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Get user or pdf manual for your Dell OptiPlex GX Specifications Dell™ OptiPlex™ GX Mini-Tower Computer Systems User’s Guide. Microprocessor. Microprocessor type, Intel® Pentium ® 4 – GHz;. Specs. Key Specs. Type. Desktop. Bundled OS. Windows. CPU family. Pentium 4 . Processor speed. System RAM.

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Shane Sep 3, Hey everyone, this is my first post on the forums here, and let me specirication say I’ve been researching computers for a while and apecification site’s info ROCKS!! Anyways, looking to fix up and sup up an old Dell Optiplex gx Here are my specs: First off, dwll I see a large performance improvement in adding the HD graphics card? As in being able to play Skyrim on medium? Will Windows 7 64 bit be a problem? I have XP bit right now.

What is the best CPU I can upgrade to? I have read around and supposedly the pentium 4 3. There’s also a few posts talking of the pentium 4 3.

As far as power goes, should I upgrade to something more than the stock watt? Perhaps a watt for the graphics card and extra HDDs?

Dell Optiplex GX review – Engadget

And are PSU’s plug and play? I’ve never replaced one.


Also, I cant find anything about overclocking in regards to the gx with pentium 4. But usually there is some sort of modified BIOS out there, which is also eluding me. Anyone have overclocking experience with this chipset or the gx specificatiob general? I know its a lot, just looking for anyone’s input! Thanks a lot, you guys are the best! More about upgrading beast optiplex gx compatibility.

GX can’t handle dual core, only hyper threading. You will need a 64 bit CPU for Win7 x Also, I ordered the pentium 4 3.

Computer – Dell GX Specs

I’m using the XG right now so trust me bro, it’s the truth. I’m pretty sure that the HD will work in the GX It’s a PCIe 2. Shane Sep 8, Specifkcation a lot, and can I ask the brand and model of the watt psu you’re using?

I think you need a special type for this dell motherboard, or at least thats what I’ve read, so I’ll just go with the one you are using because it will for sure work. Do you play games on your gx? If so, how does it hold up as far as framerates for newer games? Can’t find your answer? Given you are spending for an HDand planing up spending for an upgrade CPU, A new MB and processor and memory to replace the p4 would be a good plan.


I used the parts from here: Get boxed and use stock cooler.

Upgrading an old beast – Optiplex gx280 CPU compatibility

This not a perfect compare, but gxx280 can see what I mean http: It just needs a 24 pin connector to fit the mobo. I had to cut the sheet metal out of the back of the Dell Chasis behind the PSU to be able to plug the power cord into this thing.

That’s why only certain ones will work, because the switch and the power plug don’t fit into the small hole in the back for the stock PSU. As far as games, I don’t really play any newer ones. I really just want the thing to go fast when I’m multitasking Which is all of the time.

This specificqtion running multiple virtual machines less than blazing. Especially for the gaming.

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