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Factores de la motivación, factores de higiene. Según la Teoría de los dos Factores de Frederick Herzberg, hay dos factores que influencian a la gente. The Two Factor Theory by Frederick Herzberg explains the motivation and performance of employees using hygiene factors and motivation factors. Learn how to.

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After reading it, you understand the core of this effectiveness theory about motivating your employees. This theory, also called the Motivation-Hygiene Theory or the dual-factor theorywas penned by Frederick Herzberg in He conducted his research by asking a group of people about herzerg good and bad experiences at work. He was surprised that the group answered questions about their good experiences very differently from the ones about their bad experiences.

Two Factor Theory of Motivation by Frederick Herzberg | ToolsHero

In his theory, Herzberg claims these factors function on the same plane. The employee is just no longer dissatisfied. Employees are motivated, their job is challenging, but they have complaints about salary or work conditions. Changing the motivation factors on the other hand often has a more lasting, long-term effect on employee performance. Organisations and their managers want teams with the best herrzberg performance.

But how do you motivate that team? Motivating people really works when the things that bother them — the things they complain about -disappear. Generally speaking, the following aspects are important:.

When the dissatisfaction is taken away, the organisation can focus on motivating its employees effectively. A higher salary, better work conditions etc. Measures for motivation require bigger investments and changes to fredericck organisational culture.


The Two Factor Theory is widely used, but there are a few points issues with it. One issue is the fact that humans tend to look at the aspects of their work that they like and project them onto themselves when things are going well.

When times are bad, external factors seem to play a larger part. Another point of criticism is that the Two Factor Theory assumes that job satisfaction equals higher productivity.

There are plenty of reasons to disagree, like external factors that might influence productivity. The Two Factor Theory by Herzberg is a theory about motivation of employees.

The Two Factor Theory assumes on the one hand, that employees can be dissatisfied with their jobs. This often has something to do with so-called hygiene factors, such as salary and work conditions. These factors have to do with development opportunities, responsibility and appreciation. Herzberg claims these factors exist side by side.

Two Factor Theory by Frederick Herzberg

To motivate a team using motivation factors, the hygiene factors need to be taken care of first. What do you think? Could you use the Two Factor Theory to motivate your employees? How would you approach it? Are you already using the Two Factor Theory and do you have tips and tricks, or would you like to add anything?

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Frederick Herzberg

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Useful in understanding Herzerg Theory easily, quickly and to the point. Still in modern era organisations are facing problems related with this theory. Please enter ftederick comment!

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