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Beatrice and Virgil, by Yann Martel. Don’t be fooled by these talking animals – the author of ‘Life of Pi’ is up to some cruel literary tricks. “Those spell-bound by Man Booker prize-winning Life of Pi will find much to love in Yann Martel’s new work of fiction In Beatrice and Virgil, Martel again. Beatrice and Virgil: A Novel [Yann Martel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fate takes many forms When Henry receives a letter from.

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That man is as he is, is no less clear. It seemed preposterous and I shuffled it to the bottom of my to-be-read pile.

Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel | : Books

I just found out that you cannot give “zero stars”. Certainly did not move me the way one might want a book even tangentially related to the Holocaust to do. What I will say about this book is that it is like a good poem, and I think that is the po This book snuck up on me. It is communicating a feeling about something anyone who was not there can never truly know.

One day, Henry receives an envelope from someone who has read his book – it’s not unusual as fan mail for his first novel continues to arrive years after the book’s release. Beckett’s deceptively simple dialog in Waiting for Godot bu, Shakespeare’s complexities in HamletProust’s sensual descriptions in Swann’s Way are all reflected, refracted through Martel’s lens.

By the end, when the fog lifted from the story, I was sobbing. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. His first book was about animals, likewise with Henry. Quotes from Beatrice and Virgil.


I am afraid that Martel strikes out big on that one. In Beatrice And Virgil, Martel has written about genocide, the Holocaust, cruelty, marriage, life, death, Flaubert, talking animals, and the interpretation of art. You’ll never see me reading them. As you may tell from my statements, I was horribly disappointed with this book.

Beatrice and Virgil

Yann Martel Hay festival features. I will just go ahead and describe how I felt after reading this book, whether it’s what Martel intended or not. The symbolism in the book is too loud and too abundant to make any real sense of. But the terse, oblique, removed and socially awkward taxidermist is afraid that Henry will steal hy material So, a monkey and a donkey.

Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel

A surprise twist at the end that makes you rethink everything you had read up to that point? Their entire situation is an allegory for something else, and yet even if it weren’t, it’s still highly relevant. There is a spot of Proust in there. Martel seems to be both trying to excuse not having published, as well as rationalize why he’s writing about the subject he’s writing about he sets it up to be a surprise, but it’s obvious from pretty early on.

Nothing I can say can even begin to describe how much I am in awe of Mr.

With all the spirit and originality that made Life of Pi so beloved, this brilliant new novel takes the reader on a haunting odyssey. I loved Life of Pi, so I read it. I can’t say that I enjoyed this story, but in some ways I felt it.

There is a certain light mockery of Henry throughout, so perhaps some of this is intended ironically. What really irritated me were the cards at the end with the “profound” questions on them.


Beatrice and Virgil – Wikipedia

It tore up my insides and made me bleed. This usually pays off, and it did here too.

This audacious novel manages to be all of these. There are characters within a story within the book, but they’re not what the book is about. Henry is our hero, obviously a self-portrait of Mr. It causes the reader to contemplate serious ideas, and to think. I had pre-purchased 2 copies: It’s confusing, but in a good way.

In college, my postmodern lit class with Samuel Smith was my favorite lit course because it gave me the framework to talk about all the things I love — metanarrative, self-referentiality, deconstruction. He and his wife move from Canada to an unnamed great city of the world, and Henry gets a job in a chocolate shop and takes up hobbies in community theater and music.

The taxidermist sends Henry part of a play he is writing and the two spend time together going through the taxidermist’s writing and his craft. It’s hard to review this book. But for me, if I let my gut feeling speak: By this hann, Martel has long since lost his footing. Oct 18, Cameron rated it did not like it.