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Introduction Yu-Shan! The sanctum of the Primordials! The home of the gods! The seat of Unconquered Sun! The Heavenly City, from whence all blessings flow!. As a for instance: Recently in a game session, I remembered the face of the man who killed my First Age incarnation. That is, the sidereal who. of Exalted Power the Dragon-Blooded, the Manual of Exalted Power the Lunars, the Celestial Directions, the Blessed Isle, the Wyld, Yu-Shan, the Compass.

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Starting with it’s some of it’s less known soul’s. Yu-Shan the Silent was once known as Yushial the Younger, least of the Primordials, and he disagreed with everything that the rest of the Primordials were building.

Yu-Shan | Exalted: The Sun Also Rises | Obsidian Portal

He didn’t disagree with them making something that had never been made before, no what he had issue with was creating Life that could think and Feel, Suffer and despair, these things resonated with him in ways none of the other Primordials understood and he questioned the necessity of it.

Always he questioned them in all they did asking why they needed sentient feeling thinking peoples to serve them, never would they answer they always evaded the question. As they came upon completing their grand work they realised they had exaltes everything except a place to rule from, they had created one for their servants the Gods, but not one for themselves. Yushial spoke up and questioned why they hadn’t of thought of this beforehand?

Surely entities such as shhan couldn’t have missed such an important thing for their Creation, surely they couldn’t have overlooked it? Because if they had overlooked it just what else could they have missed? This was the last straw for the one who would become Malfeas who struck Yushial so hard that he forced him into another space, following he struck him again and again, flattening his form out across this empty void he struck and struck for 5 days, during these days Yushial was crafted into a city of splendors, a Grand Palace and Gardens, a Loom for binding the Mortals to and keeping Creation on the path that the Primordials wished.

At the end of this time Yushial had been so twisted and warped that he was uu known as Yu-Shan the Silent. The Primordials used him as a home away from Creation, a place for them to rule from, somewhere they could take command of for Yu-Shan could not resist anymore and so they did rule Creation for years, enacting every twisted pleasure they wished upon the world, torturing the mortals, harming them because they wished it.

Eventually the cries became to much for Yu-Shan to bear and he sank within himself, his silence Forlorn.

Creation was vast and he could hear all the cries of the Gods and the mortals, time pasted and a voice cried out, followed by whispers, something was coming and the Primordials did not know it. And so in a silent Proclamation he announced that any who could find the gates of Yu-Shan could pass though them, any who could find a way to him would be allowed in.


With this Proclamation he parted himself from the rest of the Primordials and left them to their fate. Since the defeat of the Primordials and the birth of the Yozi’s he has sat Silent, laughing at the irony of his Brothers fate, He who crafted Yu-Shan into what he is has became Malfeas the Bronze City.

The Maiden in Darkness, Crier of the Dark. The last remnant of Yushial and 3rd Circle Soul of Yu-Shan, The Maiden is locked in a chamber of darkness, unable to see or hear anything beyond the cries of mortals in pain and suffering, sealed away in the first days of Yu-Shan’s crafting into his current form. She can do nothing except lament the fate of the mortals she can hear. In a Dark chamber right in the heart of Yu-Shan she sits, in a room only large enough for her too walk 12 paces in any direction before she is returned to the center, Chains bind her to the floor keeping her for running or even jumping out of the room for she used to be The Maiden of Openings, Patron of Doorways of all kinds and she would simply make one for her escape.

Little can she do but cry and whine, sitting in the dark, helplessly crying out for help that will never come from a family that hates what she represents now. If the Bindings on her could be broken then maybe she could be a massive ally to the peoples of creation for she can hear all of the cries for help that are being echoed to the heavens.

In the dead of night, in the quietest places of Yu-Shan the helpless gather in silent pray to the Maiden of Hopeless Dreams, and a new religion seems to being formed, odd that Small Gods and Goddesses would pray to something that they do not even seem to be able to verify as real.

Yet they claim she hears them regardless and will answer them if they can find her prison, she will release them from their bondage and free them from their fears. This Cult of Gods is growing.

Recently in Creation a rumor has started, a rumor of a dark room and a crying Maiden that is bound by chains of fate and hatred and unable to move from her prison. She cries out in pain and anguish and seeks Heroes to rescue them from their helpless situation, for they are imprisoned unjustly. But one Question remains Who started these rumors and why?

