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Invisible Helpers [Charles Webster Leadbeater] on Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants And Phenomena by C.W. Leadbeater Paperback $ Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. Kessinger Publishing reprints over 1, similar titles all available through About the Author. Leadbeater is. Invisible Helpers [C. W. Leadbeater] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An Unabridged Edition to Include: The Universal Belief in Them .

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In any case the law of karma will take care of itself, and we need not trouble ourselves about it.

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Every Christian, hekpers any rate, is bound by the very foundations of his creed to believe that he possesses a soul; but if you suggest to him the possibility that that soul may be a sufficiently real thing heopers become visible under certain conditions apart from the body either during life or after death, the chances are ten to one that he will scornfully tell you that he does not believe in ghosts, and that such an idea is nothing but an anachronistic helperrs of an exploded medieval superstition.

So he has to go through his tests, and through many another strange experience – to meet face to face with calm courage the most terrifying apparitions amid the most loathsome surroundings – to show in fact that his nerve may be thoroughly trusted under any and all of the varied groups of circumstances in which he may at any moment find himself.

The consolation of those who are suffering or in sorrow at once suggests itself, as does also the endeavour to guide toward the truth those who are earnestly seeking invissible.

In the East the existence of the invisible helpers has always been recognized, though the names given and the characteristics attributed to them naturally vary in different countries; and even in Europe we have had the old Greek stories of the constant interference of the gods in human affairs, and the Roman legend that Castor and Pollux led the legions of the infant republic in the battle of Lake Regillus. Of course the message which he so readily accepted as evidence was in reality no proof at all, since the facts to which leqdbeater referred might have been read from his own mind or from the records of the past by any creature possessed of astral senses!

Sometimes popular superstition gets a good deal nearer to the heart of things than does educated skepticism! He felt a great leadbeatr at the prospect, being especially impressed by the awful loneliness of that vast waste dw waters, and he was also much troubled with thoughts of his wife and family, and the difficulties in which they would be left by his sudden decease.

Being this abruptly awakened, the housewife was half inclined to consider the warning a mere dream; however, she arose invisiblee looked around just to see that all was right, and fortunate it was that she did so, for though she found nothing amiss indoors she had no sooner thrown open a shutter than she saw the sky red with a distant conflagration.

Our loved ones leeadbeater that matter, because of lack of knowledge and skills, can only intervene in a limited way; on the other side, they themselves are often in need of much spiritual help. After a good deal of difficulty this was accomplished to some extent, but the incisible remained in a half-dazed, semi-conscious condition through all that followed, so that he needed to be pushed and pulled about, guided and helped at every turn.

Invisible helpers

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. So that but little help is usually given by the dead – indeed, inviisble will presently be explained, it is far more common for them to be themselves in need of assistance than to be able to accord it to others.

And in many ways it is well that this is so, for there is much upon the astral plane which might be unnerving and terrifying to one who had not the courage born of full knowledge as to the real nature of all that he would see. Further, we need control of mind and of desire; of leadbsater, because without the power of concentration it would be impossible to do good work amid all the distracting currents of the astral plane; of desire, because in that strange world to desire is very often to have, and unless this part of our nature were well controlled we might perchance find ourselves face to face with creations of our own of which we should be heartily ashamed.


AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The one great desire of his life is that some day he may see it again, and he knows that when he dies its lovely face will be the first to greet him on the other side.

It would seem scarcely needful to assist upon this as a qualification, for surely everyone who has made the least study of Theosophy must know that while the slightest taint of selfishness remains in a man, he is not yet fit to be entrusted with higher powers, not yet fit to enter upon a work of whose very essence it is that the worker should forget himself but to remember the good of others.

I felt that while undoubtedly he would be more helpegs home with Cyril than with me, I should probably be more readily able to procure help than Cyril would, so the division of labour was obvious. It will thus be seen that there is plenty of work for the helpers to do among the newly dead, for in the vast majority of cases lesdbeater need to be calmed and reassured, to be comforted and instructed.

Thus, though spiritualism has too often detained souls who but for it would have attained speedier liberation, it must be set to the credit of its account that it has also furnished the means of escape to others, and thus opened up the path of advancement for them.

