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FLIR T Infrared Thermal Camera. This product is now dioscontinued – Please view other cameras in the T Series. The FLIR T-Series of portable infrared. FLIR T Infrared Camera with Picture-in-Picture and Thermal Fusion. Multifunction ”. Touch Screen. Picture-in-Picture (PiP). ° lens rotation. Panorama. FLIR Tools is a powerful, free software solution that allows you to quickly import, edit, and analyze images, and turn them into professional PDF inspection.

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FLIR T425 Infrared Thermal Camera

This advanced technology enhances the value of an infrared image by allowing you t42 overlay it directly over the corresponding visible image. E Sawmill Machinery Alignment 22 Sep The functionality combines the benefits of both the infrared image and visual picture at the push of a button. A bluetooth headset is also included to make voice notes.

Wordwide perspectives Through our wide ranging partnerships and distributor agreements we are able to cater to all markets and customer requirements. Contact Us for more information. It introduces the reader to many applications for building, solar panel and windmill inspections. Auto hot or cold spotmeter markers within area. You have 0 fllr in your basket.

FLIR T-Series Infrared Thermal Camera – Thermal Cameras – Proviso Systems Ltd

Periodic Image Storage Periodic image storage every 10 seconds up to 24 hours to record how temeratures change over a time period. They are successfully used for detecting insufficient insulation in buildings, identified as one of the highest opportunity areas for decreasing the greenhouse effect, as well as detecting environmentally dangerous gas leaks. Protective Carry Case 1 no.


USB cable 1 no. It also explains to which details you need to pay attention when carrying flit thermal inspections and has useful tips for choosing the correct thermal imaging camera g425 your specific building or renewable energy application.

Fli Flir T can also provide periodic image storage every 10 seconds up to 24 hours to record how temeratures change over a time period. Hansford Sensors and Accessories 16 Apr Call us on Bluetooth Headset 1 no.

The T automatically calculates differential temperature Delta Temperature and can also display isotherms to make fault detection a much simpler process. The result is a camera range in which all models are equipped with exceptional features. Laser Pointer A conveniently located button activates the laser locator that will help you associate the hot or cold spot in the IR image with the real physical target in the field.

Solar panel and windmills are regularly inspected with the help of a thermal imaging camera. Flir ET Calibration Certificate 1 no.

Wrist Strap 1 no. Get Connected with MeterLink 01 Jan Velocity Top Entry 08 Jan Video cable 1 no. Thanks to exact laser distance measurements we do not send any lifting platforms that are too big or too small to sites, and therefore Furthermore, the T-Series has been specifically developed for electrical and mechanical inspections in industrial environments.

FLIR T Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

Detect hidden problems, make quick damage assessments Check for overheating of electrical panels and transformers Avoid electrical failures Identify faults in heating and cooling systems Find problems with motors, fans and bearings Generate reports, analyze and document your findings with the easy-to-use software Camera specific Flir T-Series Camera Comparison: Compact Vibration Switch 12 Jan SD MemoryCard 1 no.


Thermal imaging guidebook for automation applications Automated IR infrared radiation imaging offers the potential for improving a host of industrial production applications, including process monitoring and control, quality assurance, asset management, and machine condition monitoring. You need troubleshooting tools that can help you find and f425 equipment problems fast. Thermal Fusion The Thermal Fusion functionality allows for easier identification and interpretation of infrared images.

Emonitor Software 06 Jan And be sure to ask for an onsite demonstration to see firsthand why T Series is the ultimate way to unleash the power of FLIR. Flir T-Series Camera Comparison:. E Roll Alignment 22 Sep Readings from the meters get recorded right on the camera’s images. Sketch Annotations Use t4225 touch screen as a pen and paper to add sketch’s to your image.

Wireless Connection Boxes 06 Jan Proviso Systems Ltd Login.

On the Flir T the laser market is also displayed on the IR image itself for accurate positioning. T245 infrared radiation IR is not detectable by the human eye, an IR camera can convert it to a visual image that depicts thermal variations across an object or scene.

IR image shown above, below or within temp interval on visual image. Video Output Composite video-out connection allows to you output live images to an external device.