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Against Religion [Christos Yannaras] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What is religion? In this book Christos Yannaras argues that it is a. View Christos Yannaras Research Papers on for free. Seven years ago Andrew Louth began a substantial review of four of Yannaras’s then recently published works in English translation with the words, ‘Christos.

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An analysis of Yannaras’ relational ontology and account of desire, read through Levinas and recent feminist accounts of vulnerability.

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Christos Yannaras Research Papers –

Variations on the Song of Songs 4. In this paper, I will focus a on his understanding of both the political and the ecclesial element of life and society as emerging from the same mode of existence, b on the way in which a political community, when primarily aiming at truth rather than usefulness and efficacy, strives to iconize the Trinity, and c on his critique of ideology, while d discerning the social and political context in which these ideas first appeared.

That book seems emblematic of Yannaras in some ways–blustery and sprawling, desperately in need of an editor, prone to wild exaggerations and polemical tangents especially about tiresome Orthodox bugbears such as “scholasticism” and “pietism”and not a little bit idealistic.

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Christos Yannaras – OrthodoxWiki

And I am just about to begin reading his Against Religion: I show that Thomism can affirm its traditional claims regarding grace and pure nature, while denying the first two implications, by developing the Thomistic metaphysics of status.


Anselmi de Urbe, Romae Person and Eros 4.

This capacity for self-criticism, as I noted herebecame obvious and welcome in when he gave a commencement address at Holy Cross in Brookline denouncing Orthodox zealots with their individualism, their cgristos, their fundamentalism, and their fanaticism masquerading as Orthodox but in fact deeply modern and deeply Western.

This bipartite paper yannarqs with the early development of the Christian philosopher, Christos Yannaras, as outlined in Heidegger and the Areopagiterev. There are certain names, by the force of their prose and the number of their books, which cannot be overlooked today, and Christos Yannaras is certainly in that category. Refresh and try again. Musica, significante e forme di vita [].

Once this article has been published online, it will be available at the following permanent link In this paper, I will engage certain aspects of Christos Yannaras’ contemporary political theology.

The artist is invited to respect the logos-tropos of his material and meet with it by her own logos-tropos which moreover has the character of chriistos otherness.

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Hellenic Self-Identity in the Modern Age, trans. Quotes by Christos Yannaras.

A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies, Christos Yannaras is one of the most significant Orthodox theologians of recent times. Tropos is what is transmitted from one generation to the other, from a master to his disciple, from a spiritual father or a On Thomism rightly understood persons develop historically through status in non-accidental ways and grace gives fundamental meaning to our lives. The term tropos has its own fascinating History from the Cappadocian Fathers to Maximus the Confessor c.


The problematic of Greek identity and Christos Yannaras’ quest for a politics of authentic existence. Holy Cross Orthodox Press,Logos: On alterity and relationality. His work engages not only with issues of philosophy and theology, but also takes in wider questions of culture and politics.

Christos Yannaras

Between and Beyond Theology, Philosophy, and Society. It is a facile temptation, devoutly to be avoided, to write Yannaras off as one more anti-Western Orthodox crank, of chrstos there seem to be not a few today. Tropos thus means in Yannaras a dynamic ethos in-the-becoming that is lost when we try to approach it by means of essentialism as an ideological yearning for domination.

Click here to sign up. This couple of terms denotes a relation between the catholicity of the divine nature and the cbristos modes by which each Divine Person is personally caused.