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: Ramses. La batalla de Kadesh.: Planeta. Tapa dura. Cubierta deslucida. 23 cm. Ilustrado. Libro en almacén, llamar antes de pasar a recogerlo. : RAMSES – LA BATALLA DE KADESH: COLECCION BESTSELLERS MUNDIAL – Firma de anterior propietario. : Ramsés – La batalla de Kadesh. From Más que libros (Libreria Antuñano) (Santander, CANT, Spain). 4-star rating. Store Description. Librería.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. De slag bij Ka Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Ramses by Christian Jacq.

The powerful Hittites have declared war on Egypt, and Ramses must do the impossible: Published first published January 1st To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Ramsesplease sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The third book of a five-part series following Rameses II, this book focuses on lihro coming conflict with the Hittite Empire. The book is an entertaining read, culminating in the Battle of Kadesh.

While the first two books in the series had been building up to this point, I found the final battle somewhat underwhelming. As a lover of ancient ladesh, historical accuracy is important to me in historical fiction. While this book does follow accepted facts and theories of the period fairly well, my The third book of a five-part series following Rameses II, this book focuses on the coming conflict with the Hittite Empire.

While this book does follow accepted facts and theories of the period fairly well, my biggest critique lies on how Jacq relied a bit too much on the historical Egyptian documentation of the Battle of Kadesh. This is typical of Egyptian propaganda of the time, and I was interested to see how Jacq would portray the events.

When in reality, the Egyptian army was being routed kaedsh the Hittites, and was only saved by the lz arrival of reinforcements.

Christian’s Documents

While there has been an undertone of magical practices throughout the series, I was disappointed to see Jacq take, what seems to me to be the easy way out. In the novel, rather than having Rameses attempt to hold together his failing forces until reinforcements arrive, the novel unfolds much like the ancient inscriptions tell, with Rameses, in fact, receive divine intervention, glowing like the sun, and single-handedly slaying the Hittite army and turning the tide of the battle.

I was left feeling disappointed. A little more realism would have gone a long way and left me feeling more fulfilled. I am not sure if I kadeshh finish out the last two books in the series. This part of the Ramses story I was not very familiar with.


Homer makes quite an impression in this period, cautioning Ramses about the consequences of war, and Moses has a small but important cameo. For example, “performance review”, “cardiac arrest” and “provenance”. The latter I know, is from the French and not used until the 18th century.

Was this a mistake of the author or the translator, probably the latter. In my opinion lw was the best book from the series so far.

There was more action because of the war and this made the story more interesting a easier to get through. I enjoyed it very much and again i red it in one day. I saw the title and thought, hurrah, finally some action. It just takes quite a while to get there.

And then when you finally do, it just ka seem to last that long, and I thought the resolution of the battle was a bit of a cop-out. Nothing to do with reinforcements, then, or his soldiers seeing him taking the lead and following? The prose flowed so much better, and the descriptions seemed a lot more colourful. The sad thing, I think, is that Ramses himself is coming across as a fairly dull character—and I suspect that kadrsh reality he wasn’t.

Nefertari is just too perfect, and it’s really Ahsha, Setau and Serramanna that stand out the most. Ofir and Shanaar are almost like comedy villains—”Aha! I shall work some evil magic and end Ramses’ reign! It will take many, many months but I shall be victorious!

Ramses II by natalia martinez ruiz on Prezi

Oh drat, it didn’t work And I really didn’t need to be told every time Homer shows up that he smokes a pipe made out of a snail shell. His cat, Hector, sounds adorable though. And, despite the flaws, these books have caught my interest sufficiently that I’ve kept reading them. Ancient Egyptian war-time is brought to life through this easy-to-read novel. The ancient ways were well researched and interesting. The storyline was quite simple – nothing too exciting but still amusing.

The characters were not as mysterious as the characters in Jacq’s other novels. They were either good or bad with a handful of characters who swapped from being bad to good. Invincible the Lion was my favourite character. This book is a good book if you just want to relax and take in a little Ancient Egyptian war-time is brought to life through this easy-to-read novel. This book is a good book if you just want to relax and take in a little Egyptian serenity.

Good book overall, but the characters are somewhat under-developed. Ramses and Nefertari talk too seriously to be believed, and only the side characters get to have any fun.

Still – Jacq is skilled in his descriptions of ancient egypt. Voto tre la Saga per premiare la scorrevolezza della storia, a dispetto delle singole trame, molto poco storiche, e dello stile. Still an interesting story, but I’m very tired of being introduced to the same people over and over again. Yes, I know that Nefertari is the queen of Egypt, that Homer drinks spiced wine and likes to sit under a lemon tree and the names og Ramses’s closest friends and his siblings.


Missed the second book, but thought I would give the next one a try. Once again I enjoyed the background details, but found the characters rather one dimensional. Need to re-read this before I can comment further. Ditto for book no.

Ramses: De slag bij Kadesh by Christian Jacq (3 star ratings)

This book was a little harder to follow due to Jacq’s incorporating the Hittie Empire into the story, but it also was a bit bland story wise. It took me longer to finish. Onto the next book! The great and celebrated battle. Mattia rated it liked it Oct 18, Elena rated it liked it Mar 28, Nikita rated it liked it Oct 29, Olga rated it liked it May 22, Jack rated it liked it Oct 08, Burak ata rated it liked it Jan 23, ramsex Shari rated it liked it Feb 20, JiaYing Lee rated it liked it Nov 07, Diana rated it liked it Jul 07, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Christian Jacq is a French author and Egyptologist. He has written several novels about ancient Egypt, notably a five book suite about pharaoh Ramses II, a character whom Jacq admires greatly. This inspired him to write his first novel. He first visited Egypt when he was seventeen, went on to study Egyptology and archaeology at the Sorbonne, and is now one of the world’s leading Egyptologists. By the time he was eighteen, he had written eight books.

His first commercially successful book was Champollion the Batslla, published in As of he has written over fifty books, including several non-fiction books on the subject of Egyptology. He and his wife later founded the Ramses Institute, which is dedicated to creating a photographic description of Egypt for the preservation of endangered archaeological sites.

Each volume encompasses one aspect of Ramesses’ known historical life, woven into a fictional tapestry of the ancient world for an epic tale of love, life and deceit. Jacq’s series describes a vision of the life of libfo pharaoh: In his marital life, he first has Isetnofret Iset as a mistress second Great Wifemeets his true love Nefertari first Great Wife and after their death, gets married to Maetnefrure in his old age.

Madesh gives Ramesses only three biological children: Kha’emweset, Meritamen she being the only child of Nefertari, the two others being from Iset l Merneptah. The other “children” are only young officials trained for government and who are nicknamed “sons of the pharaoh”.

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