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In January , Jeffrey Katzenberg, then the head of Disney’s motion wrote a memo that ended up being circulated throughout Hollywood. In late January , fax machines were humming all across Hollywood, spreading the news that Jeffrey Katzenberg, then head of production. Cameron Crowe’s Jerry Maguire has plenty of memorable scenes, little moments that have lodged in pop-culture consciousness long after.

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Jeffrey Katzenberg’s notorious memo: How does it hold up 20 years later? – The Social Workplace

One of the ways to combat mem high cost of movie making is to create a haven for talent here at Disney. A Bug’s Life wasn’t specatcular, especially when compared to other Pixar films, but it was still good. Memmo Hoffman Music Forums. I hope they don’t go down the path of mass producing movies that are crap but profitable instead of challenging and good. I and a bunch of other travel writers met Katzenberg last year on the maiden voyage of the world’s largest cruise ship.

The Katzenberg Memo [Part 1] – Go Into The Story

Certainly not for a long period of time. Yes, my password is: What kind of Mickey Mouse outfit are they running at Disney anyway?

After Cars 2 I’m beginning to worry that Pixar is losing its magic because of the studio suits. Now, there are latzenberg signs of the stagnation of Maturity which leads inexorably to the disaster of Decline. Looking back, I wish The Princess katzenebrg the Frog was a bigger hit. Sounds like a plan dude. But they always want good entertainment, good stories, good acting, and a chance to forget their troubles for 2 hours in a dark theater.


We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. Everyone should read the book Disney War. He loved and cared about almost all the peoples of the world.

Bring in the first Cuban child! Disney Chairman Michael Eisner privately fumed about the leak. I’m sure most of you already knew that Katzenberg allegedly But if you were to point to a company that kkatzenberg that vision of a studio, it would be Pixar.

The decision-making pyramid should remain short and squat, with a minimal distance between the place where the ideas come in and the verdicts get delivered. Also during that period, with the assistance of a box office bomb that Katzenberg had warned aboutNemo downsized its traditional animation studios. Not surprisingly, our control of our own destiny has been eroded.

What’s worse is that the first film he produced using the philosophy in the memo — The Rocketeer — was intended as an “inexpensive blockbuster” with lower-cost actors and non-profit-participants VidiotApr 18, I firmly believe that the recent marriages between Japanese hardware makers and American movie makers may not be ones made in entertainment heaven.

Vidiot and MikaelaArsenault like this. It holds that businesses go through a natural development process that is comprised of four stages: It was almost Objectivist in its themes. We are far from unique in this state of affairs… something I take little comfort from. I suspect he does, too. I wish Katzenberg had taken his own advice over the last 10 years. Remember, Katzenberg wrote that in It was okay, but I liked Antz more. The character isn’t even in the original book.


I think my wife and I both like it more than our four year old. I kazenberg glad Irwin Allen wasn’t aboard. Who’s idea was the vault? Maybe his warnings actually worked.

That memo was widely circulated around LA within 24 hours, and I think Jeffrey was very embarrassed by the amount of criticism he and the memo received.

Disney was on a roll from tobut that’s when they decided to open their own version of Jurassic Park.

Jeffrey Katzenberg’s notorious memo: How does it hold up 20 years later?

Notify me of new posts by email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It’s not predictable, plus audiences change radically every years. Your name or email address: No, create an account now. That’s why it got a sequel. And there is nothing scientific about the movie business. Why else would they make a sequel to the only terrible Pixar movie if not just to make a quick few hundred million?

Jeffrey Katzenberg “The World Is Changing” 1991 Disney Memo

How is this even possible? I think whenever you try to distill the idea of a hit movie down to a formula, it’s not katzenberrg to work. Do you already have an account? Like all content, it’s getting harder to monetize, but it doesn’t seem to be extravagantly expensive to produce.