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For Infinite Undiscovery on the Xbox , GameFAQs has 10 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs), 49 cheat codes and secrets, 47 achievements, 19 reviews. Infinite Undiscovery feeds your need for narrative, but it’s ultimately a shallow, flawed experience. : Infinite Undiscovery – Xbox Artist Not Provided: Video Games.

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Infinite Undiscovery for Xbox Reviews – Metacritic

This is necessary for some areas, when you need to perform a certain move to get past a puzzle. Archived from the original on September 15, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This is most certainly more of a story driven game than a fighting one which Ijfinite prefer to going around for hours upon hours trying to level up my characters like in the last Final Fantasy game I played which undiscovvery part twelve.

The narrative itself is engaging but at the same time feels a little light on depth, some of which is due to the gameworld. Full Cast and Crew.

Here you will only use Capell and at times the other party members are very nifinite as they will not heal or something when you desperately need it.

And that, oddly enough, makes him more likeable than some of the other rags-to-hero characters. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: It’s a two-button combat system with only a handful of combos.

September 5, JP: The world of Infinite Undiscovery is influenced heavily by the moon, which is home to a god who is revered as a source of magical blessing. As such it features voice actors from Texas and Los Angeles, as well as a large helping of new talent from Shanghai. It lasts a good twenty hours and I’d say it is well done.

Infinite Undiscovery Review

Here you are a wandering flute player named Capell who is in a prison at the beginning of the story as the guards who arrested him keep referring to him as Sigmund the Liberator. Battle is infinit real-time and action-oriented. Square Enix Release Date: Please Sign In to rate Infinite Undiscovery.


Infinite Undiscovery Video Game Search for ” Infinite Undiscovery ” on Amazon. Spell details look very nice for your own abilities and those of your foes, with lots of powerful slashes, explosions, swirling shadows, and such. Archived from the original on July 11, Kiriya voice Naoko Matsui But IF This is one of the best rpg’s i have ever played.

There are some nice twists and turns in the story along the way that help turn what could have been a somewhat dull adventure into something compelling. Attacking an enemy in succession will start a uneiscovery meter that you can build through your own infinige and infibite of your friends.

This works very well, which is good, because healing is a prominent part of combat.

However, if you are more into an action oriented role playing game with less story and infinjte fighting than this game is probably not for you. And you rarely make enough cash to fully equip everyone under your command.

Role-playing games strike a tricky balance between gameplay and narrative that is easy to take for granted when everything goes together correctly. Capell is much like Luke Skywalker. Mixed or average reviews – based on Ratings. Add the first question. Archived from the original on November 17, September 15—21, – Famitsu. Infinite Undiscovery Video Game 6. I can not recommend this game enough it is simply amazing on ever level. Most of the time, you are kept wondering about this guy Capel and why he does nothing but complain.

Still once you level up and get the hang of it the fights become rather easy as near the end the only boss that gave me any problems and had me cussing was the last one. The game was directed by Hiroshi Ogawa and produced by Hajime Kojimaboth of whom are also credited in the tri-Ace titles Star Ocean: Square Enix manages to provide the frame of a role-playing game epic that falls short on execution. In addition to normal fights, there are a few timed events in which you’ll have to complete an objective while simultaneously fighting against the clock.


Director Hiroshi Ogawa explained that other forms of stealth remained in the game: This page was last edited on 20 Novemberat The orchestral score is mostly lovely, with rousing battle themes and background music that does its job of setting tone and otherwise not bothering you.

Along the way, Capell runs into a considerable number of allies. Retrieved November 28, Combat, exploration, and other actions all take place within the same environment, seamlessly shifting between each game facet. Shakespeare wrote about something profound; developer tri-Ace settles for middle school humor.

The voice acting holds up very well on the whole; each of the main characters has a voice that fits him or her very well, and aside from some emotionally overwrought moments, they manage to hit the proper tone unxiscovery their scenes.

Could I have the 8-hit combo meal, please? Another young lady named Aya comes to free him thinking he is this Sigmund and Capell is unwillingly dragged into a group called the Liberators who go around and cut chains, chains that ensnare the moon causing anywhere there is a chain to spawn monsters and such and generally make life hard for that area. This means that you have to try and keep everyone’s armor and weapons as updated as possible, because you can never be sure when one ifninite the 17 other characters will be required to assist Capell or when you’ll break out into multiple groups.