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Direct feeding damage on leaves and removal of plant sap reduces plant vigour. Feeding often causes depressions, discoloration and distortion of leaves. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society; Badawi, A. & Al-Ahmed, A.M. ( ) The population dynamics of the oriental scale insect, {Aonidiella orientalis} . Scale insects were observed in neem trees (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) planted in Shambatarea near the bank of the Nile in Khartoum State.

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Hayat listed a number of other parasitoids known to attack A. This is a scale insecta tiny insect which is most easily identified by the female, which attaches itself to a host plant, loses its legs, and remains stationary covered by a somewhat rounded scale-like shield of wax. Aspidiotus osbechiae Leonardi, NHM, ; Elwan, Elder RJ; Smith D, The greatest economic impact attributed to A. Cultural Control The pruning of lower stalks and water management can be useful in controlling A.

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Removal of infested twigs, branches, and shoots. Reproduction was most frequently viviparous, but oviparous and ovoviviparous reproduction were also observed Khalaf and Sokhansanj, ; Farid, Phytosanitary risk Aonidiella aonideilla is of quarantine importance because it feeds on a wide variety of hosts and can be transported on infested plant material by man.

Australia, Israel – Encarsia citrinaattacking: Diaspididae on Carica papaya L. However, members of Chrysomphalus lack sclerotization of the prosoma and have a paraphysis between the second and third lobes on either side, that is usually longer than a nearby lobe. Khalaf and Sokhansanj,found that reproduction was most frequently viviparous, but oviparous and ovoviviparous reproduction have been observed also Orientaljs, Female wingspot color Odonata.


It has been accidentally distributed worldwide on host plants and also oreintalis in greenhouses in temperate areas. Cultural Control The pruning of lower stalks and water management can be useful in controlling A.

Like most websites we use cookies. However, it is similar to A. They are regularly intercepted at plant quarantine inspection centres. Oriental scale can be an economic pest of crops from diverse sonidiella, including species of Citrus and Ficusmango, papaya, bananas and other fruits; tea Camellia sinensis ; and palm trees, including coconut and arecanut Areca catechu.

Rajagopal D; Krishnamoorthy A, Plates lateral to third lobes not fringed, each with a long fleshy process present at mesal angle. Indian Lac Research Institute Bulletin, When the insects feed on the fruits they are discolored and warped, reducing their value oriejtalis the market.

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Coccinellid beetles and lacewings are frequent predators of A. Close Find out more. Female abdomen size Odonata mm. It is known commonly as the Oriental yellow scale. Rajagopal and Krishnamoorthy indicated the potential of the parasite Comperiella bifasciata and the predator Chilocorus nigrita as biological control agents. Crawlers can walk up to perhaps 1 m, but can be distributed across much greater aondiiella by wind, flying insects and birds and transport of infested plant material by man.


Detection and Inspection Top of page Look for circular, flat, pale-yellow to reddish-brown scales on leaves, but sometimes on branches, trunks, shoots and fruits of host plants. Mass rearing of Aonidiella orientalis Newstead Hemiptera: Male thorax color Odonata. In India and Indonesia, A. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Male face color Odonata. Australian Journal aonidiellla Entomology First report of the infestation aonkdiella Azadirachta indica A. Damaging infestations on neem in West Africa are associated with aonkdiella stress Boa, Juss by Aonidiella orientalis Newstead Hemiptera: Journal of Arid Environments 40 2 — Florida armored scale insects.

Aonidiella orientalis – Wikipedia

Risk of Introduction Top of page Diaspididae are generally of quarantine importance, as they are primarily spread on plant stock through human activity. The adult female is less strongly reniform than typical for its genus, with aoniviella developed prosomatic lobes McKenzie, In Saudi Arabia, populations were lowest in summer, probably aonifiella to high temperatures Badawi and Al-Ahmed, The males have additional prepupal and pupal moults before attaining a winged adult stage.

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It caused problems for the first time on papaya duringand is now the most important pest on papaya in northern Queensland Elder et al.