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Intersil Corp ICM datasheet, 7-Digit LED Display Counter (1-page), ICM datasheet, ICM pdf, ICM datasheet pdf, ICM pinouts. Part, ICM Category. Description, 7-digit LED Display Counter. Company, Intersil Corporation. Datasheet, Download ICM datasheet. Quote. ICM 7-Digit LED Display Counter Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for integrated circuits.

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From the CB to the PC!

ICM Intersil Corporation, ICM Datasheet

This forum is for all my fellow datsaheet enthusiasts, or up and coming radio operators to seek or give advice. Go ahead and post here. It is an older counter and I found it in my grandpa’s basement. It requires an AC adapter to get power, but my problem is I cannot find one that will fit it!


Index of /class/archive/physics/physics/physics/datasheets/Analog_Linear_OpAmp_ICs

Is there any way to hard wire this to a power supply? I have located the positive wire You do not have the required permissions datashet view the files attached to this post. Skip – RedRock https: I couldn’t find a ground on the circuit board. Thanks I’ll give that a try and see if it works!

If you can find a circuit trace on the board that is the same as that spring thingy, it will work for power ground. That red and black wire going to the switch should give datawheet some clue for finding ground.

If I were really looking for an adapter to fit something, that would be one place I’d stop. But I have a quick question: If you still have the cover off of your frequency counter can you tell me the part numbers on all the I.

ICM7208 Datasheet PDF

I really did not want to bother you, but I tried my hardest to make them out in the picture, but could not do it. C chips part numbers sanded off which makes repair difficult. Although your counter is not identical to mine, it does appear to use a similar circuit.


Hope you get yours wired up ok! I do greatly appreciate it. Again, thanks for getting back to me so quick on datsaheet Home All times are UTC.