And why are they echoing so much on the Loom of Fate? Last edited by RickmanUK ; Light and Dark are two Sides of a Coin Humanity is What Happens when it Lands on it’s Edge. Cool idea but like Originally posted by AnubisXy View Post. Originally posted by aluminiumtrioxid View Post. For most of Yu-Shan’s Souls they are immobile and Actively used for things with-in the Celestial Bureaucracy, Buildings such as the Loom of Fate atleast the building that houses it and Orchards of the Peaches of Immortality are two of the 3rd Circle Souls Yu-Shan has that are bound and incapable of Communicating Malfeas insured that they were Lobotimised so they wouldn’t Interfere with the running of the city.


It is a Rictus Grin, flesh pulled back from the lips, affixed in constant manic appearance, Tired Eyes pulled back into deep sockets. While others stay to crowded area’s The Laughing Man is happy to walk down empty streets and party in empty houses throughout the 5 Days he has allotted, All this Laughter and Celebration is directed purely at his Brother the Fallen Malfeas, this is all san ironic form of protest exlted tease, for although his Celebrations are silent they can be heard Malfeas they are directed straight at his Brother and echo throughout his Streets.

Although Calibration is a Period of celebration for Demons, it never started that way, it was only because of the celebrations of the Laughing man that Demon’s exaltd celebrate they celebrate to drown out the Sounds and noises of happiness that the Laughing Man Make over this period. For the gods of Yu-Shan he is only a myth, for few have ever seen him and fewer still understand what they have seen. Those that approach him often find themselves drawn into his silent parade, eventually morphing into his parade attendants, and losing themselves into their new roles, even if this means they are gone he still treats them with a respect that is unnaturally fierce, almost as if he craves for attention and company of anyone that he can find.

The Laughing Shaan is normally only active during the 5 Days of Calibration, during the rest of the year he is held in the Shadow city of Exaoted sleeping but never resting, for although he has only 5 days of Wakening, he must be ready for any celebration that must be thrown.

Minor gods have been disappearing in droves, leaving few traces behind the only thing that has been found about the disappearances is that a strange Faceless creature was found and taken away from a abandoned part of the city, the Sidereal in charge of the investigation is unable to get any answer out of the creature and as the days exaltsd more and more Gods are vanishing The Laughing man is seeking one of his lost Revelers and will not stop until he has found them.

Although the Revelers are faceless and virtually unidentifiable from what they used to be they are to the Laughing Man. He knows them all and Loves everyone of them. The Celestial Bureau in exalred of housing in Yu-Shan is seeking to reclaim some of the abandoned areas of the City, when they have sent groups into them to explore and reactivate closed facilities they have noticed signs of habitation and revelry that seems unusual to them, they have moved and reopened several facilities and are planning to launch a new investigation after the Calibration but that will have to wait, as they have moved several people into the area to hold it open for the period of Calibration.

Soon the Party begins And so it was that when Malfeas crafted Yushial into a grand Celestial City he also crafted his greatest and brightest soul into a dark city of Obsidian and Shadows with rivers of dread and canals of hopelessness. Whereas the City of Yu-Shan is orderly and bright, Nu-Bran is chaotic and dark, claustrophobic streets and cramped buildings make way into umbral forests of dank yj and wild trees.

Nothing in the city of Nu-Bran is quite “right” it is all at off angles, oddly coloured and twisted in spots that it shouldn’t be twisted as they are, nothing in the streets makes sense and it oozes despair, dread and anger. Impotent wxalted echoes from empty cages with open execution site’s, dread and despair ring out from empty graves, hatred and bile would be all that would be voiced if the City could speak.

Shadows crawl over the streets and off of the walls reaching towards whatever light they can find. Strange creatures haunt the corners of anyone who witnesses the City, shadows of the gods that take the form of twisted parodies of the bureaus of the Celestial Hierarchy feigning at diplomacy and work to keep the city falling apart, entropic beings of anger and rage rush though the streets and trample entities of despair that huddle over tiny points of light and hope.

Many of the Souls of Yu-Shan has been lobotomized but Nu-Bran has not been, exlted she simply cannot speak as all forms of vocal communication has been torn from her, her tongue torn out, her vocal cords severed, many of the muscles that she would flex to move have been pinned down and fixed into locations.

Entrance into Nu-Bran is simple, any gateway into Yu-Shan can be used to enter into Nu-Bran, one must simply wish to travel to it. The main reason that it is empty from most visitors is that all bar a tiny percentage of entities do not know that it even exists and those that do know will rarely speak of it as that would let the secret out. However there is a caveat to Nu-Bran being “Secret” it is not a secret, if questioned people will speak of it and let others know otherwise it will enter the knowledge of the Bureau exaltsd Secrets purview.

Sometimes people can enter into Nu-Bran without ever knowing about it, all it takes is to enter into Yu-Shan though a gateway and have dark thoughts upon their immediate mind at the time, the thoughts of Despair and anger must be brilliantly at the forefront of the beings mind at the time they pass though the barrier between Creation and Yu-Shan.


