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Hypertherm, HyPerformance, HyDefinition, LongLife and CommandTHC are trademarks of .. HPRXD Manual Gas – Revision 2. guarantees the Hypertherm quality you can count on. The HPRXD delivers superior bar ( psi) Manual gas console. 8 bar ( psi). ArcGlide, EDGE Pro, Hypertherm, HPR and Sensor THC are trademarks of Hypertherm, Inc. and may be When you see a safety symbol in this manual or on your machine HPRXD, HPRXD with a built-in.

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HyPerformance Plasma. HPRXD Manual gas. Instruction manual Revision 2 – PDF

Metals that may release toxic fumes include, but are not limited to, stainless steel, carbon steel, zinc galvanizedand copper. You can also receive updates on new Hypertherm products and a free gift as a token of our appreciation.

Unauthorized modifications to the machine may affect safety and machine service life. In no event shall Hypertherm be liable for injury to persons or property damage by reason of any code violation or poor work practices.

Antifreeze contains corrosion inhibitors that will damage the torch coolant system. The term IC before the radio certification number only signifies that Industry Canada technical specifications were met.

Document Outline

Add coolant to the power supply until the tank is full. There is no internal polarity nor over voltage protection in the sensors.

CAUTION safety messages precede related instructions in this manual that may result in minor injury or damage to equipment if not followed correctly. Place the power supply in an area that is free of excessive moisture, has proper ventilation and kanual relatively clean. The torch holder and the torch breakaway mechanism the part mounted to the lifter, not manal part mounted on the torch must be connected to the stationary part of the lifter with copper braid at least 2. BZT acts as a corrosion inhibitor for the copper based coolant system contained in the plasma system.


All work requiring the removal of the power supply cover must be performed by a qualified technician. It contains the circuitry to ignite a torch, a heat exchanger and pump to cool the torch. Can u pleaase guide Cutting sparks can cause explosion or fire. Cutting area Prepare the cutting area to reduce reflection and transmission of ultraviolet light: This work should be performed only by qualified, licensed personnel.

Monitor or test the air quality at the site as needed.

Oil the concentration of oil can be no more than 0. The ignition console converts 20 VAC control voltage from the power supply into high-frequency and high-voltage pulses kv to break over the torch electrode-nozzle gap. WARNING safety messages precede related instructions in this manual that may result in injury or death if not followed correctly.

Transporting the unit can cause personal injury and equipment damage. Allow room to open the top for servicing. See regulators in this section for recommendations. DANGER safety messages precede related instructions in the manual that will result in serious injury or death if not followed correctly. Connect the plasma- vent hose white. Deje la pieza a cortar en su lugar o en la mesa de trabajo con el cable de trabajo colocado durante el proceso de corte.

Plasma cutting always produces a kerf that is wider at the bottom as compared to the top. Allow m 3 ft of space on all sides of the power supply for ventilation and service. Never expose cylinders to excessive heat, sparks, slag or open flame.


Use ear protectors if the noise is disruptive or if there is a risk of hearing damage after all other engineering and administrative controls have been implemented. Los cables pelados pueden ser mortales.

Consult with a local expert to implement a site plan to ensure safe air quality. Health of the people around, for example the use of pacemakers and hearing aids. Los textos numerados corresponden a los cuadros numerados de la etiqueta. Keep your machine in proper working condition. C de la C. If the metalic sheath of the torch leads is near any motor or drive or controller cables Material composition, surface finish, and composition of coatings.

Keep flames away from cylinders and hoses that contain methane or hydrogen mixtures. Arun, Hypertherm have a PDF download on improving hole cut quality. Use of adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified in this manual may result in hazardous laser radiation exposure. Cutting aluminum underwater or with the water touching the underside of the aluminum can result in an explosive condition that can detonate during plasma cutting operations.

Our research shows that. All PE grounds are shown on the diagram in green. Handle and use compressed cylinders in accordance with applicable national and local codes.