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This classic work remains the benchmark in tape reading and price and volume analysis in speculation. Historically one of the best selling titles on this topic, Tape Reading is a testament to the real genius of Neill and his grasp of human nature. A true pioneer in contrarian thinking, Neill is steadfast in his advice to break away from the unknowing and invariably unsuccessful public: When everyone thinks alike, watch out.

He insists that the successful trader is an educated entrepreneur one who can make reasoned decisions based on the movements of price and volume. For Neill, only proper and continuous study equals success. In today’s technologically complex trading environment, Neill s simple advice still rings true: Mechanical forecasting will never take the place of intelligent judgment.

Neill made a statement to his generation and to all that have followed: Leia mais Leia menos. Studies in Tape Reading. Operando com trading systems na Bolsa de Valores: Fale com a Editora! Detalhes do produto Capa comum: Seja o primeiro a avaliar este item Lista de mais vendidos da Amazon: Os axiomas de Zurique.

Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. The author begins with a description of the tape and how to read it.

Since the ticker tape of is an anachronistic curiousity I found this interesting but nothing more as they are no longer used in this day of computers and level2. Having shown how to read “the tape” he begins chapter 3 with the following, and I quote ” Tape action depends upon a consideration of the action of the volume. It is not price action, but volume –the amount of money, the supply and the demand –which best tells the story.

He then goes on to lay out the general principles of reading volume on which the rest of the book is based. Increasing volume during an advance, with the intervening setbacks on light volume. Increased volume at the top of a rally A “tired” or struggling, advance, when stocks creep upward on light volume lucranco “die” at the top. Folks, this is very basic volume analysis that anybody can figure out if they stare at the volume bars on a chart long enough.

Or if you still don’t get it, the information can be found in numerous places on the internet. This guy obviously didn’t ks it as at the end of the chapter he says, referring to the crash of “it was a difficult period; and I admit that twice I “felt for the bottom” with orders, only to tuabres soon that I had misjudged the action.

If you’re not familiar with this scenario then this book is for you! In this particular downturn he goes on to say, “but this time I found it necessary to turn almost wholly to the human side of o market for a clue.

We all know that the public is usually wrong. Not being able to tell from the tape weather the end of that particular period of declining prices had come, Cm visited several brokerage offices and talked with managers. The book is filled with blow by blow descriptions of market action like the following Soon, another large order of 2, shares comm sold at 65, followed by several more good sized trades around this same price. The day was marked by the evident danger from sellers whenever the 65 level was approached” I’m sorry, but descriptions like this make my eyes glaze over.


I’ve got to admit I didn’t quite finish the book. I just couldn’t go on. However, on the bright side, if you are a complete and utter novice to stock trading or a shill for BN Lucranfo you may enjoy this book.

Tape Reading & Market Tactics – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

In learning about trading for ulcrando toward retirement, I have been studying the markets a bunch for just under ten years. While I still have a long way to go, this book, along with tjbares I have been studying, has been a valuable addition to my trading education library. While the original manuscript was written long ago, and it does contain some surprising insights into the stock market crash of and its causes and effects, the things it teaches about tape reading a reviving art since ‘the pit’ in effect no longer exists as well as how more professional and institutional investors act in the market one can watch for beneficially is to my mind very worthwhile.

This book, like many of the classic books that cover important tbares to learn when becoming a real trader such as market profile, auction theory, volume studies and others – reminds us of the simplicity and psychology necessary for a strong foundation with which one can apply the sophisticated digital and analysis tools available to us today for more success in profit seeking.

One of the interesting aspects I was able to discover, and like most hubares the investing books I have read, I will reread it a few times to really get it so as to apply it effectively, was the insights into the ways that an average investor can be duped to interpret the market erroneously by more cunning investors.

Avoiding these things is invaluable. Also like other classics in this topic, it stresses objectivity and a cool hand and head when it comes to finding when and why you are going to get in and get out of a trade with simplicity and risk you can withstand. I recommend it for new investors who want to learn the ways of old money methods good and bad that are still around and utilized today, so you can add your technical sophistication currently available with respect to reading the tape, even though that comes in digital form today because the story the tape tells is a reliable guide to profiting and is as viable today as it was at the time it was written.

I will also say that there ought to be a review done by the publishing house editors for putting contemporary language filters into one particular area of the manuscript that can be interpreted as offensive to the point of racism which reflects the ‘take the old set type and put on a new cover and republish’ mentality of the traditional publishing industry.

John C Maxwell – Correndo com os – PDF Free Download

The book lucranod contain the one word that many, many people will find offensive, and worse, contextualizes it in a deeper negative context, simply because the publisher didn’t give it a read through from the modern editorial perspective of cultural sensitivity because they were perhaps in too much of a rush to simply get it back into print to make more money, and didn’t care that one particular phrase preserved in the original text.


This specific language, while reflective of a more ignorant era in American History the time the book was originally written and published in was still included and let it back out into the world most likely, knowing the publishing industry like I do, because it would have cost money, taken time and well, that is not what a publisher will mostly do if they can help it oss all.

That one thing being a drawback from a cultural sensitivity point of view, prevented me from giving this book five stars.

While the manuscript had not been re-interpreted in a more sensitive cultural context reflecting more modern human values, it does not strictly detract from the benefits of the financial wisdom the book imparts. For those reasons, I recommend the book. However, if you are culturally offended by even the use of a very polarizing word in America today, do not be surprised of your reaction when you get to one specific passage. Bear in mind the publisher’s editorial neglect in slap-dash for cash publishing practice that is centuries old and reflects the worst of literary arts culture was well in use when they failed to prevent this offensive passage from being re-introduced in this edition.

That fault was and is theirs alone to bear. To traders, though, a pothole in the road of progress does not sour the destination, just the cost of the journey. I am day trader trying to improve their techniques for being more profitable, I decided to buy this book since it seemed as a good deal on price and recommendation, I have found that despite the discussions are about markets from ‘s and later, the principles still apply in today market, the volume is a key indicator to decide if a price is causing more interest, or if a lack of volume anticipates and end of a trend and turning points.

Some general principles discussed here are: Increasing volume during an advance without intervening pauses or set backs occurring on light volume is indicative of the underlying demand’s being greater than supply, and favors resumption of the advance 2.

John C Maxwell – Correndo com os Gigantes.pdf

Increased volume at the top of the rally or an advance, lasting for some time, with no appreciable gain in prices is indicative of a turning points 3. A tired or struggling advance on light volume or dying at the top indicates lack of demand, this often marks a rounding-over turn, which might be followed by increased volume to the down side Some “plates” or charts are used later to illustrate this cases with stocks that surely were “hot” on those years like steel Finally the last chapters discuss some market special cases and how to use this tool to improve profit Overall despite this is an old book I consider it a good start point to understand how important is “reading the tape” on several time frames.

Really not a big secret these principles, the difficult part is practice a lot so you can learn to recognize the action once you are in the market. Formas de pagamento aceitas: Rastreie seus pedidos recentes. Visualizar ou modificar seus pedidos em sua conta.