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LEGO set database: Crystal Explorer Sub. Set number: ; Name: Crystal Explorer Sub; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Action/Adventure. LEGO Instructions Set Number Crystal Explorer Sub – Thousands of complete step-by-step free LEGO instructions. Find great deals for Lego Aquazone Aquanauts Crystal Explorer Sub DSRV II ( ). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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LEGO Crystal Explorer Sub Instructions , Aquazone

I just remembered I had this set as well. Took me back two decades. I’ll have to look for it next time I’m home. Magnets AND a working compass. Thanks for sharing a memory!

I’ve bought mine for money collected from insurance, because I’ve broken my hand in school. First serious money I’ve got as a kid and this model was totally worth 4 weeks in cast.

lfgo That could literally be a picture of my LEGO collection. I had almost every Ice Planet, Aquanauts, and Aquashark set. My brother and I had have? Every set they released, as well as the first wave of Divers. As far as I know, they’re all still built and stored in our parents’ basement.

I should probably look into that I had the one with the detachable mini sub used a magnet and had green windows? Hydro Search Sub [Photo]. Ah, the used ones on bricklink are slightly under original retail price, thats always pretty good for a set that old, especially with the instructions. Crystal Explorer Sub [Photo]. Sea Sprint 6157 [Photo]. There must be literally dozens of Aquanaut fans around!

It was my favorite theme as a kid, and I really wish it got the same AFOL-love that some of the other themes get. Wow I took this set around the world with my as a child. Learned to build it without the instructions since I had left them behind. I’m slowly working on going through my old stash.


I have posts withand this one. I have the canopy and dishes from the UFO theme, so that might be my next one. Mega Core Magnetizer [Photo]. Deep Freeze Defender [Photo]. Have this one at my parent’s house, mixed in with a giant tub of Legos. Can I easily find instructions online? Lego doesn’t have old sets archived.

Didn’t realize they had all the instructions on there. I have so many sets to piece together from a giant tub of LEGO. Read this guide i wrote and some of 6157 replies, lots of good advice for doing exactly that sort of thing. I think this was one of the first sets I ever got def. Thank you for the memories.

I never had this set when I was a kid ,ego I found one on Ebay that isn’t to expensive. I’m pretty sure I pretended to be ill so I could spend all day playing with this set rather than at school. I got one of those! It used to be my favourite theme. Got a whole bunch. I recently got a massive box of lego back from my family, including this but it’s all mixed up so I’ve been sorting it.

Seeing this just makes me want to finish it. I have that one! Rebuilt it last year. Took a while to figure out the first couple of steps because I was looking for red headlight pieces instead of trans neon orange ones. Wasn’t there an entire set that included this as well? Underwater base and all. It was one of my favorite sets as a kid. This leyo my second ever set, and it was fantastic.

Instructions For LEGO 6175 Crystal Explorer Sub

My favourite part was that there was a passageway all the way through the ship for the crew to crawl through. I got this 61755 when I 61755 6, I think. A few oego ago I rebuilt it and was struck by how small it actually is. It seemed colossal to my tiny child hands. I’ve got almost the entire line of Aquazone in my bin. One day soon when I set up enough display space, I’m gunna rebuild it.


This was the first “big” set I bought myself with lemonade stand money. Thanks for the memory: The whole aquazone theme was great. I loved all the sets and had tuns of fun creating my own subs out of the ruins when I inevitably took them back apart.

This was my jam. I heavily modified mine into a war machine. It was leego center piece of the lost Legos of my youth.

That blue bubble windshield went on to many self created spaceships in my later childhood. At one point I wedges a technic sized guy in there with full on hud and computer. Wish I still had it! Had the entire series and is to this day still one of my favorites. Of all of those sets though this is the only one I still have built and displayed. Seeing all these sets made me realize how many Lego’s I used to have as a kid.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Love d the Aquanauts sets. Something about deep sea exploration really resonated with us haha.