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Bahra Cables Company was established in to serve Saudi & GCC Markets. . This Catalogue is intended for Medium Voltage Power Cables, Aluminum. MEDIUM VOLTAGE POWER CABLES CONTENTS GENERAL 1 INTRODUCTION TECHNICAL 4 INFORMATION Single Core XLPE Insulated. TECHNICAL INFORMATION COPPER CONDUCTOR | STEEL TAPE ARMOURED | /15 ()kV Size mm2 25 35 50 70 95

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Bahra Cables Medium Voltage Catalogue

Voltage between phases conductors 2. A recommended minimum bending radius is included in Table 2; the cable jacket may be damaged if the cable is bended in diameters less than these values.

Such tape s will bind the cores together and prevent them from opening out,acts as a separator between different polymers used in a cable and works as a heatbarrier between the cores and the extruded bedding. When testing is required after cables have been in service,regardless of service cataloggue, Bahra Cables Company- Technology Department should beconsulted for the appropriate test conditions, which depend on the individual circumstances.

Please contact the Technology Department for any query. Secure drums adequately before transportation. View in Fullscreen Report. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Each core conductor is insulated by cabbles cross-linked low density polyethylene GP 8 conforming to BS Medium Voltage updated LowRes. Required length of cables drum schedules A non-hygroscopic polypropylene filler is applied between laid up cores to providea circular shape to the cstalogue.


Such cooperation in knowhow is invested to provide our customer with the best service and support.

Bahra Cables – Products Catalog with Cable Finder

In particular, dangers may arise during the removal of steel binding straps andduring the removal of retaining battens and timbers which may expose projecting nails. This layer, which has a very smooth surface, is a transition form the insulatingmaterial where the electric field exists to a conductive metallic screen, where the electricfield is zero, so it will reduce the stress enhancement at the insulation layer. Our state of art testing equipments and the strict quality procedures ensure the product quality and integrity so we can guarantee that our cables are defect free and suitable for the intended application through the cable service lifetime.

No breakdown should occur. The test should be made between conductors and between eachconductor and armour. To facilitate the selection of the cable, systems are divided into three categories as follows. Physical Damage during operations. Insulated conductor diameter mmd: In special environments, the appropriate regulations and codes of practice should beobserved.

Create your own flipbook. High Performance of the product and service through cooperation between experienced staff from Germany and local experts who are aware of the local market requirements and the highest international standards of cables manufacturing.

The total duration of earth faults in any year should not exceed h. If the cable is not suitable for wet applications and the underground water engrossed inside it,replacing the defected section from joint to joint is the recommend solution. Load current A R: Fire or excessive temperature at the cables location. Diameter over insulation mm d: The cables have to be selected and installed as per the recommendation mentioned below. Voltage between phase and earth VC: Flat Touching A Formation Approx.


Insulation failure, the defected section is recommended to be replacedthe replacement should be from joint to joint. When the end caps have been removed theunprotected ends of the cable should not be exposed to any kind of moisture.

System Short Circuit required. A A 2- Laid in free air both end bonded Trefoil Formation Approx.

Bahra Cables Medium Voltage Catalogue

cab,es A 2- Laid in free air both end bonded 0. The basis of the standard conditions is the climate conditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are: The built-up area, including offices and plant, of start up phase is more than 62,sqm. Flat Touching Formation Approx. Cables are often supplied in heavy cable reels and handling these reels can constitutea safety hazard.

A 2- Laid in free air both end bonded A Trefoil Formation Approx. Metallic screen type copper tape or copper wire and area copper wire screen 4.

Product quality complying with the local and international standards 2.