One of the only other ways of entering Nu-Bran is to follow the Laughing man out of Yu-Shan as he leaves on the final day of Calibration, being careful not to get sgan up in his Revelry, for that may cause you to never stop dancing to his silent Music.

Yu-Shan – Exalted 3e

Important Locations The Assembly of Tyrants: This building is a oppressive tower in roughly the same location as the Jade Pleasure Dome in Yu-Shan, and it houses the vast majority of the Anarchy of Loathing a twisted reflection of the Deliberative of the Dragon-Blooded and the Celestial Hierarchy constant arguments and disagreements can be heard echoing from it’s halls, anger and resentment can be felt in palpable waves.

The creatures and entities that fight, shout and restlessly conflict over everything no matter how petty, how tedious or small, nothing is too small to make into a massive issue and it all leads into one thing, Self Loathing. The Embassy of Silence: A building of brilliant Crystal and stunning Starmetal this is the only building in the City that is in a constant state of good repair, never appearing marred for longed then a day, and always a shining example of what the City could have been if not for the despair and anger.

Although the building is a Embassy it sits empty and abandoned for no-one in Yu-Shan knows that the Embassy exists for them to use, not even the Bureau of Secrets knows about the embassy, as it isn’t actually a secret it is just not well know at all.

This is the place were all entrances to Nu-Bran lead, regardless of how one gets here their is only one doorway out of Nu-Bran and only one Entrance into it All paths lead into the Embassy The Carnival of Irony: A Hodgepodge mix of tents, caravans and shacks, this is the home of the Laughing Man during his stay in Nu-Bran. Revelers crowd and practice with instruments, dance around fire, mimic lifelessness as statues and gather supplies for the Revelry that they will proceed with during Calibration.

They also have shows inside the largest of tents, private or public depending on need, giving some respite no matter how minor to the Denizens of Nu-Bran. Plot Hooks Recently a new camp has appeared in Nu-Bran, full of twisted fate and dead opportunities this has became a training site for the Getimian Exalted and home of Rakan Thulio while he is not in creation or Yu-Shan.

Many have gathered there and many more seem to be looking for it, lost in the city stumbling around slowly losing themselves to the City. Who is to say if Nu-Bran is with them or against them? And if Nu-Bran is with them What is it planning? Justice The Maiden in Darkness: Despair The Jade Pleasure Dome: Happiness The Orchards of the Peaches of Immortality: Persistence The Loom of Fate: Inevitability Narinnos, The Gatewarden: Narinnos is a warrior, a guard and the only thing that keeps Yu-Shan from being engulfed by the Void that surrounds it.

The Gods do not understand just what is out there surrounding them outside the Walls of Yu-Shan, creatures of unreality unlike those of the Wyld that are raw chaos, these beings are creatures of the Void, things that were never supposed to have a presence or connection with Creation have leeched upon Yu-Shan’s strength and became creatures of their own right.

These Void Leeches have become a constant threat that has kept the Gatewarden busy, so busy that he has been unable to take a break to even rest in thousands of years, weather he is battling against the leeches and stopping them from breaching the wall or gathering materials for him to craft golems to fight against them on another front, he is constantly active and run ragged. Nothing about him isn’t worn down or patched together from parts salvaged from the wall, as such he has began to look like a patchwork creation of some child.

After his first creation by Yu-Shan, he has worked tirelessly in defending the City. However this is taking it’s toll more mentally then physically and he’s starting to feel the call of Nu-Bran, the hopeless call of dread and despair that will have him just abandon the city to it’s fate, but his duty is too strong, still the call persists and is wearing on his mind more and more. Physically the toll was hard but that is minor for a being of Stone and Crystal, Metal and Soul. A Piece of the Yu-Shan has become degraded and is falling apart, those Godlings that live there are suffering from a massive loss of essence that not even mass directed prayer or Ambrosia is able to help.

Could it have something to do with the tiny breach in the Walls that is going to be fixed soon? And what happens when a being of stone and metal, crystal and energy attacks these dying Gods? Why are they suddenly feeling better? Where did this creature come from and how can it be stopped? Solar’s within Creation are feeling a call, an echoing cry for help that rings within their bones pulling them towards the gates of Yu-Shan. Naturally this has Sidereal’s scrambling around in panic they are seeking for help in stopping this perceived “Mass Exodus” not understand that their working is still intact, they believe that the Solar’s have remembered them and their betrayal.

Yet waiting at each of the Gates is a Golem that awaits to take the Solar’s to their Master, Narinnos.

He is Damaged, he needs help, he needs sleep, something anything to help him