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Drawing computer based panels for depicting a model railroad layout, (PanelPro ®). What DCC systems will Decoder Pro work with? 3. with operating instructions. This article will focus on the basic elements of PanelPro® and how I used it to build my dispatcher panel for my railroad, The Nickel. #Start. ✓ Note: The setup options for . For experienced users of Panel Editor JMRI versions prior to

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JMRI is a Java-based cross-platform program suite for model railroaders. It contains modular applications for:. All this capability is contained in one install.

Our general advice is to start with the basics. For that we suggest you start setting up a simple track connected to your Command Station first. When train s run and a turnout responds to your hand held throttle, it’s time to open the Hardware Help use the Hardware tab at the top of the page.


Once that is operating like you expect, comes the time to build a Panel, fill your Roster, etc. Make some notes for yourself, sketch a simple diagram to way you conceive you set up.

Often that helps better than words to get things sorted and remember 2 years later why you chose to type that funny turnout name. You’re not discouraged to dive in, but by taking on JMRI – or any powerful, but complex thing – one step at a time you sort of build a solid foundation that will pay for itself in due time. Gradually build on you foundation concepts of the program and pick up elements of interest by following some of the links at the bottom of the left sidebar on the JMRI web Help.

More on Java versions and hardware requirements.

JMRI Manual: Index

Get the latest Java as a free download at: Thanks and congratulations to all who contributed! Msnual information on copyright, trademarks and licenses is linked here. See also the site status page.


Applications with Online Manual: It contains modular applications for: Take it Step by Step Our general advice is to start with the basics. General Set Up v4.