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Comme pour les coussinets et les bandes composites, SKF fabrique de série des rondelles de butée composites à partir de matériaux composites PTFE et POM. For additional information about the meaning and limitations of the product data, refer to SH bushings. Imprimer cette page; Partager. d, 35, mm. D, 60, mm. D1, 68, mm. L, 37, mm. L1, 49, mm. B, , mm. Calculation data. Max. torque, Mv, , N·m. Max. axial load, Pa, 41, kN. Mounting.

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The position of the lubrication groove of solid bronze bushings depends on whether it is an oscillating or rotating or movement and, for the latter, whether oil or grease lubrication is applied fig.

Care should always be taken when mounting FW bushings not to damage the sliding layer or side faces.

To facilitate mounting FW busings, the bushing may be split lengthwise into two halves by using a diamond coated grinding wheel. To facilitate the mounting of small bushings, apply a light coating foussinets oil or grease to the housing bore. Imprimer cette page Partager Partager cette page.


To do this, place an O-ring on the dolly to keep the bushing in position. Otherwise when the bushing comes in contact with absorbent material it may wick the oil away very quickly. Mounting Skill and care in mounting are prerequisites for long bearing service life.

Joints à frottement mécanique, coussinets SH – SHT 48

To install bushings, with or without a flange, SKF recommends using a mounting dolly particularly for composite fig. Check that the counter surface shaft seat and other components such as the housing are clean, deburred and that they wkf not contain any abrasive particles.

In addition, cleanliness, and understanding the causes of premature bearing failure can help too. When applying an adhesive, care should be taken so that no adhesive reaches the sliding surface.

If composite plain bearings, for example strips, are to be located in a housing using an adhesive, the coussijets should be suitable for the expected operating temperature and should have suitable expansion, aging resistance, strength and curing properties.


Rondelles de butée

SKF also recommends, particularly for larger bushings where more force is required that they be cooled before mounting. If no operational experience is available, SKF recommends contacting an adhesive manufacturer for advice.

Sufficient cooling fluid should be applied as well to avoid excessive temperatures, as they can destroy the bushing. Check also the shaft for sharp edges, burrs or surface defects, which could damage the sliding surface of the bushings. For larger bushings, SKF recommends using a mounting ring fig.

Joints à frottement mécanique, coussinets SH

SKF sintered bronze bushings are impregnated with a lubricant and. Then drive the bushing into place with a mechanical or hydraulic press or by tapping the dolly lightly with a hammer. Once all the components have been cleaned and checked, the bushing is ready to be installed.

When mounting, thrust washers should be positioned so that the steel backing abuts the housing wall.