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Wishes. by Jude Deveraux. November 1, · Pocket Books help Nellie, and she has magic to do so, including the power to grant wishes. Beloved New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux captures love’s magic in this heartwarming novel about desires that are unexpectedly fulfilled. Read Wishes by Jude Deveraux by Jude Deveraux by Jude Deveraux for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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I honestly don’t know how I feel about this book. For years, she worked as 5th-grade teacher.

Detailed Review Summary of Wishes by Jude Deveraux

Dec 26, Evelyn Wilson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her eating out of sadness was realistic and she needed emotional help for it, but since when is pounds considered morbidly obese? And the romance between Nellie and wsihes love is cute but not sizzling. I re-read it from time to time to remind myself that true beauty lies within. The heroine for the most part is very lovable and beautiful, but I was very annoyed by many things.

Why introduce any conflict at all if you would fix them with a Deux or Douche Machina fairy godmother? A highly entertaining, dishes and humorous romantic novel.

Not wwishes the effort to even write a review. Very little devegaux and so far fetched. I have mixed wishhes about this book. I spent most of my time not focusing on the romance but on Nellies complete and utter nativity and total lack of self esteem. Nellie, who has always been pleasantly plump, worked tirelessly to help her beautiful younger sister, Terel, to become the belle of the town.


Feb 06, Jage rated it did not like it. Be warned, there is one part when you want to dive into the book! All he can see is Devveraux. Youll know it when you get to the part Dec 22, Rebecca rated it it was ok Shelves: Things I didn’t know: Seguir comprando Pagar Seguir comprando.

Jan 29, Linda rated it liked it. Sep 29, Maria rated it it was amazing Shelves: If I had another book to read, I never would have finished it. Why were they rewarded for meanness. So, so, so fun. But with her newfound joy comes the certainty that Jace will, sooner or later, be won over by Terel’s charms. I’ve read some negative reviews, and I suppose that if one doesn’t approach the novel as being a fairy tale there is a fairy godmother!

Jace Mongomery was a stranger in Chandler.

She deserved a better “happily ever after. How can you even begin to love someone else if you don’t even love yourself first or at the very least have a little self respect? Of course, the heroin loses the weight, but the handsome hero dishes in love with her before the transformation.

I also love how they call the in-between place The Kitchen.

There are devwraux discussion topics on this book yet. Because of Miss Bridgerton. That the hero liked the overweight heroine because of her golden heart and glowing soul?

Too hokey to describe. Jufe she is such a doormat that she keeps trying to hand him over to her sister. But as long as you are expecting a fairy tale and are willing to suspend a bit of disbelief, then this book is just freaking fabulous.


A spin on Cinderella but definitely not one that I liked. Trivia About Wishes Montgomer Around the same time she met Mohammed Montassir with whom she had a son, Sam Alexander Montassir, in The adverb “softly” was used as much as the adjective “fat” to describe our “heroine” and wishfs is frankly a mean and pathetic story.

It was like watching a train wreck; I wanted to stop reading but I just couldn’t look away. Cinderella, aka Nellie, is kind and beautiful but is an emotional eater so wishhes overweight. When Lulu was Hot.

Wishes Book Summary and Study Guide

To have a family filled with love and joy I loved the ending as well as the beginning, which isn’t always a given with Deveraux. Fiction Literature Romance Historical Fiction. An Angel for Emily. Following the publication of her first novel, she resigned her teaching position. Beloved New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux captures love’s magic in this heartwarming novel about desires that are unexpectedly fulfilled. Mar 17, Annika rated it did not like it.

It was a heady, delightful feeling If the fairy godmother could’ve made people fall in love with whomever, why did we even have this book?