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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Open City editor Pinchbeck’s book debut is a . Daniel Pinchbeck’s “Breaking Open the Head” is a rare find, not only in the “genre” but in all of contemporary literature: a truly sophisticated yet very. Breaking Open the Head has ratings and reviews. Shivatva said: Actually Daniel Pinchbeck (Breaking Open the Head, Pg) “Because they are so. Gary Lachman on Daniel Pinchbeck’s drug-assisted journey of self-discovery, Breaking Open the Head.

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Some of the men held torches. Ergot was used by midwives to induce labor, and it is also the source from which lysergic acid diethyl- amide, LSD, was synthesized. He said he saw a spirit hovering over me where I dajiel by the yellow flames of the bonfire. Most of my friends dismissed my new enthusiasm.

Tje tradition seems to deny us access to spiritual vision, and we have lost the Indians’ innate relation with the natural world as sacred being. He begged God for mercy. It’s utter rubbish and a waste of time. The pallid scientific thesis – that they were simply self-generated by-products of an overstimulation of the neocortex – does not account for their organized precision. From the iboga of the Bw A dazzling work of personal travelogue and cultural criticism that ranges from the primitive to the postmodern in a quest for the promise and meaning of the psychedelic experience.

Anyway, I had no interest in received wisdom or traditional faith. Marijuana is forbidden, but brsaking hol and nicotine — far more destructive drugs — oprn consumed in mass quantities.

BREAKING OPEN THE HEAD: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism

I had left messages for him at home, but assumed he was staying out in the country — he had recently purchased a tiny cabin in upstate New York. In shamanic trances, the shaman holds on to his psychic integrity. I felt fizzy, pincnbeck.


Although I found the author’s stories of psychedelic usage to be the most interesting part of the book the historical, botanical and psychological topics covered balanced the overall worth of the book. Eliade wrote about a famous Yakut shaman who had been ill as a young man. Traditional shamanism has always been deeply rooted in place. For years after the ritual, fragments of his vi- sions will come back to him in dreams and intimations.

I de- scribed my visions, scant though they seemed, to Papa Simone, and he interpreted them thoughtfully. The festival is an homage to the way tryptamines expand aware- ness, open playgrounds of undreamt potential, reveal the erotic core of all interactions. There is a chapter towards the end where the author takes a step back to warn the reader about the dangers of dabbling with unearned wisdom.

Anderson suggests, “Interhemispheric struggles, primarily a result of child abuse, may be the fundamental psychological root of te ad- diction. Cataloging-in-Publication Data is on pincbbeck at the Library of Congress.

While I took those substances in social openn, I never felt the slightest compulsion about them. Also, don’t forget he’s been accused of being a sexual predator. Breaking Open the Head follows two tracks. At the end of the ritual, however. The world seemed to be wrapped in a cocoon I could not tear open, and I was suf- focating in it.

Affected by the mushrooms, I realized this ridge was a sacred, or at least a privileged, ancestral spot. I had taken it lighdy. One of the best outfits I saw revealed the wearer’s internal anatomy in glowing wire, sending trails of light shooting out from the heart along the veins, while other sequenced flashes illuminated the filaments of nerves, erogenous zones, and chakra points. Wasson s article was one of a series of cultural shocks that would culminate, ten years later, in the short- circuited fireworks of the Psychedelic Era, although Wasson, ironically, came to deplore the public fascination picnhbeck the “sacred children,” as Sabina called the mushrooms.


Full text of “Daniel Pinchbeck BREAKING OPEN THE HEAD”

He thoughtfully surveys the literature about psychedelic drugs, but the most exhilarating and illuminating sections are the descriptions of drug taking: At night, the festival transmutes into a luminous spectacle. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Breaking Open the Head: A dramatic way to become a shaman is to be struck openn lightning and survive.

Air France gave me 1, francs in consolation and stashed me in an airport hotel for two nights, before the next departure to Libreville, on Air Gabon.

One of his tasks is to bring the souls of the dead to their place in the underworld. In the modern world, the artist took over the role of the shaman. It was a grim extraction point for whatever capital could be sucked from this Third World backwater.

Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey Into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism

Dec 28, No rated it really liked it. Like most indigenous groups, the Mazatecs only consulted the sacred plants when they needed healing or guidance. We were completely in their power. The beckoning female figures, he said, indicated what paths to take.

There is a selection of those who have entirely separated from the dominant culture — freaks, if you will. Most of all, I remembered my encounters with psilocybin mushrooms. I watched a parade hewd fleeting phantasms that drifted across cracks in the white wall.