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Order an annual subscription PLUS version and get access to other energoelketronika publications of the magazine yearalso from March – year Take advantage of the thousands of publications on the highest professional level. II zmienione; str.

Jego pierwowzorem jest wydany w r. This article debates on the use of 1 kV system as a cost-effective investment solution in the rural areas and provides an approach for finding energorlektronika investment sites.

This approach determines the maximum admissible 0. An example of the potential benefits and elekrtonika of using 1 kV systems are also included. Therefore, it is essential to invest as efficiently as possible. However, distribution networks are created over a long period of time and the principles that govern these investments can change.

Because of that, elektronikka original configuration of energoelektronkia distribution network will not always be the most optimal and may become inefficient in providing electricity for nowadays needs. If configuration cannot be optimized [1], large investments are needed. The paper presents a fan with DC brushless motor used to circulate air in the combustion chamber of a solid-fuel furnace.

A way of constructing the permanent magnet motor using much less steel and copper than present motors has been shown. Thanks to the use of sensorless control, the control system of the motor is simple and allows for continuous speed control. It consumes much less energy than previous designs.

Elektfonika motor and control system can be applied in energoelekteonika fans. They control the volume of air being exhausted by adjusting the elektrlnika speed of the motor driving the fan. The aim of this article is the presentation of selected elements developed algorithm the finite difference frequency domain method FDFD.

The advantage of the described algorithm is the ability to match the mesh differential to the analyzed model. The paper presents a solution using an adaptive grid, and also allows to creation of a virtual node. They were compared to the results for dense mesh typical in using methods: Proper selection grid will considerably reduce the number of degrees of freedom while maintaining the accuracy of the results.

The developed FDFD method allows to the analysis of larger-scale models. The analysis of the proposed options differential grids was an example of an area containing the building structure. As an example, was examined energoelekttonika effects energoelsktronika wave propagation around a column building with a frequency at 2. An algorithm of output signal’s digital processing enabling a reduction of errors is described.

A dependence of measurement’s errors on the number of samples per period and relation between sampling and signal’s frequencies was analyzed. Exemplary calculations were performed for two typical linear systems. Its direct measurement is possible only in an approximative way, because generation of Dirac’s impulse is impossible. It might be achieved as a elemtronika of system’s step response, however a construction of an ideal differentiating circuit is impossible too.

The impulse response of examined system is obtained as the result of the appropriate output signal processing, on condition that system’s input signal is rectangular. In the paper the experimental results of the vector controlled induction motor drive system under different conditions are presented. Drive operations in the low speed region are presented. DS card is applied in the experimental tests. Analysis of the sensorless vector controlled induction motor drive with adaptive neuro fuzzy compensator.


Eneergoelektronika inductively loaded antenna theory model of a lightning return stroke is analysed.

Inductive loading is applied to obtain the required return stroke current speed, which additionally causes changes of the lightning current waveform along the channel. The analysis of the group delay in the frequency domain shows that the propagation velocity along the channel model depends on frequency. Analysis of dispersion effect in inductively loaded antenna theory model of a lightning return stroke. Rakov i Uman w [1] zdefiniowali cztery klasy tych modeli: This paper deals with the issue of analysis of influence of multipath channel propagation and co channel interference on operations of OFDMA receiver in the LTE downlink.

The analyzed phenomena cause spread in the constellation of received symbols that leads to increase of bit error rate and even to break the transmission. The paper presents and discussed the results of simulation research on influence of multipath channel propagation and co channel interference on operations of LTE OFDMA receiver.

Analysis of operations of LTE receiver in the presence of multipath signal propagation and co-channel interference. It is shown that there is an infinite number of the scattering matrices for the given two-port complex load or the network of generators and all of these energoelektrpnika the same power distribution in the given networks.

Introduction A common problems in antenna designing is an issue of a broadband matching eneergoelektronika antenna arrays with a set of generators. This problem can be executed by using a new scattering matrix, presented in the paper.

The new scattering matrix is constructed for the given non-diagonal output impedance matrix of the antenna feeding network Zo and a corresponding equivalent structure Fig. The bases of the theory concerning the scattering matrix normalized to n-port complex load network is described in [1]. Using this matrix for a multiport broadband matching problem for the arbitrary antenna array is presented in []. In the paper ellektronika and the comparison of two digital signals.

The rising and falling edge of the first signal has the same. The spectrum of this signal is well known from the various literatures. The different rising and falling times has the second signal, what represents a general technical digital signal.

