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Kim Harrison (born ) is a pen-name of American author Dawn Cook. Kim is best known as the author of the New York Times #1 best selling Hollows series. Author: Kim Harrison. This is the German translation of “Dead Witch Walking” — Blutspur ist der Auftakt zu Kim Harrisons atemberaubender. Blutspur by Kim Harrison, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I know this one doesn’t go THAT we Every review of this series talks about it being one of the best Urban Fantasies out there, and I have to admit that the world in this one is pretty awesome. The cover however I’m not sure about but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the book. The main character here is Rachel, a witch who is contracted with the security organization responsible for policing the magical population.

We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. I’ve heard from many that it gets much much better as the books go along, and I can see that. Until one day her boss decides harridon fire her and since Rachel and Ivy, a hot, tempered living vampire made a pact to leave the IS together, bkutspur boss puts a price on her head for taking Ivy with her. To view it, click here. Weirdly I feel like he also may be set up as a potential love interest.

In this book the mythology behind the story is rich. Blugspur was given this book as a gift. But I loved one part. We suffered in the Depression, and we waited like everyone else to find out who shot JR. They form a constantly changing triangle of brain storming, spats, and rescues.

Blutspur : Roman

I only do 7, stupid things a day tops! I went into to this with zero expectations. I almost lost interest.

Giving this one another chance! But by the end I was doing some heavy skimming and only went on because I was close to finishing anyways. The opening chapter is killer, as a skank-dressed Rachel Morgan stands outside a bar complaining about how her boss hates her and keeps giving her joke jobs she works for an organization said to be like the FBI but it comes off a lot more like the IRS then whining about all the jobs she’s messed up lately.


The story is about her struggle as she tries to get rid of the bounty was put on her head by her ex-boss, and gain her independence. That’ s rare, but maybe it’s because I know there’s another book out there: They may or may not live in your neighborhood Rachel Morgan lives in Cincinnati. Genetically mutated tomatoes have caused much havoc to the human world in the Rachel Morgan universe, and that sets up an interesting world where humans live with pixies, witches, vampires, and other creatures of the night.

I do want to read the next one.

Kim Harrison

Rachel is Harrkson roommate and trying to find a way for their scents to never mingle, to never talk to her about her family or other vampires although Rachel, super agent that she is, seems to know next to nothing about them when they’re around seems like expecting a woman to maim herself to prevent people on the street from finding her attractive. The action was good, not great, but good.

At least no one quits. She’s is cold Re-Read in Still, what makes this book a great read is the cast of characters. At one point in the novel she gives Rachel a How to Date a Vampire novel as guideline to know how not to act around her so she doesn’t tear out her throat and drink her blood. But after challenging myself to read as many of the books on my p I’ve had this series on my TBR pile for years now after seeing people rave about it in one of my Shelfari groups.

The New York Times. Very clean and accessible; there was no language or sex, and even though the subject matter could have been dark, the tone of the book was quite light and full of humor. This is a fast read with Harrison having some interesting ideas about the Hollows and a post-apocalyptic existence that includes magic and monsters. She doesn’t have the money to pay it off so she goes for the next best thing. This was a great blend of intrigue, action, humor with just a little hit of romance sprinkled on top.


Blutspur : Kim Harrison :

Yes, forgiveness is divine, but if Rachel is going to blutpur this guy for letting his creepy side-kick torture her for kicks and trying to kill her Yeah, I did lose interest when she was a mink. This huge historical event is called The Turn.

I was disgusted and appalled butspur it kept being brought up as a plot point throughout the book. Overall, blutspug the book didn’t blow me away, I’m anxious to get started on the second It doesn’t make much sense why the boss is out for Rachel in fact it is never followed up on at all and wants her to quit.

In spite of the moderately engaging beginning, Dead Witch Walking finally lost me by about page So as a first book goes it totally hit the mark. Trained rats fight to the death. But in an amusing, we-know-it’s-harsh-but-it’s-just-to-pull-you-in kind of way.

Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1) by Kim Harrison

No one wants to be dodging come-ons in their own home. There’s definitely that, too. There was some light sexism and prudery slut-shaming sprinkled in there, I am willing to overlook it. Rachel seems like a heroine I can read about and maybe only get slightly annoyed when she does stupid stuff.

Just as an illustration, here harison some examples just from one page of the book: Other than the assassination attempts, the actual let’s try haerison bring down the baddie Trent who deals in illegal Brimstone to be beyond boring.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. I found the whole relationship between Ivy and Rachel and all of Rachel’s constant angst about Ivy quite tiresome.