.

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Becta: Does it deserve to die?

Very happy to see the back of Badman – his report on EHE was a shambles of lack of sound evidence and the political conniving was dreadful – the words of a Select Committee member into that legislation Prof.

I had the privilege of working with some people from becta on one project, and one thing I know for a fact is that they were open to ideas from people in education as well as industry who knew what they brcta talking about, in terms of technology for schools.

Those kids that really are interested will tend to study the subject at A level and then at Uni, which is how it should be. It all goes on train tickets, assistants, taxis, lunches and not to mention pensions.

srt If you compare the UIs of older versions of say Word there have been massive changes in both structure and behaviour, as well as in the layout of the interface. There are too many many people posting on here who have no idea how IT or indeed ICT works in schools. Purchase, deploy and review appropriate ICT resources that reflect your school improvement strategy.


The teaching of ICT as a subject and the software tools used for this. We all have jobs and families.

Becta Schools – Self-review framework – Case studies

The coalition have clearly demonstrated that they can’t see that IT can actually increase efficiency it appears high on every “Cut” list. So, as of today, this It is one of the major fundamentals in developing apps for Windows. These are brand new aspects covering new subject areas. It did some good work, but at far too much expense. Given the huge amounts of public funds that have been going into schools and colleges for ICT, wouldn’t it be useful to know how effective it is?

Funny, that sounded a bit like something you’d find in a Tory manifesto, so I guess they can’t be all bad. MS are very good with their educational licenses. This is another one of those “DIY government” ideas from the new administration. Let’s have 3G first Skype on the move: It’s a false economy to say MS education licenses are cheaper.

I’d bung poor people a laptop and let them get on with it.

Where is the data I previously submitted? And now Becta is going. There are srg very distinct facets to ICT in schools: From a government integrity perspective, opensource provides a non-partisan, generic base, to use, outside of commercial considerations, or accusations of favoritism.

With Microsoft apps it goes beyond the visual and the “look and feel” and permeates through the entire application.


Home About this framework. ICT really has become or will become the fourth service into schools but unlike electricity, water and bbecta the “how” of ICT brings with a whole cultural stepchange – a whole new set of literacies that pupils will need for the coming century.

All this in a public sector which has been demanding year-on-year pay rises when the private sector has been cutting back. I am, however, reminded both that “throwing the baby out” is a risky business and that “bath srd is an increasingly useful and valueable commodity that needs, at the very least, to be recycled and re-used. We have had two consecutive oustanding Ofsteds.

BBC – : Becta: Does it deserve to die?

The demise of Becta is systematic of that lack of clarity. It’s cutting off the technological lifeblood of communities.

The upshot of this is that kids that are interested in computing are bored, those that aren’t interested in computing becya bored anyway and good IT teachers leave for industry jobs because they are fed up with teaching secretarial skills rather than the subject they enjoy.

Many contributors have expressed the view that the products developed by Becta should be made available to the community.