Surely we who are Theosophists ought, at any rate, to have got beyond this stage of irrational worry and causeless depression; surely we, who are trying to acquire some definite knowledge of the cosmic order, ought by this time to have realized that the optimistic view of everything is always nearest to the divine view, and therefore to the truth, because only that in any person which is good and beautiful can by any possibility be permanent, while the evil must by its very nature be temporary.

In this present incarnation there is a wide difference in age between them, one being advanced in middle life, while the other was at that time a mere child in the physical body, though an ego of considerable advancement and promise. It may be that the people concerned are destined to die, and therefore cannot be saved from death; but in many cases they may still be to some extent prepared for it, and may certainly be helped upon the other side after it is over.

But happily this lack of memory in the body in no way impedes the work out of the body; so that, except for the satisfaction to a man of knowing during his waking hours upon what work he has been engaged during his sleep, it is not a matter of importance. I’m believe this book may help you with this challenge. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Ebook Invisible helpers by C. W. (Charles Webster) Leadbeater – read online or download for free

What do the many examples of “invisible helpers” coming to the aid of those helprs danger say about higher planes of existence? In-other-words he’s not taken on the mantle of leaxbeater I will call, ‘the human condition’.

To be of use the man must at least have some knowledge of the nature of the plane on which he has to work, and the more knowledge he has in any and every direction the more useful he will be.

It seems that one night a certain farmer and his family in that country were sleeping tranquilly in fancied security, quite unaware that only a few miles away relentless hordes of savage foes were lying in ambush maturing fiendish plots of murder and rapine.

Now in very truth for both the brothers had sorrow been turned into joy unspeakable, and again and again they both declared that now they should never feel sad any more, because they knew that death had no power to part them. The first requisite is that we shall have recognized the great work which the Masters would have us do, and that it shall be for us the one great interest in our lives.


One person found this helpful. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. It does not put forward these great truths merely on the authority of some sacred book of long ago; in speaking of these subjects it is not dealing with pious opinionsor metaphysical speculations, but with solid, definite facts, as real and as close to us as the air we breathe or the houses we live in – facts of which many among us have constant experience – facts among which lies the daily work of some of our students, as will presently be seen.

A case which occurred in Buckinghamshire, somewhere in the neighborhood of Burnham Beeches, is remarkable on account of the length of time through which the physical manifestation of the succouring agency seems to have maintained itself. The two wings ran right down to the lake, the big bay windows which terminated them almost projecting over the water, so as to leave only quite a narrow passage-way under them at the two sides. The Reality of Superphysical. Other Branches of the Wore.

To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Start reading Invisible Helpers on your Kindle in under a minute.

Here, in this seminal work, renowned Theosophist Charles W. To some extent they have been already incidentally described, but it is nevertheless as well that they should be set out fully and categorically. Truly there is no greater and more beneficent power in the universe than that of pure, unselfish love.

Invisible helpers / by C.W. Leadbeater – Details – Trove

That capacity has to be attained by the man for himself, and in most cases it does not come for years afterwards – perhaps not even in the same life. But if we examine the matter a little more closely we shall see that though all the classes mentioned may, and sometimes do, take a part in this work, yet their shares in it are so unequal that it is practically left almost entirely to one class. If, therefore, we are at all to comprehend the work of the band of invisible helpers, and perchance ourselves to learn to helpres in it, we must shake ourselves free from the trammels of contemporary thought on these subjects, and endeavour to grasp the great truth now a demonstrated fact to many among us that the physical body is in simple truth nothing but a vehicle or vesture of the real man.

I’m hopeful people can put aside paradigms built into them as they moved from early childhood through adulthood. In such cases as this it has more than once been necessary, before the dead man was satisfied to pursue his upward path in peace, that the helper should to some extent act hrlpers his representative upon the physical plane, and attend on his behalf to the settlement of the business which was troubling him. Through this they reached a passage, which they crossed, the little boy being half-stifled by the smoke; then they made their way through one of the rooms opposite, and finally, clambering out of the window, found themselves on the top of the veranda which ran along in front of the ground floor, between it and the garden.

Though with patience stands He waiting. I was obliged to materialize either Cyril or myself, for we wanted physical hands at leadgeater to tie a bandage, and besides it seemed better that the poor boy should see someone standing by him in his trouble.