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The iRex Iliad is an electronic book reader device. Its most obvious distinction is its large screen resolution (x pixels, now surpassed by the Digital. A comparative review of the iRex iLiad ereader by iRex. Discover sources for downloading free ebooks and ereader software. I purchased this second hand and had problems with it from the word go. I got in touch with Irex, the support team emailed me quickly with their response, signed .

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A resonant circuit in the stylus receives the magnetic energy and uses it to transmit a signal back to the sensor board, which reads the pen’s location, angle, and speed atop the screen.

iRex iLiad Book Edition

The iLiad was an electronic handheld device, or e-Readerwhich could be used for document reading and editing. As the name would imply, this device is designed more for reading ebooks than the business-oriented Digital Reader series. Programs for recreation, including audio playback, sudokuand calendars, are rapidly growing community content available for use on the iLiad. The software allows annotations to be merged into PDF files, but requires a PDF printer and doesn’t appear to help with annotations on text files.

Writing directly on the screen makes the ebook feel that much more like a “real” book. If you’ve been holding off on ebook readers because they lack WiFi and the ability to scribble in the margins, you might want to welcome the iLiad inside your gates.


We’re fascinated by the idea of ebooks, but implementations of the concept have so far been dogged with flaws. The iLiad ebook reader, from Dutch company iRex, hopes to slaughter the competition even as it carves a huge hole into your wallet.

While many readers don’t need to scribble notes, underline passages, or dog-ear the pages of the books they read, it’s an essential feature of paper book for academics and others. The board generates a magnetic field, but does so only when the stylus is detached iliiad its cradle. The iRex Iliad is an electronic book reader device. If you want to download DRM protected ebooks, Mobipocket is your source.

Skip to main content The iLiad and the Odyssey.

iLiad Book Edition Review – iRex eReader

Dedicated e-book devices Electronic paper technology Linux-based devices. There are also a number of websites you can download free ebooks from, such as Manybooks. Chief among them is the fact that annotations can’t be easily passed back to the PC. A far more important and less obvious peculiarity to some is its hackability. One byproduct of the custom stylus is that the screen doesn’t respond to fingernails, stray knuckle taps, or non-iRex styli.

I used the iLiad’s thinnest ink setting for the picture below. Our in-depth evaluations of the Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle turned up a long list of drawbacks including high price, hard-to-click buttons, slow refresh rates, DRMed content, poor music-playing functionality, and non-interactivity.

Putting pen to e-paper: iRex iLiad ebook reader review

Other versions may differ in some respects. They are very helpful and readily found via search engines, but are not a coherent whole. Nate Anderson Nate is the deputy editor at Ars Technica, where he oversees long-form feature content and writes about technology law and policy.


Its most obvious distinction is its large screen resolution x pixels, now surpassed by the Digital Readeralso by iRex. As of May 3, Ilid is supported, making the mobipocket digital rights management DRM content available on this platform.

For most of us in the modern world, a book is a commodity to be consumed and then discarded after one reading. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. I’ve done so below; if it’s not obvious and it’s probably notthis is my artistic rendition of Managing Editor Eric Bangeman taking a spacewalk outside the Orbiting HQ.

A new approach for turning pages. Annotating documents with a stylus, drawing pictures, and even composing music on the iLiad are all possible thanks to the inclusion of a Wacom sensor board installed directly behind the screen.

You can draw on it, tap to zoom, takes notes, and navigate pages. Good for rough sketches, not real artwork. Enter your email address to receive updates: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.