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HibernateTemplate is the class of ate3. HibernateTemplate provides the integration of hibernate and spring. In this tutorial you will see how to integrate spring and hibernate. In the DAO class we use Hibernate Template to access the database. Spring Hibernate Template Execute: Spring Hibernate «Hibernate «Java. jdbc:hsqldb:data/tutorial

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You can download the source code here: Join the DZone community and get the full member experience.

Spring HibernateTempate Example

Shift LEFT issue 4: We will add Transactional attribute at method level. Dependance upon proprietary databases has changed. As simple as SQL: Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own. This article was about spring managed transactions and how we can use HibernateTemplate to further simplify the data access.

You also need to add an annotation processor so that spring can process the Transactional attribute. Hibernate SessionFactory can be configured in the spring bean configuration file itself as shown above, you need not have a seperate hibernate configuration file hibernate.

Beginners Guide to Redis. You can see in the below class, there is lot of boilerplate code involved to manage the Session object. To create a Hibernate Template instance, you need a Session Factory, for this purpose we injected the sessionFactory property in the Spring bean configuration file.


Spring HibernateTempate Example

Here is the hibernaatetemplate bean configuration file. In the jsp page we use Spring Form tags to display the form fields and jstl tags to display the list of users. Try the must-have graph OLAP database for those demanding the fastest graph analytics and data management solutions. Here is the directory structure of the example.

You will see the following page. Hibernate Template is thread safe and reusable. We will use hibernate as our persistence framework. Over a million developers have joined DZone. Spring Hibernate Integration Tutorial. You can download and try the example here.

The most important part of the example is the spring bean configuration. I am using Hibernate annotations in this example, so I am listing all the annotated classes using the annotatedClasses property. Tips to deploy and configure a fully secured enterprise database for personal data protection.

Aftering entering few records you will see the user’s list dispalyed below. Read this new Compliant Database DevOps whitepaper now and see how Database DevOps complements data privacy and protection without sacrificing development efficiency.

I am using hsqldb database here, if you are using mysql then you need to change this configuration. At the end of this example you will learn to create a form, through which you can add a user and list all the existing users as shown below.


In the next example, we will use HibernateTemplate.

Here is the User class with the hibernate annotations, if you want to add any database related constraints, then you need to do it here. Since we are depending now on spring managed transaction, we also need to add a hibernatetemplte manager.

Our DAO class implements the UserDAO interface, here we have just two methods one to save the user details and other to list all the users. It also provides many convenience methods that help you in querying and persisting objects.

Using setter injection we inject the Hibernate SessionFactory.

Spring Hibernate Template Execute : Spring Hibernate « Hibernate « Java

Still using HibernateTemplate further simplifies the data access. A Comparison of Relational Databases.

In the list method you add two things to the modelMap, the user list to display the list of users and an instance of the user object to bind the form fields in the userForm.

If you are using Hibernate 4. You need not manually open and close Session, Hibernate Template will do that for you.