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Computer Networks Year Question bank. Uploaded by . Check the answer (10) b. Bit stuff the . ec computer networks question bank. Uploaded by. PART-A(10 × 2 = 20). (Answer all the Questions). 1. Define a computer network. 2 . What is the similarity between transport layer and data link layer? 3. Define. ECCOMPUTER NETWORKS. ALL UNITS – QUESTION BANK answer. 28 . List out four differences between circuit-switched networks and packet-.

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It is a system for sending messages to other computer users based on e- mail addresses. At the sending machine, when the message passes through the layers each layer adds the headers or trailers.


Headers are added to the message at the metworks 6,5,4,3, and 2. Fiber distributed data interface is a local areas. List out the available detection methods. What are the techniques used in multiplexing?

What are the criteria used to evaluate transmission medium? Physical, data link and network layers are the network support layers; they deal with the physical aspects of moving data from one device to another. The private key is kept by the receiver. Write short notes on Networjs. List out the steps followed is checksum checker side. It is used in crating dynamic documents.

A hamming code can be designed to correct burst errors of certain lengths. The transport layer creates a communication between the source and destination. Write short notes on CRC generator. Finds the domain name given the IP address. Data communication is the exchange of data in the form of 1s and 0s between two devices via some form of transmission medium such as a wire cable. What is the purpose of HTML?


What are data grams? Created by web server whenever a browser requests the document. What are the rules of no boundary-level masking? Mention the different kinds of Ethernet networks. Congestion in a network occurs if user sends data into the network at a rate greater than that allowed by network resources. Data circuit-terminating equipment is a device used as an interface between a DTE and a network.

As the time-to-live field is generated, each packet is marked with a lifetime; usually the number of hops that are allowed before a packet is considered lost and accordingly, destroyed. What are the advantages of distributed processing? Like Ethernet, station communicates via a common bus. Discuss the three main division of the domain name space. Write down the three types of WWW documents.

U frames — reserved for systems management. Each station may transmit only during its turn and may send only one frame during each turn. In this method, if our frame is lost or damaged, all frames sent since the last frame acknowledged are retransmitted.

Computer Networks EC notes – Annauniversity lastest info

So it is not recommended for large amounts of text. Means that 2 or more bits in the data unit have changed from 1 to 0 or from 0 to 1.

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What is meant by brouter? The reason is that the key is usually smaller. When the size of the data unit received from the upper layer is too long for the network layer datagram or data link layer frame to handle, the transport protocol divides it into smaller usable blocks. For communication, the entities must agree on a protocol. Token ring resolves this uncertainty by requiring that stations take turns sending data.

Session, presentation and application layers are the user support layers; they allow interoperability among unrelated software systems.

I frames — used to transport user data and control information relating to user data. A trailer is added at layer2. Intel Corporation and Xerox. What are the functions of a DTE? What are the two types of implementation formats in virtual circuits?

EC2352 Computer Networks MJ2014 Question Paper

The receiver must able to prove that a received message came from a specific sender. If you use large numbers the method to be effective. Write short notes on VRC.

P e e r -t o-peer relationship: