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I have an anilam that quit working. Will the drive motors from the anilam work with a mach 3 system. And where does a person find a. Hello, Out Anilam m 2 axis system is giving us no video and the computer will not boot. Does anyone know how to repair the system?. Anilam is the company that makes the control. I run a Sharp knee mill with a Aniliam M control. I’m not familiar with the M or sure what.

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This places the meter in. Go back over to the computer and check what style motion board you have! Highlight D and press the Enter key.

The next suggestion is sometimes depending on how many programs you have stored in the flash memory area you should lower the Buffer size.

Please recheck wire connections for the limit switches. It is only a problem with the computer, the servos, drives, power supply, and everything else is fine. Select Diagnostics from the menu. Signal gain not set properly.

Series trouble shooting guide

Select Machine Axis and press the Enter key. If it does say test passed then reconnect the cable to the com 2 port and remove it from the Distribution board. This is ailam you know what the default rapid speed is set for. Press F10 key and energize the drives then press the green start button.

While I was writing this, I annilam another request for info from Jerry. If any of the voltages are wrong please order part from Anilam or from your local Distributor. Look on this board there are some potentiometers located on the front edge of the board. The above part numbers beginning with are the part numbers you want to order.


Meanwhile, I have a Bridgeport CNC mill, which is converted from Boss 5 to a parallel port black box and three steppers uses Mach 3 so I have some idea of what’s involved.

Please contact the Distributor who sold the system to you to find out how to balance this particular board. If all of these are on but the servo still will not energize please check the voltage from the PC board connections TB and TB for VAC after you press the reset button. Put the circuit board retainer back on. If the answer is yes please check the amperage draw on that motor. Note the amperage throughout the travel. Replace with a 1 amp slo-blo fuse.

Turn on the main disconnect switch. Frankly, my biggets surprise is there’s no retrofit specific section unless this is it. Rerun your program that you originally found you were loosing zero with.

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Anilam M Programming Manual CNC Three Axis pdf – CNC Manual

Is the fault light on? 110m am wondering if you know what the approx price to have the system overhualed is? Using your arrow key highlight Motion and push the Enter key. Now that you know what the default rapid speeds are exit from this menu by pressing the F10 key multiple times until you exit to the main menu. John Here’s the Anilam web site Theres no mention of the M control so you might want to ask qnilam if they still support it.

After adding the file size of the.


Anilam 1100M Programming Manual CNC Three Axis

Repeat this for the next axis to be checked. If there are any questions about location of this cable refer back to Chapter 1 for the print of the distribution board. Please refer to this manual. Repeat step 3 to verify if the problem moved.

Avoid touching the electrical components or the edge connectors. Press the F8 key Display 3 times in a row. The drive card is not setup properly. Chapter 8 Common Error Messages 1.

Press the F8 key 3 times in a row. No counting on the specified axis.

Reboot the computer and check the messages. Take this board to the machine and do the following test. The following drawing describes the servo turn on circuit. If you’re not ready for CAM programming you can do most everything if you learn the machines geometry calculator.

The following are some reasons that the system would display this warning message. Please take note as to what this code is. You will however shut down the servo when this message and problem occurs. Is the voltage still OK? Getting that running required finding the right format commands. Turn off the VAC power and open the computer cabinet. On the cable there is a single red line on the edge of the cable. The next possible problem could be a bad connection, from the computer com 2 1100k to the distribution board.