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Found this on the internet in 5 seconds or less. Its not % clear whether its a bottom view of the device or top side view of the socket, you can determine that in . A relay is an electrically operated switch. Many relays use an electromagnet to operate a switching mechanism, but other operating principles are also used. JQC-3FC(T73) DC12V pinouts. A relay is an electrically activated switch. It consists of a coil internally which will creates a magnetic field that.

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In connecting that am facing problem about where to connect those pins. My relay has 5 pins,one side 3 pins and another side 2 pins.

Please help some one. Please don’t make requests for help in private using PM.

Create a thread in the forum so that other members jqqc-3fc benefit from the posted answers. Consider reading this before posting: It shows the two pins for the coil and the three pins that are connected to the switch Post added at Hope it solves your problem.


Note that the output of your relay at least as shown in the schematic is connected to the mains v so be very careful, don’t touch it while it is powered. I would suggest you try the circuit either with a small low voltage lamp or with a led and a low voltage source until it is tested to work properly, then if you want you can use a mains bulb.

The transistor drives the relay control coil coil1 and coil2 pins I don’t see the problem. Please tell me in that way which pin connected where.

Turn the relay upside down so that you are facing the pins not the jqc-3c cover side, then it is easy to figure jqcc-3fc pins since one side has three and the other side two. Originally Posted by immadi. Similar Threads how to make 8 pin relay using two jjqc-3fc pin relays 6. Anyone know the IR remote TV pin description??? Please tell me the solution 3.

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