This paper provides calculation of spectra of such a signal. Presented paper also contains the calculation of the radiation interferences of the current loop fed with the energoelemtronika analysed signals.

Based on the obtained results the thesis is formulated, enabling to reduce radiation of the device when it is processing general digital signal. Introduction In engineering practice, we often meet with digital signals working devices.

The energoelekrronika of digital signal equipment is wide frequencies band hence the high level of electromagnetic interference.

Calculation of digital signal harmonic frequencies and digital equipment radiation interference is well documented in [1]. The information estimates are important to assist in making decisions on which missions can be addressed to UAVs when supplied by such batteries.

The data series for the experiments are obtained from tests carried out on a test bench. Introduction The use of batteries in UAVs provides some prominent advantages over the use of propellant combustion.

Among them, it is worth to mention that weight, noise, and emission are drastically reduced, while improved power control capability also exists [1]. Batteries are energy storage devices that convert chemical energy into electric power, and vice-versa. Batteries are constituted by a pair of electrodes anode and cathode immersed in an electrolyte [2].

However, it is very important to monitor the battery state of charge in UAVs. This information can be used to aid in decision-making regarding which missions can be addressed to the UAV before the next recharge. There are many uncertainty factors for the proper monitoring of batteries such as the state of charge, state of health and the discharge curve, which all characterize the battery status. The article presents a procedure of compliance according the requirements of Polish national security and defence standards.


Electromagnetic compatibility tests are necessary to confirm compliance of marine military equipment with those standards.

Introduction Conducted susceptibility procedures transient power leads and dumped sinusoidal transients are described in Polish military standard number NOA It operates on high voltage of kV and middle voltage MV of 15 kV.

Substations play a key role in electrical systems because they combine transmission networks with distribution networks so that significantly affect their configuration, and work of the entire network. In view of the growing demand for electricity, an important aspect of planning the development of distribution networks is the analysis of algorithms for optimization multistage substation development.

Building new substations is often hampered due to urban sprawl.

Expansion of existing substations, in particular, the replacement of transformers for higher capacity units is one solution to the above problem. The paper presents some of the experience gained by team of National Institute of Telecommunication, EMC Department, regarding the disturbances generated by mining locomotives.



It focuses mainly on the disturbances being the effect of the spark between the pantograph and the catenary, but other disturbing phenomena are also mentioned. Some test results are also discussed.

Zaburzenia generowane przez lokomotywy w kopalniach podziemnych. EMC; mining locomotive; spark discharge; radiated disturbances; conducted disturbances.

Introduction Electromagnetic phenomena generated by locomotives in mines make them very specific sources of electromagnetic disturbances. This article presents one of the sources of the disturbance which exist in the mines traction locomotive.

The nature of the spark discharge described in this article, including amplitude and elementary pulse repetition frequency within the packageis random. An algorithm of signal processing, enabling a reduction of errors is proposed.

ENERGO ELEKTRONIK | Electro services | Višnjička 94 Belgrade |

A dependence of these errors on a number of samples per period, an undersampling factor and a relation between sampling and elwktronika frequencies for the triangle signal was considered. However even the most modern DSP are too slow for some applications. For example, to measure an output signal of a single-mode optical fiber, a sampling frequency in range of several GHz is necessary [1].

In these cases an undersampling, i. An analysis of errors, caused by fluctuations of signal’s and sampling frequencies as the function of an undersampling factor and a number of samples per period is a subject of this work. An influence of errors of elrktronika measurement, caused by an inaccuracy of a detector is also taken into considerations.

Can thermographic images be considered a base of electric power quality assessment in a selected point of the electric power system? It energoeektronika out that there they can, beyond any doubt. Thanks to thermographic examination it is possible to observe phenomena which can be the cause of e. Early response to a damage or approaching failure based on thermographic images — the so-called thermograms — can energoelektroinka or at least mitigate the problems with failure to meet conditions in scope of power supply continuity and reliability, resulting in deterioration of the electric power quality.

The paper presents the rules of conducting and selected results of measurements with the use of thermographic camera in the form of thermographic images and their energelektronika from the point of view of the electric power supply quality in selected points of an electric power system EPS. Thermograms, obtained readily, energoelwktronika, and at low cost can be considered an indication to undertake further, more advanced measurements in the scope of the electric power quality.

This paper deals with of input parameters observation of the electromagnetic field generator.